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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
Firstly, I think the idea that someone can run a country is a fantasy. So I'm not much into personality cults.

But... could we get some specifics on the bat shit mental front? -- is it her attempt to be tough with Juncker 'n' co?

For me, there has been an agenda to centralise power in Europe for a long long time. One currency, one government (effectively), one army, the end game is for Europe to be a unified bloc with the strongest states at the helm; particularly Germany.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union I guess it made sense strategically for Europe to expand its influence into traditionally Russian territory. I think the contest for this territory has taken place in one form or another between Russia and Germany for centuries.

That's really why the US and all the real elites are so vociferously in favour of the EU. The mantra of 'we're stronger together' doesn't really want to look at the economic state of southern Europe, but rather is focussed on geopolitics and spheres of influence.

The rhetoric I've heard since way before Brexit has always indicated that the EU couldn't allow for defection to go unpunished. Because if Brexit is a nice smooth process resulting in things like increased sovereignty and economic stability -- we're talking domino effect.

I'm not saying economic prosperity and increased sovereignty are two givens for Brexit so long as it is not sabotaged -- only that there is a well communicated incentive to dampen any potential successes.

So May and anyone who is looking to oversee Brexit will find themselves in a very difficult position with the EU playing hardball. Therefore it doesn't surprise me that cracks in relations are already showing.
OK, you want for instances. First she calls an election on the pretext of there being an opposition who oppose her. All these nasty non-tories who don't agree and give her a rough ride getting legislation through. Well, that's democracy, ain't it? In any case an election won't affect dissenting voices, especially in the Lords which isn't elected.

So having called this unnecessary election she then starts throwing around accusations that the EU is trying to influence it by not rolling over and agreeing to all her demands. She calls this 'making threats'. All she's actually doing is stirring up a lot of anti EU resentment to help her electoral chances while simultaneously pissing off the rest of the EU who we were hoping would be willing to give us some sort of a trade deal.

That's before we go into her bizarre electioneering, which consists of visiting remote locations where the media are either excluded or sworn to secrecy, or factories where all the pesky workers have been removed so no one can heckle her. She refuses to do live debates with other party leaders, and the public appearances she does agree to consist of robotic repetition of buzz phrases like 'strong and stable' and attacks on the opposition leaders.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of Brexit and whatever you feel about the EU she is not the 'strong and stable' pair of hands she claims to be and is clearly making a pig's ear of the negotiations already. Far from uniting the country she is stoking more division with her political shenanigans. And the funniest part is none of this was necessary. Cameron called a referendum to placate the right wing of his party, never expecting to lose. All that has followed is farce.
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