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Default Is their reasons why an undercover cop would work alone in this case?

So I finished writing out my story, at least in another draft, and read it through. I think I might have discovered a plot hole, and was wonderng if it was fixable.

For my story, I want an undercover cop to work alone. But I am finding the premise difficult to make it work, cause I cannot think of why an undercover cop would. I mean you don't want to send a cop to infiltrate a dangerous criminal organization, without monitoring him, and wanting to keep him safe.

But I would like the cop to witness things, that no other cop does. Therefore later on, he has trouble getting his superiors to believe certain things about the case. It becomes the crooks word against his. But if he has back up, the other officers will support what he says, and it's easier for superiors to believe more than one cop, telling the same thing, compared to one only, against everyone else.

Plus since it's a very low budget screenplay, I would like him to work alone, so less actors would needed, if possible.

Is the concept feasible, or is it just not logical enough, and the police would just want to give the cop back up, that is surveying him, ready to go, in case his cover is blown?

I know that they do not have back up, that is waiting for him, and watching from far away, all the time, but is there a way to write it so that the cop has to go to a suspicious meeting with the big honchos, and still be doing it alone, without any back up waiting in cars or vans, down the block, just in case it's an ambush on the undercover cop, which it is?

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