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Default Need a list of similar novels for research

Hi. I'm currently in the midst of planning out a science fiction story. Usually when I write, I try to read as many similar novels as possible for ideas on how to develop my world and progress the narrative. The only only problem I have right now is I can't find anything that is similar to what I'm writing.

So I was hoping someone could recommend me something to read that is similar to the following synopsis for my story.

My story is set in a future Earth where everyone is immortal and everything is unlimited and disposable. Each individual has access to much as they want and as a result money is no-longer used. A person can replicate and replace any body part. It's this technology which makes it possible for potential immortality.

The main character has lived for 100s of years and finds himself in a existential crisis whilst his life is consumed by addition. He is searching for meaning in a nihilistic world devoid of anything but constant hedonism.

If anyone could recommend me any similar Science Fiction I could read for inspiration I would very grateful. I hope that was enough information If you need any more detail let me know.

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