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My Dad and I go to Burning Man - Pt. 1

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Default My Dad and I go to Burning Man - Pt. 1

He said,
"Let off the clutch a little more
Before you press the gas,"
So I did,
I felt the gear engage,
And we were in second,
"From here it's easy,"
"Do you think we'll get there tonight?"
I asked,
He nodded,

In the desert,
When the dust picks up,
You can't see the way ahead,
You've got to feel it out,
Follow the sun,
Gleaming slants,
Cut through blowing sand,
And I'm already feeling free,
Free from time,
I'm sixteen this year,
And it’s going to be different,

My Dad,
Well, he's not around often,
We'll speak infrequently,
Usually about nothing,
Usually ending with an empty,
"I miss you,"
And a sick feeling,
When I suggested Burning Man,
I was surprised he'd agree'd to go,

On the last leg of our trip,
I'm totally free of that sick feeling,
I thought,
This will make us better friends,
Though, how could it?
Stirred around in the dusty wind,
In the back of my mind,
He was stoic,
Looking at the road
"Where do we turn, it's up ahead isn't it?"
I asked,
He eyed the map,
"It's a right up here,"

He looked uncomfortable,
I saw it in the way he was sitting,
Like he had a stomach ache,
And I began to feel sorry for him,
But like those gleaming few moments,
In our past,
When he was there for me,
I was there for him,
"Hey Dad, you ok?"

There was a small sign,
Pointed on the right side,
It read:

I made the right turn,
Leaning into it,
After carefully shifting back to third,

"I'm fine son, just focus on driving,
I don't want you distracted,"
He coughed,
And wiped his mouth,
"The dust getting to you Dad?"
I asked,
"I can close the windows some"
He heartily shook his head,

We were maniacs,
To have the windows down,
With all that dust,
It was caked on the dash,
Caked on the shifter,
Hell, caked on the steering wheel,
If I hadn't turned it in a while,
To the desert,
To "Salvation."

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