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How to incorporate music into a story?

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Old 11-02-2016, 02:11 PM
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Default How to incorporate music into a story?


I have returned from what is possibly the longest writing hiatus in human history and I have quite the dilemma. I want to have music in the background of certain scenes but I am not sure how to incorporate it. Like I will shoot you a scene right now from my story. Character A and Character B. Character A has been in an on/off relationship with Character B for years. Character B is pretty much a whore with bipolar disorder that thinks Character A is a doormat. Character B has done everything imaginably bad to Character A including cheating on him and lying to him about being the father of her kids. Both of their kids are dead. One dies prematurely shortly after birth. One was a stillbirth. So one night shortly after the funeral of the second child, Character A goes to the club that Character B owns to talk business with one of the managers. Character B is behind the bar in a gold lame dress that leaves little to the imagination and she is really drunk, just drinking up all the inventory. Character B's mascara looks smeared from crying and she reeks of bourbon and fresh cum. Character A catches the sight of Character B from across the room and he decides that he's definitely not in the mood for her shit tonight. As Character A is leaving the nightclub, he notices this large group of frat boys gathering around character B. The frat boys are going to run a train on Character B and in her drunken state, she is going to let them. Character A is hurting a lot from Character B's lies and thats why he's torn between helping her or tossing her scandalous ass to the proverbial wolves. "Superman" by Eminem is playing as Character A is pondering this decision and all these thoughts of how many times he saved her ass and how many times she hurt him. How many times she cheated on him. How many times she hurt him by lying about the babies. How different their lives have been since their first baby died. How the slut keeps flushing her lithium or selling it. Character A loves this girl wholeheartedly but he's sick of the games and the lies. Character A eventually saves Character B from the frat boys by beating them to a bloody pulp in an alley but once the song ends and the last punch is thrown, he leaves her in the alley and walks away without a word. Character A is just not going to be Character B's superman anymore.


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