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Originally Posted by Beesauce View Post
Every individual has a role to play in society and you should not follow any one of them.

Celebrities are not above or below society and to even ask if a celebrity has a role in society is like asking if your child has a role in society -- of course every person has a role to play for someone else and that's part of what life is --

This question is biased, not racist, but a question in which both parties would have to agree that a caste system should deem an individuals role towards the other people they should interact with --

The problem is inward, and we can now argue if a celebrity should think they are above or below society --

What's your role in society Nacia? Does anyone follow you on social media? Does this make you feel like you are playing a role in society?
hello Beesauce I think we are a society of celebrities we cannot get away from it.
It is everywhere you look and apparently they are supposed to be role models to generations to come.
My question is a celebrity worth the title?
Because at the end of the day if such power is not put to use then what is the point?
One has to act accordingly and therefore they have to justify their popularity and if they don't then the whole idea of being famous does not add up.

You ask about my role in society well I am an observer and if I am not a celebrity then my role is to question things that I feel needs questioning.

And No I do not follow anyone on social media I do not have time for that.
I hope that answers your question
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