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Four Monsters

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Old 11-22-2017, 10:37 AM
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Default Four Monsters

In my life I have seen four different monsters.

The first was a giant demonic rabbit that lived under my bed when I was a child. It went away eventually.

The second monster was a master of cruelty; it feasted on dignity, on hope, on life itself. It ate my father, one vital function at a time, starting with his ability to walk, then to hear, to see, to talk, to use the toilet, to feed himself, to think.

The third monster is a trickster, a jester, a puzzler that eats normality and steals the things that parents take for granted in their children. It has latched on to my son, but it wonít eat him, not on my watch. It confuses people, portrays itself as a disability, when in fact it is a super power.

The fourth monster I have only seen on television, on the news, or in newspapers. It is a totally pointless monster. It kills because it can, because it wants to, because it is pure hatred. This monster is the most disgusting of all, because we all created it. And we cannot stop it.

So thatís four monsters. But donít worry: there are lots and lots of angels, too.

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Donít know where to file this bit of writing. Not a story really, maybe flash, or just some thinking out loud.

My son also has a superpower disguised as a disability. That part was touching.

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Owen (11-30-2017)
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(the goblin liked what he had now read, but felt that there more monsters than that though, asking "...and monster would death be, and would he even be a monster in his unexpected pranks now...")
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Default Bravo

I think this parable of sorts succinctly sums-up life.

But I am grimmer than the author. I don't think there are too many angels out there.
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Owen (11-30-2017)

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