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Operation Triplespear (Chapter 4 part 1)

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Default Operation Triplespear (Chapter 4 part 1)

Berlin, Germany
Chancellor’s office

The head of the German government, Chancellor Dietrich Franz was holding a meeting with his Defense Minister Arnold Hans and high ranking military officers.

“As you know Herr. Chancellor, for the past seven years we’ve been working on Project Iron-star which has been kept secret from the public and the rest of the world. I am happy to report that after years of steady progress, our ships and space base are nearing completion and will be ready to launch in a few more days,” Defense Minister Hans explained.

“Excellent, tell me more about these ships,” Chancellor Franz requested.

Minister Hans gave a nod to the Chief of the German Navy, Vice Admiral Carl Fleischer who went to the front of the room after taking a folder from one of his aides and activated the large wall mounted flat screen then took a disk from the folder and placed it in the disc slot below the screen and began his presentation as an image of a ship came up.

“This is the FGS Bavaria, the lead battlecruiser of her class. Like the fifteen other ships that follow her, she is named after our states and measures 515 meters long from stem to stern and 110 meters wide. Using some of our technology and the stuff we managed to reverse engineer from the Borgan ships we shot down during their invasion in 2095, the ships are capable of intergalactic travel as well as normal flight through space and are equipped with advanced shielding.”

“Very impressive Admiral, but it’s slightly shorter than the intergalactic battlecruisers of the other nations especially the American Beowulf class ships which if I remember correctly are 520 meters long from stem to stern and 114 meters wide,” Chancellor Franz commented.

“Correct sir, our ships maybe short on size but that does nothing to diminish the punch of their firepower,” Fleischer replied then continued.

“For starters, the armaments of a Bavaria class ship consist of six hundred vertical launch cells with three hundred in the forward section and three hundred more aft and are capable of launching our Metalclaw anti-ship missiles and Serpent surface to air or in this case ship to space missiles.

In addition to the missiles, the Bavaria class ships are also armed with forty particle beam cannons and for close in defense against small to medium sized targets, the Bavaria has an array of sixty-two railgun batteries. For orbital strikes, they are equipped with weapon bays that house additional beam weapons and MB-200 cruise missiles.

“How many crewmembers do they have?” Chancellor Franz asked.

“415 sir. Now before I discuss the space craft they carry, I will first show you the ships of the line.”

With the push of a button, the list of Bavaria class ships appeared on the screen. The ships following the Bavaria were the FGS Berlin, FGS Baden Wurttemberg, FGS Brandenburg, FGS, Bremen, FGS Hamburg, FGS Hessen, FGS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, FGS Lower Saxony, FGS North Rhine-Westphalia, FGS Rhineland-Palatinate, FGS Saarland, FGS Saxony, FGS Saxony-Anhalt, FGS Schleswig-Holstein, and FGS Thuringia.

After giving everyone in the room a few seconds to read the names, Admiral Fleischer pressed the remote button and brought up the images of two smaller craft, one of them was obviously a fighter while the second looked like a shuttle of some sort.

“A Bavaria ships airwing consist of two types of craft, fighters and transport shuttles. The first craft is known as the S-320 Mongoose, our nations first space fighter and the first shipboard fighter in the history of the German Navy. It is a two-seat three engine craft capable of interstellar and atmospheric flight, its propulsion systems consist of two afterburners and a rocket booster. The afterburners have three dimensional thrust vectoring capability meaning the S-320 can tilt its nozzles up, down, or sideways which greatly enhance its already extraordinary maneuverability.”

“Just how good is its maneuverability?” Chancellor Franz asked.

“During test flights, the Mongoose was able to outmaneuver twelve Eurofighters every time we pit it against them so we gave its maneuverability a grade of 10.8,” Fleischer explained.

“Hopefully that means something when it comes to rumbling with alien fighters,” Franz commented then Fleischer went on to explain the Mongoose’s armaments.

“In terms of payload, the S-320 is armed with a solar beam cannon mounted under the nose along with twelve radar guided Meteor missiles and four IRIST heat seeking missiles which are carried in pairs of two on six wing mounted pylons. The S-320 also has an internal weapons bay where it stores our newest anti-ship weapon developed by our best scientist, we call it the Wolfpack anti-ship cluster missile.”

Fleischer pressed the remote button once again to bring up the missile’s image for all to see. “What sets the Wolfpack apart from all other anti-ship missiles is the way it attacks targets. Upon release, the missile will fly towards an enemy ship then its nose will break away to dispense ten medium sized warheads that spread out towards multiple parts of the target and go holographic to bypass its shields. Once the warheads are through, they will return to solid form and bore deep into the enemy vessel and detonate with 666 pounds of explosives apiece. The S-320 carries nineteen Wolfpacks and each Bavaria ship has a squadron of forty-eight S-320s.

For the final part of the presentation, Fleischer switched over to the image of the shuttle.

“Now this is the TR-82, smaller and less agile than the S-320 it has a two man crew and can carry up to eight people be it personnel or KSK commandos assigned to the ships. This shuttle has three primary functions, transport, reconnaissance, and boarding. For boarding, the TR-82 will plant itself onto a ships hull in the event it can’t find an airlock and use an antimatter breach charge to create an entrance for the commandos to enter through. The shuttle does possess optical stealth which helps to compensate for its lack of agility, but just because it’s a shuttle does not mean it is completely defenseless. It is armed with a beam cannon under its nose like the S-320 and twelve Brimstone missiles carried in two packs of six under the wings.”

With the summarizing of the transports capabilities completed, Fleischer switched off the screen and returned to his chair.

“Thank you for your presentation Admiral but I have one question regarding the S-320. What weapons can it carry if it has to conduct strike missions against targets on the surface of a planet?” Chancellor Franz inquired.

“It can carry any air to ground weapon in our inventory like the Brimstone missile, JDAM bombs or HARDBUT pentetrator missiles.”

“Herr Chancellor, now that we have the tactical aspects covered we need to address the political ones of us becoming a military space power. Once we put our base and ships in orbit everyone will take notice especially the United States and the other members of its Earth Defense Alliance,” Minister Hans stated.

“I expect no negative reactions from America or the other EDA member nations for we are not at odds with any of them, but more than likely they will try to invite us to join their alliance. For the moment I’m not sure whether or not we should join but I will inform the American president Ronald Hayes about our plans to deploy space forces for the defense of our country and the Earth, but we’re not sure about committing to the EDA at this time.”

The White House
Washington DC.

President Hayes was sitting at his desk in the oval office reading the latest economic report given to him by his senior economic advisor and was pleased with what he was seeing.

The data showed that the U.S. economy was in excellent shape all across the board, the housing market was stable, unemployment was at two percent and gas prices were still at 2.50 a gallon as they have been for many, many years.

All of this good news brought a smile to President Hayes’ face for he prided himself on not only ensuring the America had the strongest military capable of facing any threat be it on Earth or from space, but making sure the nation continued to enjoy the economic prosperity that began with the many presidents that came before him starting back in 2022.

A minute later, President Hayes finished reading the paper then set it aside and turned towards the window to observe the weather outside with sun shining in all its glory and not a single cloud in sight.

“The weather outside is like a fine reflection of our economic state,” President Hayes thought to himself.

“Mr. President, you have a call from the German Chancellor on line one,” a secretary reported over the phone speaker.

“Put him through,” President Hayes ordered as he spun around to pick up the phone.

“You have him now sir,” the secretary replied.

“Good afternoon Chancellor Franz.”

“Good afternoon President Hayes, I am calling because I have an important development to inform you about and I hope you pass it on to the other members of your Earth Defense Alliance.”

“And what is this urgent development about?” President Hayes asked.

“Within a few days, the Federal Republic of Germany will achieve the milestone of becoming a military space power. I can’t you give a specific date for our ships and space base will launch because they are still in the process of being constructed but our space forces will be ready to deploy before the week is done.”

“Sounds impressive but I’m going to need some info about your forces before I share this with the other EDA members.”

“Our space forces consist of a network of deep space early warning satellites, and an orbital station similar to your ISB which will serve as a base for our fleet of Bavaria class batllecruisers and for the men and women who crew them in addition to the fighters and shuttles our ships will carry. I assure you and the EDA that we only intend to use our newly acquired power for the protection of Earth but we’re not sure about joining the alliance at this time.”

“Thank you for informing me about your upcoming space deployment, I will share this with the heads of state that are part of the Earth Defense Council and there will be no attempts to pressure you into joining the alliance.

“Your consideration is greatly appreciated President Hayes, but for now I must go because I have some more meetings to attend. Good day to you.”

“Farewell Chancellor,” President Hayes replied before hanging up.

Shortly after finishing his conservation with Chancellor Franz, President Hayes was once again contacted by his secretary who told him he had an urgent call coming in from Space Command headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base.

This time, there was no need for a link to be established because any calls from military bases were instantly patched through and the only thing needed was for President Hayes to pick up the phone which he instantly did.

“President Hayes speaking.”

“Mr. President, this is Lieutenant General Heinz. About a minute ago, our Space-eye early warning satellite network detected a ship at eighty thousand lightyears out but there is no need for concern because our IFF system has confirmed its Tulanian.”

“Do you know where it’s going?”

“Yes sir, its current flight path puts it on a direct course for Earth and at current speed it will be here in two days.”

“Wait a minute, when we went to their world for that diplomatic meeting it took us four days to get there. How is it that their ship is going to reach us in two?”

“The only explanation I can think of is that it is equipped with an advanced hyperdrive system, I’m just glad this is a friendly ship we’re dealing with this time.”

“No argument there General. When it emerges from hyperspace, you are to establish contact with its crew and see what they want.”

“Understood Mr. President.”

“And one more thing, I just received a call from Chancellor Franz of Germany saying his country will be become a military space power within a few days so I need you to focus some of our satellites or space based radars on Germany to observe the launch of their space forces when it happens.”

“No problem sir, as you know our network of satellites and SBRs is big enough to survey the entire planet at once so focusing one or a few on a specific area will be a piece of cake.”

Once President Hayes thanked him and hung up, Heinz gave the order to put a space based radar in orbit over Germany as he made a call to NORAD.

Cheyenne Mountain
Colorado Springs, Colorado
5:08 PM

As General George Hills was supervising the day to day activities, in the operations center, the phone on the desk in front of him rings and he quickly answered it.

“General Hills speaking.”

“George, this is Heinz. I just got done informing President Hayes about the Tulanian ship heading towards us and he told me that the German Chancellor told him that his country will be deploying space forces of their own in a few days.”

“Germany becoming a space power, sounds very interesting.”

“Sure does and by the presidents orders I’ve positioned one of our SBRs in a geosynchronous orbit above Germany to observe their launch whenever it takes place so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the behalf of our boss.”

“Got it, I’ll get a team together to monitor the SBRs surveillance,” Hills replied then hung up.

Hills and Heinz shared a professional relationship that started back in their fighter pilot days.

They served together at Edwards Air Force albeit in command of different fighter squadrons. Heinz was in charge of an F-22 squadron known as the Blackwing daggers while Hills on the other hand commanded a squadron of F-24s known as the Ravens and they both saw their fair share of action during the Earth Scorpion War in 2085 and other conflicts with monsters and aliens before that.

Deep space
40,000 lightyears from Tulania

Three hyperspace windows appeared and out came multiple fleets of Tulanian and Sathian ships for they had reached their rendezvous point.

The joint task group consisted of two Sathian fleets and one Tulanian fleet. The Tulanian fleet consisted of a hundred of their new dreadnaught ships and forty destroyers and the Sathian fleets consisted of seventy battlecruisers and six carriers each.

The Sathians could’ve deployed a lot more ships for this operation but First Minister Irene and her council were highly confident about Earth contributing ships to this counterstrike and the Tulanians were too.

But whether or not their assumption was correct depended on the answer Varosh received from the Earth leaders when he reached them.

On the bridge of the lead dreadnaught, Fleetmaster Thelmont looked out the view screen at the other ships as they were getting into position.

“This is quite a force,” Thelmont commented.

“Commander Haikon is hailing us sir,” Thelmont’s communication officer shouted from the far left side of the bridge.

“Patch him through,” Thelmont ordered then the comms officer gave a nod to one of his eight operators who pressed a few buttons and pulled up a holographic screen in front of Thelmont.

“Greetings Fleetmaster, all of my ships are in place.”

“Excellent Commander, my fleet is ready as well. I trust you’ve been informed about our orders for the time being?”

“Yes, hopefully the humans wont take too long to decide whether or not to join us.”

Prior to deploying from their homeworlds, both commanders were ordered to hold position at the RV point until an answer from Earth was received.

Note. Herr is the German equivalent of Mr.

Part 2 coming soon.

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