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Default Sittin' here in this

metal shed.

Goin' on 9 o' clock Friday night.

Four day weekend ending with July 4th.

Just finished making 54 rounds of 9mm

Tomorrow, while I tend to first timers,
(don't know what I'm on about? you
really don't read me, eh?)
she will be punchin' holes into paper
at 10 feet away
950 feet per second.

Her leaps and bounds of technique that happened
a few months ago (beginner's spurts) have
settled into piecemeal increments.

Maybe it's this way with anyone who sticks
with it.

Me - well I finally saw John Wick 2
in it's entirety (thank you, internet) yesterday.

I recognized most of K.R.'s moves.

Tried the one hand hot check (that was new)
but my rear sight is too sloped.

Knew how to roll down stairs (ouch!) but
would not have thought to flip around
halfway through the flight.

Hope that info never gets used by this
60 something body.

Changing mags one handed and returning to
battery - hey, ya gotta be able to do such stuff.

You are your own first responder.

Now I know Mr. Star is a practicing
pistolero even when the camera ain't on
(one hears these things) and I know
all the movie stuff is intensely
and I'm really impressed by the athleticism
(I'm probably good
for three of those Martial body slams
then it's stretcher time for Nicky).

And overall it is quite cinemagraphical
(not up to Preacher standards - but
that is another piece).

However I gotta
give one ... ahem ... negative comment.


Fucking sling shotting.

Every idiot, untrained gangster wannabe
loves to pinch the slide butt with
his thumb and index finger to yank it back.


That ain't real life!

Blood, sweat, slip.

No bullet in barrel.

Ah, but bad guy bullet in belly.

Your belly.

Tried and true action?

Wrap your non gun hand on the
slide top (rear of ejection port, thumb pointed at you)
with a cock stroke clamp grip
and rip to ya.

If you inserted the mag fully (and
didn't ride the slide home) you are now
good to go.

No, no - don't take my word for it,
(or the Vets who are here because it
worked - oh, you wanna question their advice?
go ahead, Jody),
try it.

Don't thank me.
Your improved efficiency is enough.

You're welcome.

P.S. And another thing.
Is it too much to ask, Keanu, for you to go left handed when firing around a left side wall edge?

Christ, I do it religiously.

Ya see.
That sling shot stuff is the start of a sad slide into a slothlike style.

Outta ammo for now.

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?

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