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Winter Contest (Poetry) - Starlight

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Old 12-31-2008, 08:08 PM
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Default Winter Contest (Poetry) - Starlight

Our poetry theme for this first contest of the New Year is Starlight. What does the word conjure in your mind? It can be earthly, celestial, spiritual... bounded only by imagination!

* * *
Members are allowed one entry in the poetry contest. (You are welcome to enter our prose contest as well.) Poetry entries should be submitted as posts to this thread. The competition is open to all members of Writer’s Beat, including staff.

Members are requested to refrain from commenting on entries in this posting thread. Please use the Poetry Contest: Starlight – Comments thread instead. That thread will remain open throughout the posting period and afterwards, and members are encouraged to let entrants know what they thought of their entries.

Word Limits:
Poetry: no limit

Once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be altered. Any work that is edited after it has been entered will be disqualified. If you feel you need to make a small alteration (a misplaced comma, a spelling error), contact a member of staff. If we feel your request is reasonable, we will make the correction on your behalf.

Close Date:
15th March 2009, 12 midnight GMT

Winners will be selected by means of a public poll, so you, the members of Writer’s Beat, will choose the winners. After the closing date, a voting thread will be posted. Voting will commence on the 16th of March and close on the 27th of March 2009, 12 midnight GMT.

* * *
The winning entries will be considered for publication in Writers Beat Quarterly, subject to the approval of the editors. To increase your chances of getting published (whether you win or not), make sure your document is as error-free as possible!

Also, the member (or tying members) with the most votes will get to choose the next contest theme.

* * *
If you have any questions about the contest, contact a staff member and we will happily answer them for you. Now sharpen your pencils and your wits and get writing. Good Luck!

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Winter Starlight

I ran to my window one night.
My dad said to me,
“Look! Look at the stars!”

I looked up and gazed.
It was a beautiful, clear,
December night.

I wanted to see more,
So I grabbed my jacket,
And my slick boots,
And I ran out into the snowy yard.

I stared at the sky.
The starlight entranced me.
The moon was low, orange,
And shaped like a crescent.

The stars were twinkling,
In the dark, night air.
One in particular,
Was shining.

I cocked my head to the side,
To look at it better,
Realizing it wasn’t a star,
But a planet, brilliant in the night sky.

I shivered a bit,
Realizing that I had been out
Far longer than expected,
So I decided to do one more thing,
Before I returned into the house.

I breathed in one more breath,
One more deep, cleansing gulp,
Of one of the last beautiful displays,
Of Winter Starlight.
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The ethereal
are watching every

We stand in
silent solitude
and feel the dancing lights
entrance us, their
essence drawing us
in to the celestial,
and embracing us
with daggers
of dust.

They take us to undulating
seas of sand
- the eternity of it
brings tears
to our eyes
as we sit
in the silent
watched by the stars.
Retired in a journey elsewhere.
In a desperate search for integrity, I fall short of morality.

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phantom voices echo
the night
the actual sound is never heard
all that is
is what was

shining solitude
they watch
unanswering as the
question is whispered
to the skies
"Are we alone?"

without warning
a silver sister plummets
through the dark fabric
of time
and disappears
she was
always there

forever isn't long enough

the pale light
spilling over earth
shimmering through the stream in the woods
shining hope on uplifted faces
seems smaller now

and as if waiting for an answer
the words flutter in the air
as silver fades
to grey
and fades

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Default Starlight's Care

I stare tonight
to a wondrous sight
Looking up in the sky
watching with wonder, eyes wide

The wind flew in from whoever knows
flips my hair as i stare, i guess it showed
a owl soars above, its wings taking beat
to a tune , a howl in the wind

Whistling afar it starts anew
a step in tune with mountains lute
the low howls keep to the clash
a voice whispering with the tune

He was there, under that starlit night
playing his violin with vigor and might
while the stars flicker and sway like in candlelight
so i stare this night, listen to the sway

i daydream, amazed by starlight's care

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Default Sleepless Nights

Quiet footsteps on chilled pavement
Warm breath visible in the cold
Constant Barefooted and restless pacing
Skin bathed in starlight

A quiet that moves like whispers
A longing as vast as the black deep
This feeling ever-pressing
Weighing down on dreams

Staring at the endless starscape
Mirroring this need within
I ask the moon,
Will I ever find Him?
...that space meant to be a haven for dreams,
now only a place for haunting dead...
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Let’s talk about life
Crushed dreams and tear streaked faces
Girls with bleeding wrists
Lying in the bases

Tell me honestly
What do we amount to?
We’re nothing but broken
What the hell do we do?

Name the people that really care about you
Count on your fingers
As you lie in the dark
With the memory that lingers

What does the starlight mean,
If you’re never hit by the beam
You’re never going to be hit by the light
When you’re crying in the latest hour of the night

So here we are
Nothing but a lie
Let me find a corner
For me to curl up and die
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I have never been good at writing poems... but here I go. Enjoy

Winter brisk.
Branchy claws
raking windows.
Crunchy grass,
Dry feet,

It will soon be gone:
The good,
The bad.
Once more… I go


I look up… stars.
Little windows of heaven.
Light-years away.


A wind,
with the premonition of...
Stirs the grass
Feet tingle.
Goosebumps all
Of relief.

A blanket
Of stars.

I feel…
At peace.
With myself.
With the world. At least….
For now.
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence..."
-Leopold Slokowski
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A zephyr commences
On the peaceable night,
Thereby I repose
On the chair
And relishing
The unwonted emancipation.

Thereafter I hear the zephyr
Turning voracious,
So out of the abode,
I audaciously behold,
Notwithstanding of the blustery,
The vigor of the wind.

Then I fathom out the rationale,
When I view the skies,
Of ebony hues,
Being shone
By a tinge of brightness
Rendered by the starlight.

The stars are ravishing
When in view
Of the countryside.
It is bereft of the luminous lamps
Located in the metropolis,
It is a dearth of deplorable clatter,
It is a dearth of hectic legislation.

The starlight intoxicates
My mind,
I exults suddenly,
For the starlight,
Is being my acquaintance
The stupendous Mother Nature.
Forget your sorrow; let happiness flow.
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White Star

from the sky
a star so bright,
of jewelled ice.

Falling, from the sky
a star of wondrous light.

Falling no more,
the crystal thawed,
the light extinguished.
This star of snow,
a star no more.
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Shapes in the Dark

My father, the wizard, with his
pointer finger tracing shapes
against the midnight sky whispering
foreign spells: Orion, Pavo, Pegasus
towards the mass of stars —like
all the people of this earth, their
souls a piercing light coming to life
in an infinity of shapes against
the black canvas.

He raises me on his shoulders
and I am so much closer to
not reaching the orbs of bright
white. But I mimic his spells,
trace my own shapes against
the sky as he proclaims “All of God’s
work.” and I want to ask What?
but how neatly I fit in the grooves
of his neck and shoulders like the
smell of apples and cinnamon
when my mother makes delicious
apple pie and how we glow too
against the darkened ground! I wonder,
instead, what shapes we all make
looking down from the heavens.
"The basis of shame is not some personal mistake of ours, but the ignominy, the humiliation we feel that we must be what we are without any choice in the matter, and that this humiliation is seen by everyone."
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The Archer

An archer of the starlight,
Readies his hawthorn bow.
He shoots it into midnight,
A destiny is sowed.

The stars that shine so cruelly,
Reflect a destiny,
As wretched as the headless moons
of Jupiter's treachery.

The arrows pave the way,
There is no holy say.
No deed will be punished,
No life will be replenished.

A hoard of deathly arrows,
Put man and beast aside,
For the sake of common welfare,
war on both sides.

No deed will be punished.
No life will be replenished.

The stars carve the face,
As a clock strikes midnight.
It's hands, outsrteched and wincing,
Accepts the piercing arrow.

When the chimes have had their say,
The dead walk to their graves.
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Default Celestial

From the ancients who named them,
the astral names of mythology
evoke a sense of mysticism and magic
that makes pure science palatable.

Scorpio threatens the southern horizon
with the red Antares on its tail.
Higher, the warrior’s favorite, Orion,
sports a diamond belt, bisecting
its hunter’s body and spear
of Rigel and Betelgeuse.

The angled connections in Cassiopeia
help form a huge rocking chair
opposite the wide spread of Virgo
with her frigid-blue Spica.

Regulus and Denebola create the regal Leo,
the lion in his den. There’s Taurus the Bull,
with bright Aldebaran, and close-by Pleiades,
a glowing cluster of seven daughters,
precious stones in a tiara by Zeus,
ultimate ruler of the heavens.

Around Polaris, the unmoving celestial center,

spin Ursa Major and Minor, the big and little bears,
or dippers, one’s lip pointing to the North Star,
the other using it as a nail on which to hang its handle.

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