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I run across a lot of people who “say” they or their lives are crazy, but they’re usually not. Very few people where I live (and would come across) would think of writing anything. (The Bible is already written, who needs more).

Peoples emotions and rationalizations or justifications are interesting. If a writer can capture what it feels like in a particular moment, and do that well, almost anything can be interesting.

The obvious example would be ordinary sexual experiences with your established partner. If you can capture that initial tension, building energy, thoughts race, point in a direction, overcome obstacles (baby crying, kids on their way home from school), the thrill of naked bodies, ecstasy, more tension building, and release. This is a sort of overused medium and has become like a cheap thrill in say romance novels, but done well it’s really powerful. And most people have this experience.

There are tons of experiences in most people’s lives, at their levels that are powerful and important to them. The job of a writer, the art, is to make the reader see it from the characters perspective.

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