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Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
I see.

In what sense is it deeper?

would you like to expand on that?

You talk about Jesus and the Bible. If you are not a believer then why should you bring them up?

A point I like to make is that most Christians have little idea what the Bible actually says, and know even less about what it means.

Historians, theologians, and mythologists have pretty much teased it all out, but most Christians keep to their ďpetĒ pulpit definitions and ways, living the parts they want to agree with and discarding the rest.

My personal belief is that itís a profound undertaking with regard to the way an ancient peoples lived, but has little or no bearing on modern manís fate. Nor should it be anything but a minor factor in the way we conduct our lives from here on out.

I will think about a simple way to explain the multiple levels on which Matthew 13:12 operates and get back to you.
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