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Originally Posted by Grace Gabriel View Post
Like the imagery of being trapped inside the confines of your circumstances... snapping at one provocation too far...could feel the pressure.

My eye for symmetry was compelled to tidy up your cupboard and arrange the goods into 3/1 shelf clusters. Took out two lines...added one line. Adopt or disregard as you see fit Piercey - just my way of brushing lint from your shoulder and straightening your collar.

See the monkey in a cage
Jab him with a sharp stick
Get him dancing

Yeah, that's me

Fenced in by this form of life
Law abiding
Working and wife

Yeah, that's me

And when the monkey throws you his best shot
Nails you in the face
(No, those aren't tootsie roll pieces)

Yeah, that's me too

'Cause he can't take it no more
One poke over the line
Is all it takes

For both of us

Are ya sure you don't wanna call this Monkey See/Monkey Doo?

Sometimes one looks well dressed when all the buttons are fastened.

Other times scuffed boots with worn, wrinkled, soiled jeans and a curiously immaculate white t shirt serve as a presentable ensemble.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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