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Originally Posted by max crash View Post
sounds like you have a well thought out back ground, now what should be, easy questions.

what is your favorite food,
favorite ice cream
what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow
how hard is it to get mashed potatoes out of a Sippy cup. how did they get in there to start with.
what is the muzzle velocity of a cylinder fed, double action, smith and Wesson 357 magnum with a four inch barrel or do you use a 9 mil auto

just food for thought

Bambrack and Coddle. Honeybuttered biscuits and irish stew. Although I am impartial to Black pudding and boxty. What? Alex is an irishman who always cooked for me when we were married. I haven't had a decent delicious meal since the divorce.

Favorite ice cream has got to be Superman with sprinkles.

An unladen swallow sounds like something I used to do back in my escorting days. I'm not really sure what you mean by that one.

Mashed potatoes are not that hard to get out of a sippy cup, just put some dial soap in the cup and put the cup until really hot water for 20 minutes.

Babies do the craziest things. I can remember when Lily was a baby, she would throw food everywhere....especially mashed potatoes. Lily was attempting to levitate food but it just went all over the walls and food. Alex still screams at me from time to time about not binding Lily's powers but I don't want to restrict my kid from reaching her full potential with them.

I mainly use swords in my line of work and don't know too much about guns. I did however shoot at my ex-husband multiple times during our marriage, I missed on purpose. I want to scare him not kill him. I love the bastard too much to let him push up daisies. I did however shoot Alexander's psycho girlfriend in the eye once for popping Lily in the mouth. Nobody messes with my baby girl.

Any more questions?
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