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Him the great

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Old 07-22-2011, 10:08 AM
Ramy (Offline)
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Icon6 Him the great

Him the great

He never thought his son was serious, He used to think with levity whenever it comes to his son.
And now the son is telling his father that heís going to the moon.

The daddy called an asylum, and also the police station to arrest his own son, The father screamed, Iíve had enough of you, and you are not going to the moon.

You are dreaming wake up!

The lackey lucky boy wasnít captured or arrested by anyone because the asylum doctors and the policemen went to intercept Hitler and his soldiers at a cross road point near a valley, actually a canyon, which was shaped naturally 350 trillions millenniums before Christ, so you can add two thousand years at least after Christ which makes it 350 trillions millenniums, and two thousand years canyon.

But Hitler and his troops who were actually just Tracy and her rabbits fell into that 5 billions light years deep canyon.
That little unexpected incident gave him the chance to maneuver and escape from his father and commence his plan to reach to the moon of Pluto as soon as possible.

First he ate and bought a lot of food for the journey, then he covered himself with grass to disguise.

Afterwards he started to build his space ship,
So he bought a small ship and emptied it from the inside to make a lots of space in it, so like that he got his spaceship, then he put it back in the stagnate pond in his village, navigated with it for awhile, then he felt bad because the Plutonian moon of the next far galaxy was still far away, it was nine hundred and ninety nine billions trillions light millenniums multiplied in billion light millenniums away from earth and with such a speed he will need to add more than two minutes to the time needed to get to the moon, so he had to increase his velocity.

He felt helpless but then looked in the sky and saw Alexander the great calling him, he replied immediately saying,
Me, Are you calling me?
Alexander said with awesome deep and peerless voice, Yes Iím calling you
the boy said, What do you want from me?
Alexander said I want you to get to the moon
He said what moon? ; He was testing Alexander.
Alexander said, Hooba Skalooba moon, my boy.
He said Iím going to Pluto moon, I've nothing to do with Hooba Skalooba and it's moons.
Alexander said forget about the Plutonian moon, go somewhere no one ever have been before or heard of it before if you want to be great like me.
the boy said, where is that Hooba Skalooba moon?
Alexander said trillion billions trillions treble light years away from ďZoba loves you planet" which is five trillions forgot year from ďIím afraidĒ planet

(The forgot year is the distance that a galloped amok turbulent donkey can finish in two years, six months, five days, three hours, eleven minutes, and two seconds minus the same distance plus 0.9876542155897313213136879874211321 of 0.664213871164487987833213213213 in a trillion millenniums.)

ďIím afraidĒ planet is only billion billion hibblion double light years from Hooba Skalooba moon.
The boy said with a quivering voice, for God sake Alexander, what is a hibblion year.
Alexander said itís the distance that a Paramecium can cut in fourteen millenniums, and one minute, or an ameba velocity can achieve in fourteen millenniums, two minutes and one second.

He said to Alexander, Iíll reach to Hooba Skalooba moon and nothing will stop me, you will be proud to know me, Iíll be proud to be me, People will be proud to belong to my race, Mr. president will be proud for no reason, and Soka the bald who claims the thrown of the submerged continent "Atlanta" will be proud and honored to know Mr. president.

Thank you Alexander, and please leave now because Iíve to get some sleep before I start the journey tomorrow.
Alexander said alright I leave you now, adios amigo.

The boy started his journey next day on his spaceship, and everyone was greeting him, and calling him,

Him the great.
Him the great.
Go forward and never cheat.

And despite no one ever heard of him before this incident, while this incident, and of course after this incident, they were honored, and shocked to know him, to be eating the same food he ate once, drinking the same liquids that he drank once and of course breathing the same oxygen that he breathed once.
They were really deeply honored, and amazed for a second.

So letís learn assiduity, and allegiance from this great human panorama, legacy, and lore.

Let's build a new world for the posterity, and their ever after coming generations, let's find a new planets inside each one of us, planets that no one ever heard of before, or could get to before, planets in eyes, ears, ears conches, and eardrums, let's discover the guestroom land, like brave creative creatures from earth.

Don't kill two ants in one day, donít get electrocuted weekly, from now on make a change in your life.

Let no one ever takes away our space, let's make the space, find the space, fight the space, become a space, let's turn into and convert to a person like him, Him the great.

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Old 07-22-2011, 10:09 AM
Ramy (Offline)
Let me introduce myself
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P.S Please Forgive me for any grammar mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker, I'm an Egyptian.
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Originally Posted by Ramy View Post
P.S Please Forgive me for any grammar mistakes

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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