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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post

Yeah, P.?

Why would you posit such a query?

Well, old sod, the homepage and little blue thing at the bottom of his name both send you to a site that sells backpacks.

What is amiss about having a craft and offering your art to the public, Nick?

Pierce, go have a look and then see if you wanna tell me there ain't no Made in China markings on the gear.

Okay, Nick.
I see what you are on about.

And yes, I agree that it is likely the gentleman is interested in advertising more than integrating.

But, in fairness perhaps to a fault, what say you we give him another two days to show some intent to be involved with the site's primary reasons for being?

Okay, Pierce.
Whatever it takes to satisfy the Bodhisattva in you.

Thanks, Nick.

Yeah, yeah.
Om, aum, sheesh.
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