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Question about (possibly?) cliche story idea? involving jesus christ

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Old 01-30-2017, 05:28 AM
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Default Question about (possibly?) cliche story idea? involving jesus christ

Ok so I don't actually know how much this has been done, but I feel confident that it's probably been done quite a bit - just has to have been. No idea if I'll actually write it, but I've had an idea for awhile of a story about Jesus (of Christ fame) returning to Earth. Yup. Although I've found myself with some hesitations, the first, as mentioned, is that I feel like that's probably been done before. Has it? (If so, what books have done it?) And would it could it still be worth it to add to whatever's there for such a specific premise?

My other worry is that I feel like such a story inherently lends itself to falling into one of two categories - either it ends up being a sappy faith-affirming story about the glory of God (hallelujah! can I get an amen!) the likes of which you'd find next to books about kids who died, saw Heaven, and came back, and copies of The Shack; or, a cynical story for atheists about religious hypocrisy about how those darn Christians aren't very Christ-like. I feel like it would probably have bits of both, but like... I don't really want it to fall into either category, like I'd want it to be seen more as a character drama than a religious satire or a Christian bookclub novel. Like I'm genuinely interested in exploring God/Jesus as just a three-dimensional character and looking at how he might respond to things and how he'd feel, good and bad and all that, but... Big Fella's got a lotta baggage, ya know? Plus inevitably I think it'd probably get at least quasi-political, Jesus reacting to the world and all (and no doubt he'll be disappointed with many people, and quite saddened), but I'm unsure how to convey that my intent is less about message, and more about examining Jesus Christ as a person, and show the struggles, both external and internal, that he would go through today.

Any answers to my problems? Is this novel worth pursuing?

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Old 01-30-2017, 07:43 AM
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If you mean your MC will be named Jesus and he'll come back and do whatever prophecy says he'll do in the Second coming—that ones been done. New Testament😀

Naw, kidding. If you google it there are a few second coming stories. Some Christian ones, some comedy, and some like apocalyptic action movies. My favorite is Black Jesus. It's a funny TV show about Jesus living in Compton. You can watch episodes on the internet.

The Christ story, including the second coming (or only the second coming) as a framework for a modern story is also done a lot, but I think we still like it. According to Joseph Campbell it's a Monomyth or hero's journey, and the archetypes are present in all good hero and redemption stories. Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Matrix, etc.

I'm writing a novel right now that started as a prompt to write a Christ story. A few chapters are in the members only section here.
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