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Default Astraea

deeper, deeper
into this wretched waste
of the forsaken and forlorn
deeper, deeper
past the shambling broken men
and the crawling aborted
deeper, deeper
through this valley of defilement
stained with Man's unwanted things
deeper, deeper


a cursed maiden, pilgrimaged
to bring light to a land
where the sun cannot touch
nor expose the blight on the faces
or souls of these deformed, these exiled

foul waste pours down
in waterfalls of shit
half-human things trudge through muck
past hungry flies, and once-hungry children
to pay homage to this saint
who raised the unborn from the mud

and she,
who planted seeds of faith in a swamp
from whence He has long stopped watching
to cleanse the pus of man's sin
to bring solace to Man's unwanted
in the name of Him who she now questioned
to watch in silence
or to look away from the grime and filth in disgust

she, corrupted and pure
the lonely messiah, a Demon Christ
tending to the souls of the forgotten
to Man and God's unwanted
in a blighted swamp of hope and misery
until driven to suicide
for an unworthy greater good
knowing she had done this one thing right
knowing neither God nor Man could praise her deeds

There's a place for those who love their poetry
It's just across from the sign that says "Pros only"

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