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Change Of Command (scifi) Part 1

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Default Change Of Command (scifi) Part 1

Hiya this is my first post!! was gonna post the whole thing but the forum recommended i break it up!! lemme know what you think!!!

Change of Command
The cold depths of space filled the view port with uniform black. Vivid darkness pushed against the alien glass, struggling to breach the fragile bubble and reclaim lost territory. Only the distant stars broke the plain of nothing, shining valiantly against against their light absorbing backdrop. Thousands and thousands of shining bulbs suspended in chaotic disarray, their massive sizes betrayed by even more massive distances. A truly amazing sight for any sentient being to behold.
To Supreme Chancellor Har-la-Morg eyes,the image in his view port represented success. The four optical lenses wedged in to his bulbous green head saw past the many distant starts to the millions of planets encircling them. Past the planets to the billions of beings residing on them, beings sworn to obey him and his masters.
Pride welled up deep inside of Har-la-Morg’s gullet threatening to burst out of the many crevasses on his fleshy body. These stars represented the Shar-la-Morg empire, an empire he had single handedly created in less than twenty galactic years. A feat that had seen him raised from a lowly research scientist to Supreme Chancellor, adopted in to the royal family, second only to the crowned prince himself.
Or so the royal family thought.
Har-la-Morg’s mandibles twitched ,in what counted as a smile among his people, at that thought. Turning from the view port, he looked down at the bustling bridge of his flagship Har-la-Morgs Fury. At nearly a thousand square miles and with enough fire power to wipe out a planet in seconds, it was the pride of the fleet. Custom built to his specifications and manned with his most elite troops,the Fury was his epicenter of power. From this bridge he commanded the massive fleets spread through out the galaxy, and through those fleets he controlled the galaxy. His throne was secure and his “superiors” mere figureheads destine to become obsolete.
“Sir, Kon Mag is requesting access to the bridge.” Carl Sheen’s voice was as hard as his appearance. Slightly taller than Har-la-Morg, he was easily twice as wide at the shoulders. He stood on two thick legs that made up half his height, followed by a massive torso that sprouted two muscle bound arms who's thickness rivaled that of his legs. topping off this pile of muscles was an ugly head that seemed disproportionally small when compared to the rest of him. Two beady eyes, two ears a mouth and a bush of hair adorned his head in symmetrical fashion. A repulsive being to behold, but a being who's very presence radiated danger and death. A warrior slave, from a dingy little planet in the back waters of the universe designated XJ-2469. He and his species were the true source of Har-la-Morgs power.

“See him in.”

A slight twitch of Carl’s finger transformed order in to action.Har-La-Morg suppressed another twitch of his mandibles, hiding his pleasure. His storm troopers were a fine tuned war machine
Using all twelve legs to haul his body, the Supreme Chancellor moved across the bridge to his command Ziah. As he approached the sickly yellow petals surrounding the huge disk opened, revealing a cushioned interior designed for lounging. Once he settled himself the command Ziah rose four feet in the air, allowing him to stay on eye level with his subordinates as he lounged.
Across the bridge the main blast door slid open emitting three being. Two of the beings where storm troopers,big hulking speciments covered in as many battle scars as muscles. The third was a tall wispy fellow who's body seemed to move and sway as if he would topple over at any second. His features where what Carl called feline, fuzzy and soft almost cuddly.Har-la-Morg mandibles twitched in a smile at the sight of him, this was KonMag Har-La-Morgs one true friend.

“Hail Supreme Chancellor.” KonMag stepped before the Ziah and dropped to to his knee submissively.

“Rise Supreme Science Chief rise.” Har-La-Morg smiled to his friend.”there’s no need for such formalities here. Your honor and prestige are as great as mine.”

KonMag rose gracefully to his feet ,offering his friend a warm smile.

“No friend, today all honor is yours.” He mewed. “Today you have the glory of handing the universe over to the Crowned Prince. I ask only to be able to stand at your side in your moment of glory.”

“Of course, Du’Kal I’d have it no other way.” Har-La-Morgs voice dripped with sincerity” You deserve this honor as much as me.”

“Thank you truly Chancellor.” KonMag offered another bow.” This is the first chance Ive had to be aboard your flagship,my friend, and I must say the stories of its magnificence are more than justified.”

Har-la-Morg grinned wide at the praise “Yes, I have not completely forgotten how to be an engineer since jumping into politics!”

“I should expect you wouldn't have Chancellor, you were the best! Compared to you even the brightest of my students are mere child's play.”

“HaHa KonMag you honor me, but your work in physics and biology made all my work seem a flashlight next to the sun!”

“Yes we always made the best team! roaring through the Galaxy chasing down one mystery after another, we were unstoppable!”

Nostalgia set in as Har-la-Morg stared out over the bridge.

“Do you ever miss it?” he mused

KonMag purred a soft chuckle “Who needs adventure when you rule the universe,Chancellor?”

“Id still share it with you friend.” Har-la Morg. said as he stared at his friend” We can split the heavens down the middle and rule as equals!”

KonMag offered a small bow of his head. “No, friend I thank you for your offer, but science and discovery are my fields not politics and power.I have the only position I care to hold.”

Har-La -Morg expected nothing less from KonMag. The cat wasn't interested in power in the least only knowledge. As Du’Kal he was the leading scientist in the Empire, his funding was unlimited, his labs monolithic. Science was his world and within the Empire his word was science law. This lack of lust for power was probably the only reason Har-la Morg was able to maintain him as a friend instead of viewing him as a potential enemy.

“Sir,” Carl’s voice broke through Ha-la-Morgs nostalgia. “ A ship just arrived in system, initial readings have it as a Jun Koor battle cruiser.”

Har-la-Morg and Kon Mag returned their gazes to the view port eyes uselessly scanning the vast expanses for the speck of life.

“Confirmed.” Carl's voice was crisp and precise. “The incoming vessel is The Prince Tu Kon Mor. Their hailing us now.”

“Put it on screen.”

The view port went static then sprang in to a vivid image of a storm trooper officer, this one slimmer and more delicate than Carl, a female Har-la-Morg believed.

“Supreme Chancellor this is The Prince Tu Kon Mor, flagship of the Crowned Prince of the universe, requesting a break in your defensive perimeter to allow us to pass.”

“Of course Captain, an approach vector is being generated, we eagerly await your arrival.”

“Captain Zoe Conner” Kon Mag mewed “ How are you my dear I have missed you.”

On screen Captain Conner offered a cross chested salute to Kon Mag. “ Hail Du’Kal I have been well. I have missed being in your presence as well.”

“ We must catch up Captain come see me when you get aboard.” Kon Mag said as he motioned her off with a wave.

“As you wish Du’Kal.”

“One of your test subjects Du’Kal?” Har-La-Morg asked as the captains image winked out.

“Yes I worked with her quite extensively when we where testing this species amazing abilities. She was a feisty beast at first had to be disciplined quite a bit before she broke....Quite docile now though.”

Kon Mag turned to Carl “ Don't you know her General?”

The General seemed to stiffen even more “Yes Du’Kal, we are acquainted.”

“Yes.” KonMag mused. “ She is your Weeve, is she not?”

“Whats a weeve?” Har-la-Morg asked.

“Its a metamorphosis females of their species undergo when they experience something called loova. Which is either a physical or chemical reaction they go through as part of their mating process.”

“A metamorphosis you say?” Har-la-Morg asked.

“ Well sort of.” Kon mag replied. “ there is no physical change or any change at all as far as i can tell. Its hard to tell really. Its rare you find a pair together to study.”

“Well Du’Kal perhaps we should allow Captain Conners and Carl some time together after the ceremony.”

“Ah, yes.” Kon’ Mag’s eyes lit up.” That would be an excellent study.”

“Its done then. Carl after the ceremony you may spend time with your Weeve.”

“Thank you sir.” Carl’s voice held an unfamiliar tone.” The Crowned Prince’s ship is with in viewing range they will be across our bow shortly.”

“Excellent General,” Har-la-Morg said.” Alert the landing bay, The Crowned Prince will shuttle over as soon as they are in range.”

A tiny speck appeared through the view port, slowly expanding itself into a breath taking sight.
The Jun tung warship was a mixture of luxury and death, created to transport the universes most powerful figures. half the size of the Fury its hull showed no blisters or plates just deceptively smooth skin hiding the fangs beneath.

“Marvelous” Kon-Mags voice was a whisper.” A work of art.”

“SShhhh” Har-La-Morg hissed. “ Your standing on the control deck of the most advanced war machine in universal history, and your admiring that tannabian junker?”

“I live in a bubble Chancellor, rarely leaving my compound I am easily impressed.”


The prince’s cruiser locked step with the Fury. Through the view port the command deck watched as a pale white blister began to form on the under belly of the royal ship. Like an egg from a mother bird the shuttle dropped from the cruiser and settled in a free fall. with a flicker of light the shuttles engines kicked in propelling it towards the Fury.

“Shuttle inbound ETA five minutes.” the comm officer announced.

“Will we make it to the bay before our guests arrive.” Kon-Mag asked.

“It'll take them at least 30 minutes to depressurise the landing bay, so we have plenty of time to get down there.” Har-la=Morg said. “ Besides with all Ive done that stupid pig can …..”

Har-La-Morg’s voice cut off as two brilliant green flashes blew past the view port. The first flash slammed into the shuttle sending it into a spin venting atmosphere into space. The second flash hit the engine block turning the shuttle into a shower of sparks and gasses.

A High pitched wail spit the deafening silence that had enshrouded the bridge.

“Noooooooo, what have you done?” Kon Mag’s eyes where wide saucers “ you just killed the Prince of the universe....this...this can not be...the council will fry us....all is lost......We have to....we..”

Kon Mag’s blubbering faded into the background as Har-la-Morg’s brain tried to wrap itself around what it had seen. An icy thorn had thrust itself into his stomach and was attempting to spread its frozen grip through out his body. His through had become dry as the hottest desert on Cor lag 90.

A loud thump from behind brought an end to Kon Mag’s whailing, snapping Har-la-Morg back to reality. Har-La-Morg spun around to see Kon Mag’s unconscious body crumpled on the floor. Four stormtroopers stood over him checking his vital signs.

“ What ….What happened?” Har-la-Morg stuttered.

The bridge had exploded in to a frenzy of activity. All around commands were being issued in a rapid fire manor. They came out a jumbled mess to Har-la-Morgs ears rendering him clueless to what was being ordered. As NCO’s rushed from pits to fulfill the orders, a squad of Storm Troopers rushed in the blast doors bee lining towards him. Har-la-Morg struggled through his daze trying to force his mandibles to demand answers. His efforts ended abruptly as something heavy slammed into his face bringing flashing stars then darkness.

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Maybe it was the mention of storm troopers, or a few other things, but I kind of pictured this taking place somewhere in the Star Wars universe. That being said, I enjoyed reading it. This is good sci-fi and your characters are well developed and interesting. I'll keep an eye out for the next part. Enjoyed.
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Yea Lucas kinda monopolized the Storm Trooper term. I was hoping to use it as a generic term description for an elite fighting force, but its kinda hard to trancend the Star Wars tag huh? I can change it up though. Thanks for the input, I apreciate it!
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