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Originally Posted by Escriber* View Post
You learn something new everyday.

I am new to the genre of Flash Fiction.
But it sounds like a short short story, if it's done in 1000 words.

Almost like an Iceberg?

I wouldn't mind reading samples. Do send if available.
This is my little itty bit example, around 200 words (Some can be more, less, depending on who you talk to)

"No love?" I know I had a few bucks somewhere... "Cancha give me a break this one time? Ya'know I would for ya. Com'on, bud!"

"Dude, I can't. I need the rent now. You have to leave." He maneuvered himself into the door frame

"I'll get it, I swear!" I have to resort to begging now?

My roomie glanced around the hallway. "Man, I've let you slide too many times."

"Com'on! I know I've letcha down before. Damn, don't remind me, but I'll get the rent. I swear. You gotta believe me. Please, man?"

“No.” He slammed the door in my face. Did he think he could kick me out? Yeah, okay... he did have that right, but not like this.

I took in a deep breath. I really liked him as a friend. Oh, well. I didn't need any. I gently placed my open palm on the door. The door pulsed, and a shrill scream sounded down below. I'll have to get a new place.

“Calm down, ma'am, and tell us what happened,” The officer said, his eyes darting across the scene.

She took a gulp of air. “That apartment,” pointing towards the hole in the building, “just dropped.”
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