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Sugar and Devotion (116)

The deliciously slim Darla queued in the work canteen. A healthy salad and bottle of water sat on her tray. A doughnut with custard and sprinkles whispered, “Darla.”

Unladylike drool appeared at the corners of Darla’s mouth. The delicious treat continued to call her name in a hypnotic fashion.
Down in the bowels of Darla, Linzi the Lipid picked up her pom-poms. She brandished them and shook her booty. “Give me an O. Give me a P…” Swirling, twirling and whirling, Linzi collected the elements she would need.

That beautiful sugary treat won the war and Darla placed it on her tray. Linzi smiled and settled down on Darla’s hips for a lifetime of devoted attraction.
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