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Is this fiction too controversial?

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Originally Posted by efoshee1 View Post
Didn't one of those Indiana Jones movies have the Ark in it?
I think it was called Raiders of the Lost...something or other.

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Originally Posted by JoeMatt View Post
I think it was called Raiders of the Lost...something or other.
Thanks Joe
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Default Edited concept

I circled back and edited the concept. As you can see, it's similar but not "raw" like the originally written idea as it occurred to me while driving back to work. I've started an outline and looking forward to complete the short pretty soon.

In the olden days God had favor with the people of Isreal. Whenever conflict came upon them he summoned their army to march around the city of their enemy with a mighty weapon called The Ark of The Covenant. (fiction >> ) The Ark was a chest-like object weighing over 60 shadrans and when moved around a city in a complete orbit all structures within the circled land crumbled into sand.

Only a chosen few, elite men of immense strength called "guards of the ark", where chosen to bear the ark during treacherous times of war. One day, amidst rumors of an enemy so vast it controlled many cities, mistrust fell among the ranks of the Guard. While some believed they could take down the coming enemy, others feared that their numbers where too small to wield the Ark through its lands.

...a leader emerged among them, with advanced skill and wit. This wily warrior exposed strategies and tactics that when brought to bear, would move the ark around the lands of the enemy swifter than any known fighter. Thereafter they brought down the all the wrath of God onto their enemy, the Jebonites.
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