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The Aphrodite (Epic Poem)

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Default The Aphrodite (Epic Poem)

Swooped by a goddess whirring above a blue globe, itís a dotty white maelstrom
She skims like a wherry clenching me in a stoic palm like a celestial prophet.
I bled an arrow of pink from a sprite and into her macrocosm of orgasmic calligraphy she clings with
Scribbled in glinting white irises, caressing(love) was the reply from marshmallow-brains to brittle arms.

Sheís organic, magical in the process, her speed and charm conjuring to me from a dream
I dare not chase her down.

She is dazzling in a bubble of her own
She arrives dashing with blonde hair in locks.

And cascading, the love she glinted with: radiant and beautiful
I, man known for his studies and scribbles by sycamore trees.
I heard you from far away, nothing like leaves turning red and orange
from iridescence's of your hair

Dare I leave you withering in ashes of your name?
I observe couples in fields kissing, while a walk with the dog at the park. Staring at me, wondering if Iíd leave them in peace.

They continued to kiss, I eagle-watched them, perching like a vulture waiting for prey, I eagle-perch here wondering if Iíd ever fall in love with a woman like you, your coke-bottle figure, 5í7 height, majestic as you are
I find your love rescuing me from agony, I wondered to myself: how in the devil could you hold my heart like a basket of apples inside picking each one from the rib-cages of my flesh?

You appear in my dreams, I shower, brush my teeth in bedrooms away from the tree, you appear by oaks where I slept, birds started gliding above you
And hearing how you heard my breath, the verbiage pressed to my chest like a stone-door. Has my heart gone into places like it was meant to be? The bulwarks cave in, I hear voices of love which was Aerie appearing in my room with gifts of your beauty and patience to the earth where no lad sympathies one another, even through poverty or wealth

Man is always expanding to new territories beyond anyone's own.
You grab my hand singing song of my arrival, I am a mortal man, never to have seen a woman such as you! For you are my sunbeam ricocheting into earth
I dare not stumble again, I sense your name, those eyes Aerie, from the time I wondered how to really dig into your name from shadows of your figure, the icy tingle from your lips, you project at me with love lingering like Chanel Perfume

I wonít say I will not leave you mistress, I, a man from a place insipid and undesired to the average tourist, I can pack belongings and head to the disk-world dream you plant on me
With honour I shall climb mountains to see you again, I mean with a spell conjuring, you disappear with spirits of your eyes lingering into organs.

The next day you write letters detailing our encounter as I noticed an envelope with your name on it, and those irises gleaming are the very essence of yourself
Of course, when I was young, you were never there.

You seem to be fragments of my memories, the kind where everyone shudders or hides in fear whether itís a bad one or not
The feeling is mutual and the high you give me is impeccable
I will not fail you Aerie nor the eyes you gleam with which compels me to fall on my knees.

Reality set in and you went wishing for my good health, I praise you well enough for the way ahead to finally embrace you once again.
In my studies, Iíve found peace in the library where books and Britannica dictionaries flood the halls with stacks on trolleys and the like, Iíd be eating at the courts to where we first met, you always came by the tree or in a garden where I tend my plants to see you again

You arrive in a merry-go-round fashion, fiddling with fantasies, I touch myself to the thought of you in my bedroom during the night.
How am I to see you again

The moment I sleep a hearty slumber dreaming of you when we first met, scribbling in my notes of you
The quivering of my fingers, I sense moaning imploding the earth

Act 2

Alone I was one night after night-sweats I stumbled upon a lake by my manor cleansing the particles off of me, I think I if had not seen the corners of my world crash I would not know the goddess of love and beauty no more, for you to see which I am blind to your love is commonplace

But do I sense your lips guiding me to sleep, would I ever hear your lips skimming each other, no!
Would I demolish the fact which you say I hear you no more could I ever see you again in another life?

Youíve felt the arms of mine, you shall be rewarded to the brink of my destiny once more
Now the world shrinks day by day to your existence which toddles in disgust of me in my gardener outfit
I decided to make a change wearing only my briefs and cologne on my neck and body to see you once again is most fulfilling, I can truly find what is wrong with your soul

Iíve never discover such a woman like you in my years as a gardener in London, the miserable weather and goth kids annoy me to death
They steal all my clothes, piss on them, set them on fire in the night in their hideouts which I am fully aware of

I donít do a thing as I care only of you when tending to you, I sleep peacefully to the sound of your hymns
Greek goddess of love and beauty heal my heart from the realms of England which I cannot bear no more with your guidance, I will see a better world for you and me

With a smile of yours you can make my world bunny-hop around like a Algonquin-tribe rain-dance
For your sake I hope you can see I am like you wondering, hoping, crossing my fingers for someone to love you back

I donít know the origins to your love which I find for the time being
If clocks could turn back time, Iíd be victorious in the skirmish against the soul which bars me from letting emotions explode into you
Let me see a better world for you and me Aphrodite

I, Demerius will love all the better in the name of
nature and sex
Cherish me in your name forevermore and I will be waiting, in my old English home where the Greeks placed me there to reside
I recline, wondering to myself how I will fall in love with someone like you, no matter where roads takes us for once my love you were there to making sure Iíd fall for someone like yourself

Take it from me, Iíd never know your name unless I found your inner circle of friends of Greek gods, Zeus, Persephone, Poseidon, Apollo
They are special to me, such souls and given the time to wonder if they are the ones to give me strength to achieve passion and wonder beyond my wildest dreams, at times I see the land as a wondrous place full of meaning and lifeless euphoria

I wonder if I am willing to even do any sort of playing with my mind, and it seems which you are so lovely that Iíd never one day see you again.
In my heart, the tragedy came inside it when you left me to rot in my brain, the lies, the games, the affairs in which you played like a Stradivarius violin which in my mind the world was playing with me too

Iíd never see such a woman like you ever again, to think someone like you could ever meet someone like you again
My hearts races, dances like a wanton schoolgirl, everything feels beautiful, the times we face together may not be the same and for one I have found someone as beautiful as you

Aphrodite you are everything to me, my beautiful lotus from a summer evening glinting in the moonlight as always I think of you as I a shuffle my feet around to the beat of your heart and with that I bid adieu
How did you think someone like you could ever hold a man like me?

Those arms which caress me are foreign like an immigrant heading to a new country for the first time
Your heart will never be the same as I will get to the bottom of what is pure and what isnít the same as in something so quiet and stutters at times are you timid of me? Are you afraid of my charm?

You are the goddess of love and beauty how can you forget the person that you are is blinding with such beauty and I am enthralled with your love
Onwards our love will explode turning into something beautiful and with my heart fluttering towards you.

We will be at peace

Act 3

I have written love letters to you and you must know I am crazy about you
Where are you? You must be alone in that cloud of yours, the dream-cloud you lay under must break and you come crashing into me, into my arms
You are the one for me dear no matter what

And in that regard I will see you again with these notes that I write for you and which you will know my heart which sings for you, every-time I know of you
I dawdled outside to my garden itís you I see, never enough was the trotting of the feet whenever I see you, I adore you with every fiber of my being, the best thing Iíve ever caressed, sadly itís my heart carrying me to you forever

Other men have appeared into my life as they are my companions
I speak about the love of you, you truly have blossomed like a flower for as long as I live Iíll tie palms with you
For the moment which I ever felt love before it was you which sprang like a jack-in-box

Valentines day I am going to write love notes to you Aphrodite and you will know my name Demerius Jones an African-American man with an affinity for Greek gods
I will see you again love, for once in my life

I have seen you somewhere
I am alone again in my bedroom scribbling notes
of my confessions and failures, where are you goddess

Do you think of me?
A place to concern of essays and quibbles of passion where I know of you Aphrodite, you will know me soon enough
Where I am alone and you are not around I am waiting for you through these notes I write

And for once I hear your voice, your chuckling
I will see you again dearest, I know you are lonely
I am just a gardener cutting peopleís shrubs and honeysuckles
I want to be more than just a man, I am Demerius, another mortal, I will keep waiting for you love through these notes observing those arrows shooting over you in that regard
I stay at hotel since I am still waiting for you
You havenít came, woman where are you? I find the answers to your love, and without shame I will know of you in the meantime dearest, lady I know of you in my heart
And where you go I will come with you woman
I finally met you in my dreams for the 5th time in over a month and itís raining in this motel, and by the gods there was you perching there with your heart close to your chest, and I was wondering if the back of my mind that you were the one to always hold me whenever I was down or at the end of my rope
But for you it was certain that you came back and I thank you from the bottom of my heart
There were times where I would never find you in England
The U.S.A seemed like a better place to find goddesses, I am Californian dreamin, and you came from the motel with your eyes closed and your face appearing in front of me: like Gal Gadot yet with red hair and freckles
You were perfect and I know I will never forget you
Ares, you are the most dazzling thing, I will frame you in my brain like a photograph

Act 4

The Motel closes and we are left there in the rain on this Californian night with the edges of palm trees glinting a sliver moonlight over us, I heard you were a housewife back in Greece which made me question about your clothes you wear, and the smell lingering in my nose of cocaine
Although you were a modern goddess of the 2010ís
I thought you were the most gorgeous specimen out there
And itís clear were in for a treat when I arrive in your arms once again
Itís evident I am a seductive man but I cannot bear to see you sad no more as you speak about your longing for another mortal like I, as I am an average black man
Where is your bracelet of hope dear woman?
You have fled for a long time in this world from your celestial stronghold to this earth of ours, itís ours to take for the long run nonetheless, our love was the key to build something new from ashes of rejection and isolation, I cannot run from you lady of Homerís Gate, you are my delight, everything is aligned now when you are around, this oddessy we are in now is a sign of love and craftsmanship as we are now in the peak of our passions
What do you say Aphrodite? You try to seduce me again? I will do the same to you as we trot together to Los Angeles with the sun rising above our heads where love blossoms there since English weather is damp and rainy, what will we do if we get there? Weíll make love by the beach, count the days of the summer which go by elegant since this is august and we continue to fall in love woman, my heart will hear your voice again as it listen to your aura which is grandiose and fair in your regard, in spite of this I know you are lonely and need time to reflect on your colleges of the house of gods and goddess you hail from
Needless to say Iíve been here drinking this cocktail called a Margarita if youíve ever heard of it before Areie which youíve probably have not, my soul is yours and once we leave this beach we continue our way through the morning and into the night of the United States, Los Angeles needs to rest from the trampling of our feet, the concrete feels rugged and mountainous but with my love I will find you a great gift to all of mankind and beyond, follow me to the backallys of L.A
And British isles for our love needs to be hidden behind closed doors
Love, something about you has caught my attention, you speak about being abused by one of your masters, since you were a mistress before and a slave to one of the gods, Odin where you
knee-led before his feet since he lived in Ragnarok as all of the
other gods lived and where romance should rest in the end once
I get there with you and for once my woman you will know my
name once more when I give you an exchanged gift for once
in my life
Where you will be enamored by the grace of my charm
Seeing you in the morning with glints of your China Doll
Complexion is most gratifying and with you by my side
We are unstoppable, now there is placed called Starbucks
Where mortals have a beverage called coffee or Bubble Tea
(If you are something called an Asian) but nonetheless we
have showed up for coffee, I warn you it is of crimson heat
and it will burn your tongue, although your tongue feels no
pain nor heat so the coffee seems cold to you, you sip it telling
me it feels like blizzard back in Thanos, where even an
infinity gauntlet couldnít keep you warm from itís magical
Woman do you prefer to be loved by a man
As you cannot find anyone so pure as me, no god is pure nonetheless
I am Demerius Benjamin Jones, hailing from America himself who was brought up by an English family, a surname under Benjamin
Youíve said you liked the coffee and youíve now taken liberty trotting the steps of heaven to a place called Long Beach which youíve never heard of before
You remind me of Superwoman, from the T.V Series
Mortals observe a system called the Tele in England where
I was born
Let me remind you I am a man named Demerius and this is my life in the world of the Aphrodite, you are the one for me love, I wonít forget you in the slightest, see where love hits the ears it ricochets through your soul
These days my love I know you were isolated in your keep where men rape and abuse you back in Ragnarok
I could not help but ask what is this hand of yours which you curl over in despite of my harsh actions towards you when you make me upset
I am in rage when you leave me to the heaven above and weep when your around me, I cannot believe you are finally next to me
And if words could puncture hearts yours would do the damage lots of it to me, I wonder if you were the one in this endeavor trying to tie my thoughts in ribbons where you may find my heart lies in an arrow shooting towards the clouds, never could I see someone so beautiful in my life, which you crawl towards you in spite of this life I live, for you so gregarious as you are it seems like Iíve never know a goddess from the edge of heavens fluffy cloud, you are the one for me, as I dance and warble in celebration for your love once again
There was shooting star which came to me in a dream, granting me wishes without my knowledge and I wished to be a god just so I could marry another deity which was a goddess and which was you, where did you think you could go?
Patience, for we are at the edge of a bluff where our feelings soar like thrushes and for a time I wondered to myself if I could fall in love with you again in spite of my troubles in which you could be the one for me to ignite the fire of what Iíve lost
These hours grow long and cold in the day although you were the one playing with my heart and in that moment it was when you said I was a fool for loving you
I never thought so and so I make sure these arms extend for you
But once I found the meaning to your love it was certain
Iíd be enamored to the spirit of your grace which I cherish very much darling
Under no circumstance Iíve observed the voice which were in my head that sound alot like you and woman if I ever had the chance Iíd like to say thank for your warm which shields me like strongholds
On the edge of the moon where celestial light arrives and afternoon parts its farewell Iíve brought roses and chocolate for our love by the motel again
It seems it was elementary Iíd see your face in a facet when cleansing your face with water of course from eyes peering like a telescope I see you with your silky Greek gown in white to perch silently while crossing your legs which I resist caressing those milky limbs of yours
Arie, with your eyes weighing down on mine, do you think
I have pretty eyes? You ask if we can stay a little longer at this motel, I dare not even stay a day longer here since I must part and while you vanish we kiss and cuddle for the night, making love to gold stars in the sky


This is the end since Iím leaving, gregarious woman
Weíre counting the end to this jubilee but this is not the end, no matter the struggle weíll always have each other
Love wins the second time, these arms clock in the second it took to make love to you with all the scars and moans you gave me
Under no circumference weíll ever find hardship ever again, even to an extent, come back for another time my love into those stars we will glide far away into the night sky
Wherever those hearts break our stars will shoot far into the clouds love and without hate our hands will see heaven again
Aphrodite you bring love to I, a man

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Monumental work!

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I was trying to set my spirit free when i wrote this poem and now all i feel i love and more love than ever.
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Worked through this in sections, so I wouldn't rush read it.

As I know I've said before - you have an unusual turn of phrase which I find really refreshing.

This is an amazing outpouring.

Was uncertain if you were addressing a real life love or a statue of a Greek goddess - or both at times.

A delight to read Yonathan.
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Originally Posted by Grace Gabriel View Post
Worked through this in sections, so I wouldn't rush read it.

As I know I've said before - you have an unusual turn of phrase which I find really refreshing.

This is an amazing outpouring.

Was uncertain if you were addressing a real life love or a statue of a Greek goddess - or both at times.

A delight to read Yonathan.
It was for an ex-girlfriend that I love very much but she is gone. Also I wonder to myself how in the world could someone ever write so beautifully as this.
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