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Default Rules & Guidelines

Writer's Beat hosts its very own writing contests. New prompts are posted at the beginning of each month, and judging is done by staff and guest judges (see the section on Guest Judging below for more details). Winning entries are considered for publication in forum zine, subject to the approval of the Editors-in-Chief.

How to Participate

Registered members of the Writer's Beat community can take part in any, or all, of the monthly contests. At the beginning of each month, new contest threads are posted and members are invited to post their entries in the specific threads.

A few rules:
  • Only one entry is allowed per person (unless otherwise stated).
  • Any post that is edited after the deadline will automatically be disqualified.
  • Entries must be posted in the designated threads. We do not accept entries through private messaging or e-mail.
Before submitting an entry, participants are reminded to check their submission follows the parameters set by the prompt. Entries that do not adhere to the theme will not be scored as highly as those that do. Also, a basic spell check should be performed on your entry before you submit it. Finally, the more original your entry is, the more favourably it will be received.

Note: Please keep in mind that a contest will be declared null and void if there are one or zero entries.

Staff Entries

From 1 September 2008, staff will be permitted to enter the monthly contests, but their contributions must contain a disclaimer stating that they are excluded from the judging and scoring process. This means staff entries will not be in consideration when it comes to choosing a winner, nor will they receive a score. Staff are permitted to enter solely for the purpose of joining in the fun.


Each contest entry is awarded a score out of 20 points. There are five points for Mechanics, five for Intangibles, and ten for Overall Impression.

Mechanics refers to the overall spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPAG) of the entry.
Intangibles covers stylistic issues such as characterisation, setting, tone, pacing, dialogue, use of language, originality, and appropriateness to the theme.
Overall Impression is the personal impression of the piece on individual judges; it is highly subjective.

Scores will be posted before the first of the next month, and will be announced in separate threads in the Contest Central forum.

Winners will be invited to join the panel of judges as a guest judge the following month, but will not be allowed to participate in the next month's contest in that category in order to give other participants a fair chance. For example, if XYZ wins the Fiction contest for August 2020, he will not be able to participate in the September 2020 Fiction Contest. XYZ would, however, be eligible to participate in the Poetry Contest in September 2020. Any winner is welcome to volunteer their services for guest judging the next month.


Where a contest has a word limit, penalties will be assigned when that limit is exceeded.

Fiction: 1/2 point will be deducted from the overall score for every 100 words over the limit.
Flash: 1/2 point will be deducted from the overall score for every 25 words over the limit.

Guest Judging

Guest judges are members of the community who judge the contests from time to time according to their willingness and enthusiasm. Guest judges have to be experienced in the field they wish to judge, active in the community, and - most of all - characterized by a lack of partiality. Anyone wishing to be a guest judge should volunteer their services by contacting a member of staff via private message (PM). Your request will be considered and a response informing you whether or not you have been accepted will be sent as soon as possible.

Happy writing!

The WB Staff

"The universe is made of stories, not atoms."
-Muriel Rukeyser

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