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repost from "what did you do today" thread elsewhere"

the goblin upon leaving home his morning had sailed singlehandedly across to the nearest bistro where upon landing fell to ground to do his shoelace first and then to boldly state "...I claim this coffeeshop in the name of writersbeat forum to the detriment of you regulars who do not type with laptops here MYAHAHAHAHA..." at which point the bistro owner's wife, enormous as ever, bounces out of the kitchen, wipes her wet hands on her thick thighs, flicks her hair back and looks at the goblin with those eyes again "...and what can I do for you senior goblin, a coffee I know but would you like more my sweet one..." the goblin feels his shoes with the bottom of his chin, retrieves his composure somehow, points to a cake and tries not to look at her as she slowly bends over for it saying "...ah you like these then..." she asks, at which point the goblin resembles something slowly turning on a spit as he pays and scurries to the corner table to get on-line again, "for he who had sailed in now surfs away" types the goblin as the picture fades

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