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Which idea for a climax is better for my story?

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Old 10-07-2016, 04:47 PM
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Default Which idea for a climax is better for my story?

Basically for my story, it's a cops vs. gangsters crime thriller type thriller.

I need a method of the villains being caught by the police for my climax. Earlier in the story, the gang is putting one of it's member's through a blood in. A blood in is where you spill the blood of another person in order to get into the gang.

The gang leader videotaped the blood in, in case if the new recruit ever was going to turn on him, the leader could use the video as leverage over him, to keep him from not turning.

I was thinking that I could continue the idea of having leverage videos and have the police find a whole stash of them, on all the members, which will give them the evidence they need to arrest the gang.

However, I have two ways for the police to find the videos, and I am not sure which one is better for my third act.

1. The main character cop, could be following the gang leader and sees from far away that the gang leader goes to a self storage facility, with the storage units, outdoors and in plain view, and he sees the leader go into one. He waits for the leader to leave, and then the MC decides to break in himself and have a look. He finds all the videos.

The MC realizes that the evidence cannot be used if he turns it in, since he is a cop, and he violated the suspect's 4th amendment rights, thereby tainting the evidence.

So the MC gets his love interest, or another ally, to call the police anonymously, from a phone that cannot be traced back to them. The ally tells the police where evidence on the gang members of past murders is, and tells the police that a self storage unit was broken into, and the evidence is still there.

The police get there, and apply for a warrant to view the videos. They get the warrant, and view the videos finding the evidence of murders, since the faces of the victims are faces of victims that were being investigated before.

The anonymous caller then calls back and tells the police that all the gang members in each blood in leverage video, are all currently meeting up, and the caller tells them where, so the police can go and arrest them.

2. The MC follows the villain and sees him go to a secluded piece of land, in the middle of nowhere, and hides out of sight, while watching the villain. He sees the villain dig into the ground and put something there.

He waits for the villain to leave, and then digs up what the villain put there. It's the blood in videos, and the police use this as evidence. Since it was buried up outdoor public land, the police are not violating any 4th amendment rights. They also do not need a warrant and can view the videos without one now.

Which idea for the villains to be caught sounds better? The first one is a lot more complicated, but maybe complicated is good? The second one might be more illogical for the villain to keep all the videos underground but maybe that makes sense, because then he doesn't have to worry about the police finding the videos on property connected to the villain.

Which one do you think sounds better?

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Old 10-10-2016, 09:45 AM
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A question I have is the time period of this story. If it's modern then why is the gangster not using a digital camera and saving the file on a USB? As for your question I don't think an anonymous call to the police in enough for probably cause unless it involved a life in immediate danger. I think an informant, perhaps someone who used to be in the gang would be a better option.
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Old 10-12-2016, 08:15 PM
ironpony (Offline)
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Okay thanks. I can't really write it so that there is an informant though, cause if there was the gang would have been caught long ago and the story would be over too soon. The police only have three suspects, but they are just suspects based on hunches, and they cannot get any warrants for arrests or searches.

Not until the videos buried in the ground are discovered.

And yes they are either on a USB or DVD I am thinking, since it's modern times. Thanks. Do you think that the option of having the videos buried in the ground doesn't work though?

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