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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
I don't think you can love someone and hate them at the same time, I'd draw a line there. You might think you love them, or think you hate them, but not both. But people in love can be toxic for each other for a variety of reasons.

Think of this section of society who are perhaps incapable of 'pure' love. How many are broken? How many have had love mapped out for them by their parents in horrendous ways? You might ask why they act so crazy, well their parents might have been crazy, their ex partners might have been crazy, love for them is messy and hurtful -- so they feel the genuine biological responses of love but interpret that as danger leading to something quite dysfunctional.

For me most relationships are like this on some level, I guess there's a degree of dysfunction somewhere which switches from love to just emotional attachment. It's highly subjective as to where that point lies within the spectrum...

Some people will swear it's love even when they beat on each other on a regular basis.
Maybe... It is all interesting to consider but I need to tap out and get back to working on my book. I like you JC as a person and wish you all the best. I might come back to the table and hash it out with you again, but you have exhausted me, you butthole.
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