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Pixies vs The Night Chapter 1 Pt 2 *Language*

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Default Pixies vs The Night Chapter 1 Pt 2 *Language*

Hi all, Just trying to better this as I go, keep offering advice if you feel the need to I do appreciate it. I found it difficult to write this scene because of the lack of dialogue during the race. Please forgive some of the Australian slang (and vulgarity)



Holly dropped a gear as she slowed down from her previous recklessness. They had arrived at a section of road crowded with people, lined with an artistic display of vehicles on either side. As they crawled through the people slowly they found a parking spot between two low riding utes. The moment they had shut their doors a tall figure began to approach them.

“Hey there Danny boy how are you? Been far too long hasn’t it?”

Courtney was almost ignored and cut off in her sentence as Dan pushed past her and grabbed Gem by the arms and began to interrogate her.

“Had your fun now? Can we stop kidding ourselves and get on with business that we still haven’t finished? No more lies and hiding out, we’re in this together remember?”

“Ha! purely business of course! don’t listen to him Gem he doesn’t give a dam about you it’s all about the money and the product” stated Courtney proudly protecting a friend.

He squinted at her, he looked unwell, as if he hadn’t slept in days. His skin was pale and his eyes were red with dark caving circles around them.

“you remember who was there for you, you remember who picked you up after someone took it all away you need me you stupid child, and as soon as Holly is done proving her stupid point for her mediocre dollars then we’re all going for a nice little drive to a place to sort this all out”

Dan was intimidating, his words made them all worry. Why did Holly intentionally put them in this situation? They were doing fine working with Gem, Holly had just got better and they were about to move further up the coast to share a place together. There was no logical explanation for why she wanted to walk back into the lion’s den for a few hundred dollars invested by some idiotic egotistical surfie bloke with a bombed out Holden coupe. Unless there was a plan. However when it was Holly in charge, it seemed there was always a plan.

Holly positioned her skyline just behind the white line, Jaz stood on the side of the road and counted the money and then signaled the tall fellow with the tight braids in his hair. He put his hands in the air signaling the drivers to prepare themselves for a race start. The surfie fellow looked over through his window at Holly.

“Wouldn’t wanna mess up that pretty face of yours baby maybe you should take it easy and let me take the lead straight up, you can still tell ya little friends that you had a drag and it was oh so much fun!”

Holly, without turning her head confidently stated

“pretty face huh? Baby the next 30 seconds all you’ll be doing is staring at my ass.”

The tall fellow dropped his arms and Holly dropped the clutch, in a storm of smoke the two machines flew forward and screamed into the distance. Second gear, the coupe begins to pull away from Holly. The next two changes would be critical. Holly slots in behind him only centimeters from his rear bumper. She moves to third keeping close behind him mimicking his gear changes. Finally she makes a hard break right and aligns herself beside him. With the engine screaming she changes into fourth pushing past him. With the next intersection in sight she knows it’s only moments until she crosses the line so she cuts hard in front of him. The surfie, clearly startled swerves and struggles to regain control but by the time he manages to align himself it is too late.

Holly yanks the hand brake and the skyline slides sideways, spinning around before coming to a dead stop almost facing the direction in which she had just come. With the engine still running she opens the door and steps one foot out of the car. The surfie pulls his car to a gentle halt as if to try to pretend his previous aggression in driving didn’t exist. Holly walks towards his driver’s side window and gives him a half smile. He immediately attempts to defend himself.

“That was bullshit man you cut me off not to mention nearly crashing into me and...”

“Shoosh!” interrupted Holly.

“Don’t worry sweetie I’m not gonna hurt your reputation I just want some answers. You’re rolling with Dan now yeah? What does he want with us now? There’s no reason for him to be on our backs now we’re supposed to be square yet we still have eyes on us and he’s still going hard after my friend back there even though their history is dead now.”

The surfie rolled his eyes and replied aggressivley.

“Dude he don’t tell me shit I’m just in it for the bitches and the fame, all I know is he keeps going on about pay day and how it keeps getting delayed. He talks about it like it’s really somethin’ ya know what I mean? Like soon I’ll be goin’ to pick up our pay day or shit our pay day’s gone missin’. If I were him I’d be lookin’ after my money a shit load better than that. I just know as long as I stay around ill get a slice of that. As for your friend I got no idea maybe he wants to score?”

Holly stood up straight and straightened her top as if to re affirm her authority. She scrunched up her face as if her confusion was a bad smell in the air and thought for a moment before replying.

“Well...that means a shit load of nothing I still don’t see how any of that has anything to do with us. But maybe that’s the deal with Gem.”

She lied.

“Anyway thanks for the bullshit and I’m sorry sweetness but I’m still taking your money, be good now!”

At that moment Jaz turned up in her black coupe holding the money out the window like a flag symbolizing achievement and time to leave. She sped off around the corner and Holly wasn’t far behind.

Please stay tuned for the final part of chapter 1 : )

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