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Default Jake

I am identified by Jake. Jake Stellus, to be exact, though I don't care for it too much. Just call me by my first name, and we can make everything easier.
Starting a few months ago, weird stuff started happening. I was on a skiing trip with my friend, Mark. I have other friends, but we have that long-lasting friendship that I think will go on into our adult lives.
Anyway, I was skiing with him, and I came across this odd, rock, I guess you could call it. Mark later looked it up online, it was called a Runestone, apparently. It had some carvings on it, one of this muscular bear-man. Mark looked that up as well, and it was based off of a berserker from Norse mythology.
Another carving depicted this hunched over, knife-wielding goblin. Or gremlin, as Mark just corrected me. Again. Now, the runestone, it drew me to it. I don't know why, but Mark and I had this odd fixation to it, almost haunting. Another thing was, it was glowing with power, faintly, but you could tell something was going on. When I finally gave up and did touch it, the glow brightened, blinding us, before disintegrating partially, and then exploding, knocking us out. We went back to the resort where we were staying, and we were scolded by our parents, though my mother noted I had green eyes. Strange. They've always been blue, and my mother of all people should know that.
The next morning, I woke up, and I looked exactly like the thing on the runestone. I freaked out, smashed some things, I always was called strong, but I ripped a metal towel rack from its hinges. Mark, looking now like the gremlin thing in the runestone, calmed me, and we came to the conclusion that the runestone had some kind of magical energy which affected us. Thankfully, it wasn't permanent, and we were able to turn back and forth between these forms. We didn't tell our parents. They don't need to be worried by this.
Strangely, this isn't the weirdest thing that has happened. People have shown up. People with powers as fantastical as ours, and they don't all have theirs from runestones. It's starting to be like a thing out of a comic book. We've met other... 'superheroes,' I guess you could call them. They don't want to use theirs to pay banks and get petty revenge. I don't know what else is in the future, but barely anything surprises me anymore.
On Mark's insistence, I made a codename. 'Berserker,' after the thing from the runestone. I really have more important things to worry about.

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Me, too. You guys are all newbies.

Wait 'til the real shit starts happening.

That said, it sounds all fantastical and all that but you kept me reading to the end and responding as if it were real.

Good job.
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