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how about one of those pamphlets, blogs are not real writing

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Default how about one of those pamphlets, blogs are not real writing

I have determined several things from these posts on “Only ten today, how sad”. The discussion quickly went off subject of what people were not posting and critiquing to what is and what is not writing. Blogs verses Books.

This is my take on the subject.
The way we post here is like a blog and we each have our say. The end result is hopefully some insight into what is right or wrong or odd about a story we have submitted for critique.

In some cases, we go off subject and in this one we really went off subject.

After being confronted with – if you want to get viewers then you should write blogs, and being told how good the blogs were to – Mr. X. I made the statement that ‘writers write books and not blogs.’ For the exact text of this please see thread under writers café – ‘only ten posts today, how sad, by yours truly Max Crash’. You can take away from it what you will.

This is my take on what happened.

Our giant egos run wild, and we pronounce our way of ?writing? to be the very best and only way to do something.

I think or hope we all know that just isn't true. There is no very best and there is no very worst -- there is only the eye of the beholder and their opinion.

The next thing that raises its ugly head is anger that the others in the discussion don't have the same opinion that you do. Tough shit; isn't that the way of life.

As suggested in a post that triggered this pamphlet; I have not read Hunter Thompson or Jack Kerouac but the synopsis of their work does make stream of writing sound a lot like blogging. One of the reviewers said they couldn't find a story in the writing. I can't go that far because I just don't know but it brought to mind the blogs. And as I tried to understand the ego problems I came to this conclusion.

If you are "writing" to entertain yourself and/or others by assuming a character and projecting that character in a conversation with others who are doing the same thing - then that is your thing and more power to ya'.

But that is not the only way.

While you may be considered categorically right by your peers in that group, that group doesn't span the entire world.

In my world and according to my Ego, I don't think a blog is writing as defined as telling a story. I am putting some thought into this and hope to get the point across that everyone knows or should know. I can't tell you what to think and you need to realize you can't tell me, or anyone else what to think either.

Here are my questions and my answers that I use to determine the writing value of any given printed word. They are directed toward blogs and books.

Does a blog, in general, tell a story - I don't believe so. It is the random ?writing? of the users that interact with each other in a social and superficial way. There is no story, except maybe the one where they tell you about the ass that was in front of them using coupons and price matching at the grocery story this morning.

Is it a story, yes, but it’s more of a text conversation than a story. There has been no thought put into the post - it was more of a rave than a story. If you think about it; it’s non-fiction. Now I’m not trashing non-fiction, it has its place. But this is more than non-fiction, this is reality.

It’s like reality T V, a semi-scripted, slice of the life of others that is meant to draw the watchers in and let them live vicariously through one of the actors for a while. That being said, semi-scripted is a step closer to writing than a blog entry.

Does a book tell a story; - yes, it has characters other than the writer and it tells of one of their adventures into the world of the imagination. It is fiction; it takes, in some cases, the reader to a place that they could never be, in space, on a planet other than earth, and/or under the earth. It lets them be spies and villains; it lets them be president during an atomic disaster or a bum on the street of a large city in the harsh cold of winter.

Fiction books are just better than blogs; they take you away from life and into what could be. They can be put on a shelf. They don’t disappear when the site is deactivated.

I like books, blogs not so much.

I am going to address the posts on this site now, which are for the most part what I consider blogs. So blogs do have a place – to convey information, the events of your day with your on line friends.

They are not really writing, except in the fact that they are the printed word.

No imagination is required to write a blog, it’s something that happened.

I have seen sites where there is a story told and then blogged about. This is a modified book club, there had to be a story or there wouldn’t have been a blog. And very often those blogs go off into left field just like the ones here that start out about one thing and quickly get off subject.

I’ve run out of things to say, to rave about.

If you blog please don’t take this as an affront. It’s my opinion and if you want to call it writing then you should watch your grammar and spelling, otherwise it’s just social entertainment.

There were a lot of entries; short blog type entries on this subject in the thread. I wonder if there will be a counter-pamphlet to mine.

Remember it has to be at least 500 words. *Max snickered joyously*


if you're writing over your readers head - tum etiam, ut graece scribens --- the secret of success changes;the truth of failure remains constant; if you try to please everyone you will fail.
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