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Staying free in the land of the free

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Default Staying free in the land of the free

I don't want no blue collar
workin for a cent
I don't want no white collar
those heartless men
who live a life of luxury
with greed and lies and sin
How do they live with themselves
inside that dirty pen

No I want a red collar
livin like the free
those things you prize so highly
Realize you don't need
you don't need those insecurities
and bags filled with stuff
I'm not saying it's easy
in fact it's very tough
forget about our old ways
of shallow need and greed
march behind me singing
I am so-so free


In the land of the free
land of the free
wheres liberty?
in the land of the free
man, can't you see
there's few free, just the trees
we could live so simply
if you'd just, just believe

And when the man comes to you
words promising tax cuts
throw it back in his face, always say
"Man, shut the fuck up!"
raise you fists in the air
chanting after me
"I'm only living free
in the land of the free

You won't tempt me
I won't receive
your shallow ways
while you sit home watchin TV
I'll be out bailin hay"


When you hear my footsteps comin
on down the long long road
march behind, get in line
and futures we shall sow

Along the road we march
past the companies
screamin out
"We're only stayin free
In the land of the free."
How can this land claim to be
the land of liberty
when you can't do anything
without a degree

goddamn we're only stayin free
in the land of the free
liberating liberty
in the land of the free.

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Old 04-20-2006, 03:19 PM
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I can hear this song, very good work. I hope to see more.

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