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I Had Enough.

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Old 06-08-2016, 07:31 PM
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Default I Had Enough.

He who claimed I was his lover,
Loved me rather violently.
He who claimed I was his one and only,
Would verbally stone me.
My mind bled suicide,
I wanted to escape.
I didn't give him my love,
Instead, he'd take.

A thousand scars per annum for eight,
Death longed to meet me.
But I didn't long to see him,
He became my worst enemy.
He who claimed I was his lover,
Came stumbling in once more.
Distributing ignorance,
My old clothes he tore.

The norm was to bawl,
To let go of my strength and fall.
It was then I broke tradition,
I teleported to my room and back again.
My instincts knew this was to be my day,
For he possessed a sharp dagger,
Which he hoped to season into my veins.
My hand emerged from behind my back,
My wounds still oozing.

I placed the magnum to his chest,
Directly before his heart.
I closed my eyes, and as soon as I felt his drunk body move;
in a new attempt to hurt me,
I sent the copper through him, forgive my infidelity.
In no way guilty,
I dropped my weapon and fell behind it.

Relieved and free from my years of torture,
I sat and began my mentality shift.
What I did was in no way rough,
I made him legit heartless.
I finally had enough,
Of my husband pest.

-Shaunette Alleyne

Tell me what you guys think.

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It strikes me as dispassionate and lacking in tension. If that's the effect you were going for you have succeeded. Personally I despise pseudo drama, but if you were to pour a shot of belly fire down the throat of this thing it might be interesting to see what happens.
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