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Originally Posted by Grace Gabriel View Post
It's not you Nick. It's him.

He's not in the right head space for a relationship right now.

I mean, you're lovely - and believe me, if he was able to commit to casual, anonymous, sporadic commentary on a writing forum - you would be the only choice.

He knows you deserve better.

They'll be other noobs - and they'll give you the forum life that you deserve.

Truth is - he just loves you enough to let you go.

No tears Nicky. You know he hates to see you cry. If he didn't respect you so much, this wouldn't be happening...

D'you want a tissue, cuddle - or a large tub of Ben & Jerry's?


I feel better now.

But the next few wankers that sign on can get their kippers elsewhere.
I'm out until further notice.
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