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repost from elsewhere, a snapshot from some dark moment past

another email to say that the goblin's mother swallows again and although the event in itself has passed, at least the family consensus upon this normally unaddressed question was now there, and squarely answered, that "if she couldn't eat for herself, then no one would force tube feeding on her", "...and, if it is this answer for my mother, then it would be the same for the others in my family..." said the goblin knowing that the response of each family member here, was in itself, a living will of their wishes for themselves too, should they fall into the same situation that is, "...the suffering of others turns ourselves inwards, and the self grows by these moral dilemmas that they ask of us..." concluded the goblin before his work pulled him away, but the "what if it were me" question had been faced and answered, the rest was just fate now

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