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I'm going to read it now. Be back soon.

EDIT: I am half-way through reading it but shall probally go to bed now. I would just like to say:
'This is only the 2nd every WBQ that I am reading but it is most defiently eaiser to read than last time because of the horizontial layout. The articles are intresting to read and I love the 'Overheard on the Beat' section - I've just read a quote from Gaines. Very intresting. Thank you to everyone who helped with this issue, it makes for good bedtime reading since I finished my book today. Erm, I'll shut up now and share the rest of my thoughts tomorrow after I've finished reading it.'

EDIT AGAIN: Scrolling down to look at all the 'Overheard on the Beat' sections before I go, when I stumbled across:

What the guide has to say on the subject of 'Slick
Jimmy': A member of HomoSapien
species of Earth.
Male. Has an ego the size of a planet, otherwise harmless.
Avoid if your name is 'Essence'.
- Weirdo, post 232392, Board Games

Just wanted to say, ahaha I love WB and everyone (near enough) here. Night all.

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