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Never zig, unless they zag.

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Old 12-06-2016, 11:44 AM
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Default Never zig, unless they zag.

"Two roads diverged"
the wisened old man once wrote
before trodding off
in search of adventure

There was a moral there
a cliche one, but
a moral none the less:

Only you can decide your path in life.

And if you blindly follow others
you're bound to hit the same road blocks
and speed bumps
and distractions they did.

So: Take new roads.

Be bold.

Speak your mind.
Quit your job.
Run for office.
Drive across the country.

Buy drinks
for strangers
and make friends in out of the way places.

This life
is only worth living
if you actually
to experience it.

Don't be a passenger.
Don't be passive.
Don't wait for the big break,
the promotion
the winning ticket.

Take the risk: Bet on yourself.

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Old 12-11-2016, 01:07 PM
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Not a poet, but I'll comment on the content. First off, the title caught my eye. "Zig Zag" used to be the brand of a rolling paper. I don't know whether it's still on the market, the paper was a bit heavier than "Bambu" and therefore made rolling joints more difficult. For that reason, my pot smokers preferred the better "Bambu" brand.

About following others, you're correct to state that a person should avoid blindly following others. But, there isn't anything wrong with following a person after you have gotten to know them. An honest person with ambition, endurance, and experience is a Godsend to anyone starting out. So, if one is fortunate enough to cross paths with such an individual, one should pay close attention to the lessons and absorb everything he or she can about the honest person.

Take new roads is a good suggestion, even if the new road may be a bit risky. Yet even better than taking a new road is to think thoughts that nobody has thought before.

If you truly enjoy what you are doing, then maybe leaving it wouldn't be such a good idea because it is your "career," and not just some ordinary, boring "job." You may always travel cross country during your vacation.

Buying things for strangers. I don't know about that. You'd become victim of a hustle too easily. Better to find a reputable charity and donate to it. Also, sadly to say, one must use caution around strangers. It's nice to be friendly, but even friendliness has its risks.

Experiencing life is a good thing. Nothing better to find things out with your own eyes and own mind. But, the greatest joy in life comes from helping those in greater need than you.

And betting on yourself is sound advice. Be confident in all you do, but always be willing to learn from others. Otherwise, you'll become so self-centered that you mind will be like having the shades drawn all the time in your bedroom--no light will ever sun inside your room.

Well, that's my take on your lovely poem. I was curious to know why nobody responded. Indeed, it is worthy of praise. You did a fine "job." Maybe poetry ought to be your career.
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