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repost from elsewhere

meanwhile, back in gotham city, batman and robin burst onto the scene, "...drat..." as batman's fist hits his cupped hand "..robin I don't get it, this goblin guy is always one step ahead of us, worse I'm sure he's a linux penguin too, he's got to have a weakness if only we could find it robin we'd have him, robin what we need is a plan...", "...batman, what say you that me and my merry men joineth this brigand in gotham forest yonder and there offer council that he may yet steal but from the rich to offer unto the poor...", "...alright robin what's that in english and start the sentence with "holy cow batman"...", "...prithy who sayeth "holy cow batman" in this here age thus, t'is but a fabrication of the mind's eye m'thinks, come let us settle upon "haynonnyno batman" t'is wisdom is it not...", the waitress interrupts the goblin's string of thoughts "...excuse me could you pay for your coffee, it's 3francs please, oh wait, let me guess, you're a writer...", "...well sort of, I'm a dyslexic with a multipersonality disorder and a posting addiction...", "...great I've never met one of those, could I have a signature in case you become famous and then die, thanks...", " you go then, by the way do you know sometimes I wonder if the gods might actually envy us our mortality now...", "...oh that's too deep for me, sorry but thanks anyway..."


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