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Romantic Short Love Stories

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Romantic Short Love Stories

Submission Guidelines
Romantic Short Love Stories welcomes love poetry, romantic short stories, and true love stories.
New stories are published every three months. Payment is upon publication for all work that is accepted. Currently, payment is sent through Paypal. I no longer send payment through the mail due to it being very costly.

Currently, time between acceptance and publication (when you see your work published) is 1-6 months. All work is published electronically (online) and archived on my website.

Love poetry may be previously published (a.k.a reprint), however true love stories and submit-on-demand short stories may not be previously published. I also accept work that has never been published before from beginning and established artists and writers. Simultaneous submissions are also accepted.

Pay is $3/per poem, $15/per true love story, and $50/per short story.

Repeat contributors should also be aware that I give new contributors first priority in order to be fair to those who haven't had their work published on the site before. All contributors should be aware that competition is very high due to the high demand in comparision to how much work I accept and how often I publish work on this website.

Payment is upon publication for all work that is accepted.

Short Stories
Romantic short stories that are geared toward the attraction between a man and woman but not necessarily the act of making love, are better suited for this site. I seek stories that create sensualism and the tug-of-war of sexual attraction, but stories that keep it vague concerning what goes on in the bedroom. I also ask that profanity in your work is kept low (if possible, none at all). I would like to keep the site as family-friendly as possible (for Christians and non-Christians).
Stories that allow the reader enough time to get to know the character are more befitting. Longer stories as opposed to shorter ones. Stories must at least be 3000 words in length. I highly regard stories that are 7,000 words or more. Novelettes are my favorite.

The ambition is that the reader feels as though she's read a novel after she's read a short story. Stories with just enough depth to satisfy the reader with an adventure and characters that come alive are my favorite.

Stories that have a message are also sought after as well—in which there are some real problems going on for the heroine or hero (i.e. homelessness, obesity, abuse, etc.).

The goal is to give a mixture of fantasy and reality. I seek to offer readers an unrealistic adventure in some stories, like paranormal short stories, and then a relatable reality in the more realistic short story. In which the hero and heroine define love beyond sexual attraction.

Currently, I have stopped taking short stories the traditional way, because I've noticed very few stories submitted the traditional way fit what I'm looking for. However, I've had a high success rate with query-style submissions. So currently, due to the high success of submit-on-demand, I only currently accept short stories query-style. You can find out what that is and how to submit below...

Submit-on-Demand (Query-Style)

Submit-on-demand is perfect for beginning and professional freelance writers who find it more appealing to query their short stories. You are able to look at my Short Story Bulletin Board and get a perfect idea of the type of work I'm looking for.

Then, from the ideas I've posted on the bulletin board, you are able to come up with a story idea that fits exactly what I'm looking for. Once you come up with a brief story line that fits that style, you then send in that idea to me, along with a 3 page (1000-1400 word) writing sample, and a brief cover letter explaining how long you've been writing (include any past credentials, if any). The 3 page writing sample should be of the actual story you want to query me about. Once you send it in, you then await my approval or disapproval of whether or not I would like you to write that story for me.

I regard writing samples very highly—higher than I regard past credentials. A writing sample shows me that you can write the story well and I can make a decision based upon your talent, not prior experience.

This is why it's pertinent that writing samples are sent in, and why I do not consider any writer who does not submit one, no matter how good the story idea is.

If you do not have the writing sample done yet, I recommend you just take a couple of hours out of your day and start writing a few pages of the story you'd like to query me about and then send it in with your query and cover letter.

Pay is $50/per short story and may not be previously published.

What to Do Next

To submit your work either way, simply finish reading the rest of the guidelines on this page and follow the instructions on "How to Submit Your Work" at the bottom of this page.

True Love Stories
True love story submissions of all kinds are wanted. Wacky, embarrassing, funny. Heart wrenching work. There is no length requirement on love stories. Tell your story as long as you need to and then send it in.

I ask that true love stories are written in first person. If you prefer to write them in third person, simply do so, and then once the story is completed, change it into first person.

Stories that don't just summarize have the best chance of being accepted. Stories that include a bit of dialogue create a more realistic environment. However, this doesn't mean yours has to include dialogue, as I've accepted some work that doesn't, as long as the experience is first hand.

The emphasis is quality and charm. Sharing a bit more of your world than you have to and taking the time out to really let the reader into your world and drawing her in to how it all felt from your perspective.

I do not take anonymous love stories. I only take true love stories by people who are comfortable they wrote it. This is because it creates accountability and credibility. Anonymous just doesn't cut it. Readers want to read stories about people who are proud or brave enough to say... "I lived through this" or "this is how I feel."

Also, stories do not have to end happily as long as they have something of value to say.

You may submit only one story at a time.

I am looking for the special moments in between. I'm not looking for stories about how you met on the internet through a personals site online unless you feel the story is very original. I'm currently looking for a bit more originality in stories so that readers do not have to read redundant stories about how two people met through a matchmaking or dating website. I don't mind stories in which that is the background of a more orginial situation, however. Mainly, right now I would just like to avoid receiving anymore stories in which that is the main plot.

Here's a list of what I'm looking for to help give you a clear idea of what I'd of some of the type of stories I'd like to receive...

couples - special surprises (the events that led up to a magic moment)
"how we met" stories (excluding online matchmaking websites)
high school sweetheart stories
"romantic date" stories
wedding proposal stories
love letters
what might've been
unrequited love
young love
secret admirer
interracial love
language barriers
best friends who fell in love
rekindled love
unlikely couple
stories that defeat the odds
you name it, the sky's the limit...
I seek stories about specific moments in your life as a couple that touches hearts. A magical moment between you and you're husband that you're just dying to tell.
Romance is alive in so many forms and I want readers to have a little taste of that whether it's good, bad, bitter, or just plain heavenly.

All accepted work is archived on my site (online) for continuous viewing by the reader. You still retain ownership of your work and are allowed to submit and publish it elsewhere. I obtain non-exclusive electronic rights which only means I'm allowed to keep your work on my site indefinitely and publish it in whatever media I see fit in relation to RSLS.

The same rights apply to writers with the exception of submit-on-demand short stories and true love stories. For submit-on-demand stories and true love stories, I ask that the stories are not published elsewhere until after the story has appeared and been published on this website.

For promotional purposes some work will may be featured in my ezine and other similar media such as that.

How to Submit Your Work
A cover letter is appreciated but not required with the submission of your work, unless you are submitting on demand (query-style) for short stories.
Photos (in regards to bios)
Photos are optional but if you are interested in including a photo, the photo requirements below refer to poets and short story writers who send in photos of themselves with bios. Those who submit true love story photos may continue to submit general photos.

For poets and short story writers you may submit up to three photos of yourself. If you send in more than one I will select the best one for publication.

Your photo(s) should be clear, neither grainy or fuzzy. It must be high quality. Accepted photo formats submitted are jpg, gif, and png no larger than 1 MB.

Please keep in mind, the reader should have no difficulty seeing the face in the picture.

I look highly on head and shoulder shots, profile shots, and photos that are artsy, in black and white. All contributors who are published on my site, with photos, will generally have their photos turned to black and white for publication.

You do not have to submit your photo in black and white, but be aware that I will most likely change your colored photo to black and white.

Photos should be dramatic or friendly since all photos need a common connection of elegance so the appearance from writer to writer remains consistent throughout.

Do not concern yourself too much with photos, because if I find the photo isn't quite what I'm seeking then I will simply choose to accept work without publishing a photo of you alongside your bio. I won't be able to contact you about this, due to time constraints, so if you don't see a photo alongside your bio and you sent one in to me, it's not because I forgot to include it. It's because it was an editorial choice to not include it.

True love story writers do not have to submit bios, this only refers to poets and short story writers. Poets and short story writers who submit their work must also include a bio.

I have gotten very particular about bios, because writers (poets in particular) either skimp on their bio by writing one sentence or don't include one. I automatically reject work like that because it wastes a lot of my valuable time. So be aware that I generally look at the bio first and if it's not there or I'm confident the writer is skimping on the bio, I will not even read the work and will reject it.

What I seek from you is a nice solid paragraph (60-70 words) in which you state a little bit about yourself from a personal viewpoint and from a professional viewpoint as a writer.

Bios should be written in third person. For example:

"Jane Doe lives in Los Angeles, California. She has had her work published in Maggy Mag, Poet Lane, and Paublo's Review. She has four children and three grandchildren and has been happily married for twenty-four years. In her spare time she creates crafts and attends craft shows."
Notice the above example only lists three publications. If you've been published before, listing no more than three publishing credentials is best. If your bio lists more than three publishing credentials, I will ask that you remove all other publishing credentials and list the three places where your work has appeared, that you are most proud of.

So in order to save us both some time I ask that you do this in the beginning.

The reason for this request is that most readers will only be interested in a few. They will have very little interest in where your work has appeared and get bored after a certain point.

What they will be mainly interested in is you, so it is in your best interest to talk about yourself most of all. Informing the reader of your future ambitions, what you care about more as a writer, and as a person.

Also, I only accept bios with website links if the website link is relevant. For instance the website is about you, your poetry, short stories, etc. Bios may only include one website link and no more than that.

Also, your website must not be a sub-domain or part of a portal site (i.e. geocities). However, I may make an exception for a professional looking site. If you believe yours fits that criteria, don't hesitate to include it in your bio.

If I find your link doesn't meet my approval, I will simply remove it from your bio. Generally I am unable to contact published writers to notify them I have done so, so if you see that your link is not in your bio, it isn't because I have forgotten to include it. It was removed because it did not meet my standards of approval.

Submissions are accepted a number of ways. You may submit your work through the online submission forms or directly by email for love poetry, queries - short stories, or true love stories.

Submissions may also be sent in to me by mail along with an SASE. Also be certain to send in a note if you would like your work sent back to you.

If you wish to have your work returned to you, please also include enough postage in order to have your work returned. If no note is included, I will assume I can dispose of your work and only send you notification concerning acceptance or rejection.

You may mail your submissions to:

Romantic Short Love Stories
P.O. Box 397
Brice OH 43109-0397

Once you've submitted your work, please allow up to 1-4 weeks for a response back.



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