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I dunno, all sounds a bit overblown.

People who are against the Conservatives have been going on about the fact that May isn't elected ever since she came to power. I guess that's just an easy way to discredit. So, with momentum in her favour she calls an election, people then get upset because it's unnecessary and her win is a given. To be honest if I kept hearing the word 'unelected' thrown around and I knew I had a majority I'd probably do the same thing; seems pretty rational.

I really have NO IDEA what is going on in terms of the 'negotiations', I haven't heard anyone give any details as to what has taken place thus far or what the main contentions might be between Britain and Europe. So I can't really say that I know whether there have been any major blunders on the part of the conservatives. I wonder if anyone here could enlighten me?

The EU has to make threats, and have been ever since Brexit became a possibility, so nothing new there. Juncker saying that May is on another planet will probably have some kind of affect on the election, whether that's the intention is debatable.

I've never really understood stuff like 'unity' when it comes to politics; at least in the context of Britain in 2017. Politically I rarely find anyone who thinks the way I do -- and I'm not sure any politician would change that. I think the idea that we're a monolith is a fantasy, and being unified isn't necessarily desirable, or definable (what does it actually mean?). We devolved powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland because people are different and we need diversity in decision making (diversity in decision making is key to avoid autocracy and really stands at variance with the whole EU programme). Power should be diffuse and not concentrated, wherever it is concentrated bad stuff occurs.

And fuck the Lords
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