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Default Check out my Manga Script

So I've been working on this story ever since March but I've had this idea since I was 8 years old. It's basically a superhero(Heroes vs Villains) story but my spin on it, I've gotten down the lore and how everything started down including the ending but what happens in the middle that leads the chain reaction to the end, how story arcs should be revealed etc, is what I'm struggling with at the moment. As of now I've gotten down about 200+ pages worth of material for the series and I'm planning to start drawing as soon as I finished the end of the second story arc. I was wondering what you all think of it? what made you kept reading(exept the fact that you need to, to give your opinion), What did you like about it?, What would YOU have changed to make it better and why? What can I improve? What did I get wrong?

First arc

ARC 1 : Introduction


-Note- This takes in the finale of the first major arc around chapter 20-ish

Havenít specified a place yet for their conversation*

Seto Nobuhisa: So..This is where it all begins huhÖ

Kaneko Tabito: Yes..I believe it is, you know what you have to do ,and how it affects all of us...Right?

Seto Nobuhisa: Yes sir.

Kaneko Tabito: Good, We commence in 4 hours, Prepare yourself Ö son.

*Kaneko walks off and is met by another guy, other guy walks up closer to the Kaneko's ears and says..*

Zachariah: heís ready

-Note- This takes in the finale of the first major arc around chapter 20-ish

*Location : Castielís high school*

*action : school recently ended and he about to walk home, he is later on met with his current friends*

Mandy: Wanna go to the skating park with us?

*they are having this conversation while walking*

Adam: Whatís the point of asking when heís just going to say no like always

Wayne: He has a good excuse, if heís not up to it, Right Adam?

*Wayne gets a phone call and picked it up, he as a surprised look on his face*

Wayne: Sorry guys gotta go, Itís important

Mandy: What got him all in a hurry? You should describe the manner in which he left if sheís asking why heís in a hurry. This is important for the artist.

Castiel: Donít know,

*Cass talking in his head: But the look in his eyes when he was on the phone Didnít show a good sign

*Castiel looks at watch*

Adam: you coming or not?

Castiel: yea sure whatever, School is almost over anyway,

Castiel: After you

*They follow adam to the skate park*


*Location : Thomasís house

*Action : Thomas seems to be doing what seems like homework. He suddenly stops when the overhears the his TV talking about a recent explosion that happened near where Castiel lives, Thommas then tries to communicate with Castiel telepathically but the connection seems to be blocked. He then tries calling him on his phone but heís not picking up.

Later then cuts to a sot of Cassís phone ringing in his bag. Thomas sends one last text message before getting ready to leave.

Location : Skate park near the school

Action : They recently have just arrived there, Castiel takes a break and sits down, after a bit of watching he reaches for his bag to take out his phone. Until Mandy shows up and sits near him.

Mandy: Hiya!

Castiel: Hi

Mandy: So how are you holding up?

*Adam looks at them having the conversation*

Castiel: Iím doing fine, why?

Mandy: Iím surprisedÖ because of what happened.

*cass stares into distance*

Castiel: Mandy that was months ago, Iím fine. I truly am

*Cass gives a fake smile*

Mandy: Are you sure?

*Mandy Checks the time on her phone*

Mandy: Oh wow, I have to go.

*gives him a hug*

Castiel: Bye

Action : Castiel proceeds to checking his phone he as a missed call and a message saying ďlook behind youĒ. He looks behind himself and sees smoke in the distance, he quickly packs up and rushes back home.

Adam: Hey dude! you forgot your board

Castiel: keep it for me

Adam: Alrighty then.

Action : Running back to his home

*Castiel is saying in his head while he is running that ĎíIt canít be possibleíí, Ďíeverything is going to be just fineíí , ďIíll turn and itís going to be someone else's houseĒ, ďJust stay calmĒ , íjust a little bit moreíí , Ďíalmost thereíí.

Location : Area where castiel lives

Action : Almost the whole block has been scorched or still burning. He keeps walking then tramples on Wayneís corps, his heart starts to beat incredibly hard and legs feel heavy. He keeps on walking till he stops near a pile of rubble where his house used to be. He sees whatís left of his parents and the state they are in, This triggers his heart beat to beat harder and he also found it hard to breathe randomly gasping for air. Till he feels a hand on his shoulder turns and sees what may be the guy who started all this.


__________________________________________________ _______________________


Location : Thomasís house

Action : Tom is rushing trying to pack up all his papers, books, and equipment. He stops for a brief second to call 911 on his phone.

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Thomas: I will like to report a fire at Elmer's street

Operator: We are already on it sir, Units are on route

Thomas: thanks

*hangs up the phone*

Thomas: Something is not right, I need to look more into this

*Picks up papers and laptop then car keys then heads to his car*

Location : Near Castielís house

Action : Castiel has confronted the killer

*Castiel stands up and looks at killer*

*Killer gives a subtle smiles*

Castiel: D...did y-you do this..

Killer: Yourís truly

*Castiel picks up a shard of glass and sprints to the killer*

*Killer dodges all of Castielís punches then vanishes*

Killer: Interesting

*Castiel says in his head : What theÖWhere the hell did he go

*Cass Moves around aimlessly trying to find where he went*

*Cass feels someone touching his shoulder, turns then sees the killer. Before Cass could think he pushed Cass a couple feat*

*Castiel attempts to get up canít due to his leg being broken from the impact*

*How strong is this guy? He threw me like I was a softball*

*Castiel Crawls to get away because he broke his leg but is then grabbed by the neck*

Killer: I guess the real tragedy lies that you couldnít experience the miasma of seared black flesh and inhale the smoke of the fleeting life of your beloved parents, It was quite the work of art donít you think?

But anyway,

*Stabs Cass in through the stomach with his hand, Cass spews blood then gets a weird headache, then passes out on to the ground*

*Cass is looking directly at his parents while lying on the ground. His consciousness slowly slipping*

*small panel on a picture of his parents*

*Cass manages to stand up on his broken leg, he loses his balance every once in awhile but he is slowing making his way to the killer.*

*Killer stares in shock*

*The police arrive and see what has happened*

Police man: Remain where you are, put your hands up or we will use force

*killer vanishes*

*he slowly makes his way from the crime scene*

*One of the police helps him up and Takes him to his sister*

*He sees his sister and hugs her*

Castiel: If only I was there on time, If only I went straight home, If only..

*Castiel starts getting a major headache

to the point where he is in excruciating pain then blacks out*

Trinity: Cass..Cass are you ok, Stay with me...he needs helpÖCass...Cass!

Location : Castielís Dream

* Cass is in some kind of Dream state*

*Sees some weird shadowy figure in a cage*

*As Cass slowly descends down he starts getting covered in smoke symbolising his transformation*

*what have you gotten yourself into this time?*

Castiel: Ö

*figure sabs him,

Location : Hospital bed

then cass wakes up in the bed*

__________________________________________________ _______________________


Location : Hospital bed

Action : Cass wakes up from bed*

*Castiel gasps for air*

Castiel: Where am I?

Trinity: Easy there, you were injured in an accident, We are in a hospital

Do you remember anything at all?

Cass getís flashbacks on the events that took place*

Castiel: y-yea

Trinity: I see

*Castiel remembers about his leg*

Castiel: My leg

Trinity: what Your leg?

Castiel: Yea, It got broken during the whole ordeal-

*Cass looks surprised that that his leg is fixed*

*Castiel - I could have sworn it got broken during the incident, How the heck did it get fixed in a couple hours!?*

Trinity: Cass your leg was fine when I saw you. It might have just all been in your head you were pretty banged up.

Castiel: Yea-yea I guess so.

*Castiel - I know for a fact that it got broken or at the very least fractured in some way, But the fact that it healing in couple hours is where Iím lost.

*One of the detectives arrives*

Adrian: Good morning Iím detective Adrian.

Iím investigating the case on the man responsible for the recent death of your parents,

There are a few questions I want to ask you.

Now I was informed that you two are brother and sister but not blood related?

Castiel: Yea, Thatís true.

Adrian: Whou-

*Adrian getís a phone call and picks it*

Adrian: Detective Smith speaking

Adrian: y-yea

Adrian: no not today

Adrian: of course yes sir

Adrian: Sounds good, yea..bye

Castiel: What was that?

Adrian: Looks like we have to move this conversation back at base, we leave in 15 minutes

Trinity: Shouldnít we wait for confirmation from the nurse that heís free to leave?, Iím assuming that she informed you about his condition.

Adrian: Yes Iím aware but I have orders, we have a place for where Castiel can rest at the station for the meantime till he feels confident to describe how the incident played out .

Castiel: How long will it all take? The questioning?

Adrian: Hard to pinpoint an exact number but Iíll say 30-45 minutes minimum. I have to go now, Iíll meet you at the station there should be someone to escort you in a couple minutes.

*Adrian leaves*

Trinity: would you like anything to eat or drink?

Castiel: yea, just water

Trinity: Got it

*Trinity leaves*

* Castiel checks out his leg, Touches the area of where it broke, giving a sharp pain*

* he looks at the mirror and sees that his eyes have faded*

*leads to him remember about him getting stabbed in the chest so he checks his chest for a mark but itís perfectly normal*

*his heart starts beating faster and faster and a darkness grows behind him and he gets a touch on the shoulder he looks behind him and sees nothing*

*Sister shows up in the room with the water*

Trinity: We leave in 7 minutes get changed

Castiel: Ok

*Castiel - Something is very, very wrong with me *

Location : Police station

Action : them entering the station, they sit out at the waiting room Till a Lady calls out their name*

Jess: Hey,there you must be Castiel and Trinity Apollyon, please come this way.

*They keep walking deep into the station till the lady stops at a door*

*A man shows up with a grey box,*

Jess: Please place all your current items with you in the box, Donít worry Youíll get them back when the detective has escorted you back.

*they place their items in the box then the man walks back and Jess unlocks the door*

Jess: Through here

*They pass what looks like some sort of sensor, it sets of a silent alarm*

*Jumps to them talking with Adrian and another guy in a futuristic looking room*

Adrian: Nice to meet you two again, this is my partner Arthur

Arthur: Nice to meet you too, Iím very sorry on what happened to your parents.

*Arthur getís a message from his BT com*

*Puts pressure on his ear to hear the message better*

Adrian: So letís start of with the basics, Is there any reason why the killer would have targeted your parents or anyone living near them.

Castiel: No, not at all

Arthur: Not meaning to interrupt but did your parents adopt you?

Castiel: Yea we were not blood related.

Arthur: Any reason why they would adopt children?

Castiel: How do those questions apply to finding the killer?

Arthur: Iím just exploring every single angle.

Adrian: Did you confront the killer Castiel?

Castiel: y-yea

Adrian: Did he tell you anything, communicate with you to any extent?

Castiel: Ö.

No he didnít say anything, but the whole thing was a little strange to me

Arthur: what do you mean by that?

Castiel: well the attack took place a almost an hour before ago before I was able to reach there,

that was plenty of enough time for him to have escaped the crime scene but he stayed...like he was waiting for me

Arthur: he might have been targeting not only your parents but the whole family

He was probably waiting on you to arrive to finish the job

by the looks of it.

*Cass stares at Trinity*

Adrian: Did he attempt to conflict any physical damage on you?

Castiel: yea, But he disappeared when the cops showed up before he could


Adrian: hmmm interesting, thanks for your cooperation and patients itís been a great help for the investigation

Now I think itís time you knew a little bit more on your killer

Adrian: He showed up on the map about a year ago,

His usual kill count was only about 1 or 2 families a month

But when it hit the 6th month It transition more into a killing spree

he left a body count of 44 in under 2 weeks.

Most of his victims have 2 connections

all families have adopted a child.

the bodies left behind slowly lead from the west to the east.

Iím not going to go really in depth on the state of the bodies since youíve witness his work first hand.

Castiel: So your saying he expected me to arrive home early like I usually do? That means he must have been watching me for some time already.

Arthur: seems very likely

Thatís all we can share with you for the time being

we will fill you on any information we gather in the future.

Good bye for now.

*Castiel and Trinity follow Adrian to the exit and they take their valuables as well*

* Arthur goes at the back of the station at night and makes a call*

Arthur: Yea Itís confirmed, the scanners picked it up, theyíre not human.


__________________________________________________ _______________________

Chapter 4

Location : Trinityís current house

Action : Castiel is having a dream

*Castiel is sleeping and is having a dream/ flashback on one of his childhood memories. He is with Tom playing in a sand pit he demonstrate his power by making Castiel think he turned the sand into snow *

*Castiel wakes up in his bed and turns on the TV, The News man describes a bombing in a school in what looks like a terrorist attack in a high school not far from where they are*

*flips through the channels*

*Sister enters room with groceries*

*Castiel changes the channel and There is a news report on the incident that happened with his parents, Itís presented a Serial killer/Terrorist attack situation*

Trinity: So...Howís your head You looked like you were in serious pain every time the nurse tried to change your bandage

Castiel: Itís fine, still hurts a little but itís improved a lot since yesterday

Trinity: Thatís good to here, I have to go and get back to my day job,

Would you like to stay home for today?

Castiel: No Iím fine, how long will you be?

Trinity: 5 hours

Trinity: Your medication is over here

*Puts it on the table*

Trinity: Itís for the pain, Try not to skip on them again

*Trinity leaves*

*Castiel throws the pills in the bin then checks his phone*

*He has a message from thomas saying heíll be here at the end of the day*

*Scrolls down and sees messages from Mandy asking if heís alright and that she heard what happened on the news*

*Castiel proceeds to the bathroom*

*He runs water on his face then sees what seems he starts to feel the water boiling on his skin*

*his heart starts pounding he slowly wiped his face to see that it was all in his head *

*He gives a sigh of relief*

*He goes back to starting to brush his teeth when he gets a strong headache again he slams his palm on the glass mirror and screams due to the pain*

The headache suddenly stops *

*He checks his hand and sees that itís completely unharmed*

*he takes of the broken window to see that the wall is also deeply dented*

*he gets a flashback to when he got stabbed in the chest by his parents killer*

*Castiel - .d-did he do this to me, no maybe itís some kind of adrenaline rush thing... but could it

*He gets a shard of glass that fell on the ground and then attempts to stabbing his arm with it the glass shard shatters*

*Castiel - No...Itís too early to be certain, It might be some kind of side effect from all the stress *

Location : unknown

*Some Strange Military group are stocking up on arms and entering trucks*

*A couple hours have passed*

Location : Daycare where Trinity works

*Trinity is closing up the Daycare and getting ready to pack probably holding a toy or two*

*Soldier is taking pictures of her in the Daycare*

*she starts walking back home but then slows down to check her phone messages*

*Soldier sets up a sniper rifle then applies suppressor*

* she then sees a glint on her phone screen*

she gets surpriesed*

*A sniper rifle is fired and the bullet quickly catches up to her till itís literally 2 inches away from her but in the split second she is able to grab the bullet with 2 fingers then proceeds to squishing the bullet then dropping it on the ground then continues to walking*

*Trinity gives a smile*

*She bumps into Tom without knowing because she is still on her phone*

*Soldier takes down notes then packs his gear then leaves*

Location : Castielís school

*Castiel has finished school for the day and is packing up his books and equipment*

* But is stopped when he hears faint screams from a distance*

*He walks around trying to pinpoint where the sound is coming from till it suddenly stops*

*When he hears it again itís louder and is accompanied by loud banging*

*He quickly rushes to the door that has smoke seeping from underneath and desperately tries to unlock it*

Mandy: Castiel st-

*Mandy tries to stop him but Castiel pushes her away*

*He Accidentally breaks off the knob*

*Most of the kids in the area are either watching or Recording/taping it*

*So he then tries to open the door with his shoulder, he slams open the door*

*then realises that no one is there and itís just a Janitor's closet*

*He turns to see teens staring at him or trying to help up Mandy*

*he slowly makes his way to Mandy*

*Most of the people back away like they're afraid of him*

Castiel: Mandy Iím so sorr-

*She runs away from him*

Location : street

Action: Castiel is walking back from school to Trinityís place

*Castiel decides to take the alleyway as a shortcut*

*When he notices Trails of ash scattered around*

*The air was way more warmer as well*

*he followed it and lead him to a girl unclothed unconscious*

Location : unknown

*Jumps to what looks like a dimly lit lab/vault of some sorts*

* Unknown character puts his hand on a biometric scanner, then a cylindrical glass casing submerges from underneath in the middle of the room, the character puts his hand on it then it starts to gets brighter and brighter than stops, he locks the case then leaves*


__________________________________________________ _______________________

Location : Girl Boarding school

Action : a group of girls are getting an injection

*Students are lining up to get an injection*

*A Student leaves and one name gets called*

*She entered the room rolls up her sleeve the same old procedure for a injection*

*It goes well and she leaves*

*Sheís waiting for her friend who just went in for her injection*

*she arrives after a while*

Ramona: So how was it?

Nova: painful

Ramona: ditto

What do you have next?

Nova: Spanish, you?

Ramona: Boring old math

*The bell rings*

Ramona: Well Iíll talk to you later

Nova: Ramona

Ramona: Yes?

Nova: Are you..feeling alright?

Ramona: Yea, Iím fine.

*checks her bag*

I forgot my sweater again

Nova: Iíll get it

Ramona: You sure?

Nova: Itís fine, and besides, I canít let my friend freeze can I?


*goes to get it*

she is in math class*

*she finds it hard to concentrate with because she starts getting headaches*

Teacher: Ramona do you need to see the nurse class doesnít start till 5 minutes?

Nova: No, Itís ok I'm fine
*Teacher continues on her laptop*

*Her shoulder starts getting itchy and starts aggressively scratching it her veins start to show a lot and pulse*

*her arm that was leaning on the table starts smoking and she lifts it and sees that at part of the table is scorched*

*Studentís start to notice*

Teacher: Whatís going on
Ramona: I...I-canít...hold..I-t
Teacher: What do-....oh my god everyone out now!

*Ramona is fully on fire*

*Nova enters the classroom*

Nova: here you go-

*Students and teachers try to run*

*Ramona and Nova stare at each other briefly*

Ramona: I..m..s..orry

*The nurse is walking outside into a van and enters it, She says

Nurse: It should happen about..

*A giant fiery explosion goes off*

Nurse: Now

*She takes out her phone and stops the stopwatch app*

Nurse: 27 minutes, thatís a new record

Nurse: Go

*They leave*

Location : Trinityís house

*Ramona wakes up on a bed and sees Cass and his sister

Ramona: Ahaa!

W-Where am I?!

*She gets brief flashbacks on her incident when she was at the school*

*Ramona - Was it all a dream?*

Castiel: I found you in a alleyway unclothed and disoriented with a hell of a feaver.

Trinity: How are you feeling?

Ramona: I...I have the worst headache you could imagine...Like I got ran over by a bus twice on Carousel.

Trinity: haha, Do you remember anything that happened before my brother found you?

Ramona: I remember I was in math class then I abruptly started feeling nauseous then there was this Big Bright Light

Then nothing. I woke up here.

Trinity: Anything else?

Ramona: No nothing at all after that,

Also donít I recall being naked in an alleyway

Trinity: ok Iíll buy that.

Ramona: what do you mean by that?

Trinity: I think there is more you arenít telling me but Iím going to go out on a limb here and assume that there is a reason for it.

Ramona: What are you getting at?

Trinity: Follow me

*Trinity takes Ramona to the other room with the TV*

Trinity: Maybe this will jog your memory

*Ramona gets a surprised/Sad look on her face*

*News Reporter - Earlier Today at 2 :22pm, Rosewell Walker all girls high was struck with what can be identified as a bomb. Killing 89 students and 12 teachers & Staff, while injuring 300 others. The blast appeared from one of the school's math block everyone near the vicinity was incinerated. Locals around the area claimed to have seen a survivor who emerged from the site and left the scene. Police are looking for her as we speak*

Castiel: Would this bomber be you?


Trinity: She just found out she was responsible for unintentional mass murder I think we should give her a minute to let it sink in.

*Ramona Starts breaking down and crying while slowing moving backwards(to the exit)

*She starts to remember what lead up to the incident more clearly*

Castiel: Hey calm down-

Ramona: Shut up!

Just leave me alone

*Ramonaís eyes and hand start to light on fire*

Castiel: (whispers)Any time now
*Thomas taps Ramona on her shoulder, she turns, then Thomas puts his finger on her forehead then she passes out*

Thomas: You mind telling what happened.


__________________________________________________ _________________


Location : Trinityís house

Action: continuing from the last chapter

Thomas: You have some explaining to do

Castiel: What took you so long?

Thomas: I had a few things to take care of along the way, and of course the usual traffic

Thomas: Someone mind explaining exactly what the hell that was.

*Thomas looks at Ramona lying on sofa*

Castiel: Trin pissed her off.

Trinity: I might have went a bit too overboard on what I said to her.

I didnít expect her to have really bombed her school so I made sure.

I was hoping for her to brush it off as some sick joke but I guess thatís not the case anymore

Thomas: That means thereís more of them then.

Trinity: more of what?

Thomas: Cass didnít tell you because you wouldnít have believed him but to put it simple Iím in many ways telepathic,

My powers started to manifest when I was about 7 years old,

At the time, I didnít really have anyone to talk to back then.

So I kept it between me and Cass, sort of.

*Thomas squints his eyes*

The Cipher your thinking in your head decrypted says ďnice hairĒ

Thomas: Will that evidence suffice ?

Trinity: YeaÖ

that will do

Thomas: You donít seem all that amazed?

Trinity: Iím not big on reactions, but I will admit I am spooked a little.

*Trinity gives an uneasy face*

Trinity: So you think there are other people with abilities,

Like you and Ramona?

Thomas: Back when I was young did some research online and there have been numerous accounts of people with strange abilities, Strange deaths and murders, people disappearing in thin air. Unknown accidents and fires the list goes on.

*Thomas stops briefly and senses something off about Cass*

Thomas: Cass,

I know I havenít really been there for you this past few years, but you can talk to me, Iíll always be there when you need me. I need you to know that-

*Thomas stares ominously at Castiel*

Castiel: Why are you looking at me like that?

And whatís with the sudden sympathy

Thomas: Is it ok if I take a look?

Castiel: Suuure

Location : Castielís mind

Action : Thomas puts his hand on Cassís Forehead, He closes his eyes to focus

Thomas is transported into this infinite white room

He sees a boy sitting right in the middle

He walks up to him

*The child's veins start to change colour into black*

*Darkness surrounds the child*

*The scenery changes to darkness as well*

Thomas: W-When did this happen?

I-I Remember..YOU! You are supposed to be dead!

Darkness: What did I say about visitors

*Darkness surrounds Thomas*

Darkness: Never comeback

*Darkness attacks Thomas*

*which wakes him up*

Castiel: Tom! Tom!

Earth to Tom?...Thomas you there?

*Thomas snaps back into it*

Thomas: W-what happened how long was I out?

*Thomas attempts to stand back up*

Castiel: A whole 30 seconds, What was happening, what did you see?

Thomas: No..I

Castiel: You saw something- didnít you?

Thomas: *clears throat* You havenít been taking your meds

Trinity:I found a thrown packet in the bin earlier

Thomas: So about your parents,

*coughs* can you tell me what you saw and also the police investigation?

Castiel: I read your text message and rushed to my house,

the whole block wasÖ. burnt down

but something about the whole situation was off

Thomas: How so?

*Thomas wipes his nose*

Castiel: It was an extremely windy day but the fire didnít spread- it just lingered to my block,

The movement of the fire in general was off it reminded me of something but I canít put my finger on it. All the other corpses were under the burnt rubble, All except one of my classmate and parents. Almost like he-

Thomas: Was personally targeting you and anyone close to you,

Any reason why?

Castiel: One of the detectives,

Adrien I think.

Said that he Targets families, He has a hard on for ones with Adopted children

Thomas: Anything else?

Castiel: He started killing about a year ago,

started on the west and is slowly moving his way to the east.

Thomas: I-see *Cough*

Anything strange all all that happened?

Castiel: The Killer must have had abilities.

Iíve run the same situation a million times in my head over and over again

And Iím certain.

I didnít exactly see him but I know he started the fire

Thomas:Trinity did you notice anything strange that happened?

Trinity: We didnít get notified on a funeral for our parents or the other families.

I didnít see a single fire fighter around the area just police,

As soon as I got there Castiel was covered with blood but when the nurse checked on him he had only minor scratches and bruises

Thomas: Thank you for filling me in on what happened so far

Castiel: About that

couldnít you have just checked my memories to find out in the first place?

*Thomas stares at Ramona*

*Castiel mono : why is he dodging my questions?*

*Thomas touches Ramona on the head*

*She wakes up*

*Thomas eyes start to glow blue*

Thomas: Her name is Ramona

Thomas: Thatís strange

Castiel: What?

Thomas: She wasnít aware she had abilities before the explosion

Ramona: N-no-va

Thomas: What did she say

Trinity: I think she said Nova

Thomas: I put her in a dream it seemed to have manifested entirely to a memory of sorts

*Thomas looks more focused*

Thomas: oh

*Ramona starts to struggle*

Trinity: I think you should stop

*Ramonaís nose starts to bleed*

Location : Ramonaís Memory

Action : Re living the events that took place before

*Ramona has a worried face*

*Ramona : I have to warn everyone-*

Teacher: Ramona do you need to see the nurse class doesnít start till 5 minutes?

Ramona: Everyone get out


*Her shoulder starts getting itch and starts aggressively scratching it her veins start to show a lot and pulse*

Ramona: Please!

All of you have to leave

*Studentís start to notice*

Teacher: Whatís going on
Ramona: GET OUT

Please just listen to me!

Teacher: What do-....oh my god everyone out now!

*Ramona looks at herself

She fully on fire*

Ramona: no..no.no

*Screams to the top of her lungs*

Get out!, Get out!, Get out!, Get out!,Get out!, Get out!,

*Nova enters the classroom*

Nova: here you go-

Ramona: HELP ME!



*Students and teachers try to run*

*Ramona and Nova stare at each other briefly, Nova sheds a tear*


*She blows up*

*Slow motion shot of Nova melting*

Location : Trinityís house

Action : Thomas has witnessed what she went through

*Thomas walks back slowly*

*Ramona wakes up screaming*









Castiel: Hold her down!

*Trinity, Cass, and Thomas holds her down till her temperature becomes overwhelming*

Trinity: We need to do something fast

She's about to blow up

*Thomas puts her mind in a calm setting*

Thomas: Calm down itís alright

Itís alright

*She slowly stops struggling and her temperature goes down*

*Castiel sits down on a chair due to exhaustion*

*Trinity opens the blinds and sees a car recently parked near her lawn*

*Loud noises can be heard coming up the stairs*

* Shot of Soldiers are setting up a bomb*

Trinity: Someone's coming

Castiel: Who?

Thomas: Itís fine-

*Entire building blows up before Thomas was able to finish his sentence*


__________________________________________________ __________________________


Location : Trinityís house

Action : *The 3 people responsible for blowing up the house ware safety suits and enter the building to check for survivors*

Person 1: Check for any signs of life especially the girl

Person 2: roger

*Person 2 sees burning skeletons*

*Person 2 checks the bathroom and bedrooms to see if there is any signs of life*

Person 2: Nothing there, we should get going before the building fully collapses

Person 1: Roger, letís move

*they leave*

*Room mysteriously goes back to normal and Cass, Trinity, and ramona come out a hiding spot*

Castiel: You should do that more often

Trinity: What did you exactly make them see?

Thomas: What they wanted to see

Trinity: You were able to implant images in their head without physical contact?

Thomas: I only need to come in contact once to establish a link with a person,

from there on out I am able to control their thoughts and sense their presence and itís also how I was able to know where Castiel was without asking for an address.

Trinity: How did you know to establish a link with these specific people?

Thomas: It was kinda by chance

I made a stop for gas before I arrived here and bumped into one of them, A couple of thoughts leaked from him once in awhile till I saw a past memory of him bugging your phone's.

Castiel: At the questioning room they confiscated our phones

Trinity: Great, so the police want to kill us

Thomas: Their target was Ramona not us

Ramona: Ö

Trinity: Anyone worried if theyíll be back when they figured out they didnít kill their target

Castiel: What Ramona?

Thatís her problem.

Trinity: Castiel ple-

Castiel: Weíve done what we can to protect her up till his point

but I canít visualize us doing it for ever,

she should go while she still can.

Thomas: What?

To lead the heat away from us?

Iím not sure if youíve noticed but theyíve caught our sent too

we are not exactly in the clear ourselves we might as well stick together

Castiel: Look-

Ramona: Itís ok, Iíll go

Trinity: No you-

Ramona: I donít want anyone dying because of me

Thomas: Itís not your fault for the killing itís the-

Ramona: Iím supposed to be dead, not them

Ranona: how can a girl just start burning but end up killing-

I cant feel the flames...

but I can feel them

that moment... before...

Thomas: We can-

Ramona: Now how is that not all my fault?

How am I not responsible?

How is the blood not on my hands?

Trinity: you didn't mean to. it was just-

Ramona: me

*Ramona leaves the room

Castiel: well I have school tomorrow so Iím off to bed

*Thomas and Trinity stare at Castiel as the leaves to the bedroom*

Thomas: Trinity thereís something about Castiel I want to talk to you about

Location : Unknown

*Jumps to the 3 bombers talking to higher ups*

*Higher ups are watching the gopro footage on a monitor*

Bryan Wiggen: Thatís all we will need, thank you gentlemen for your co-operation you may leave.

*the 3 bombers pack and leave, then the higher ups*

* 2 of them are have walking down a corridor while having a conversation*

Boston Weve: So what are we looking at

Bryan: a REL and ELE working together

and a crap ton of paperwork,

Boston: I thought the lunatics back at the lab where experienced with this type of stuff

Boston: They couldnít even capture their own lab rat

Bryan: Interesting to see how their going to talk their way out of being outsmarted by kids,

*Arthur passes the 2 men talking*

Bryan: anyway you think their going to use this as another one of those reasons to use their new toys?

Boston: huh,

Might as well be

*A rumbling explosion is heard at the back*

*the 2 men rushed near it*

*the room where the explosion happened was completely destroyed smoke and debris everywhere, as well as dead bodies*

*out of the smoke emerged a figure with glowing eyes, it stares at the 2 men briefly then proceeds to taking one of the people that caught in the blast then jumping out of the area*

Boston: What the hell-

Bryan: Call the guys at the lab,


Boston: on it sir.

Location : Ramonaís old house

*then cuts to Ramona walking home*

*And sees her parents and cops guarding the house*

Ramona: I guess this is goodbye

*Ramona turns to leave,

when she is met with 2 people wearing all black and have masks on*

Ramona: wha-

*one of them covers her mouth so she canít talk*

Unknown person 1: Relax...

*unknown person 1, touches her forehead and she is instantly knocked out*

Unknown person 1: you wonít feel a thing

*They teleport out of sight*


END OF ARC 1 : Introduction

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Second arc (WIP)

Chapter 1

Location : Near a Cemetery

Action : Officer funeral

*Friends and families paying their respects*

*Everyone is seated and the speeches have now commenced*

Bryanwhispers) Boston meet me near the carpark

*Bryan leaves*

*Soon Boston follows*

Boston: Could it have waited after the funeral?

Bryan: Has any word come in from our research department?

Boston: They said they're working on it.

Bryan(Angrily): Theyíre working on it?

Boston: The department has aided us many times throughout the decade, Iím sure they are working extensively to catch this criminal as we speak.

Bryan: My niece was caught in that blast! Iím sure you can understand why Iím impatient.

Boston: Iím sorry for your lost. Is there anything I can do for you sir?

Bryan: You work in the research departement right?

Boston: Yes si-

Bryan: Report to me if they have found a solid lead

*Bryan leaves to his car*

*He sees Adrian standing near him when he turns*

Bryan: Good morning, Mr. Seinfeld

Adrien: Good morning

Bryan: Iím sorry about your associate. He was a good man.

*Bryan continues to walk to his car and gives a strange look to Adrien*

*Adrien walks to the funeral and sits on a chair *

*Sakai enters to give his speech*

*People in the back are talking*

*Who is he?*

*Does anyone know him?*

*Iíve never seen him before*

*Adrien gives Sakai a strange look*


Location: Castiel's school

Action: Castiel and Mandy development

*Castiel Remembers what happened last time with Mandy*

Castiel : Where is she?

*Castielís hearts starts hurting*

Castiel: Ack!

*uugh Itís starting again*

*Castiel checks his hand and sees itís shaking uncontrollably*

*Castiel takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself down*

*Mandy is taking some books out from her locker. She looks at a picture of all her friends side by side, giving notice to how Mandy and Castiel were next to each other when the photo was taken*

*A mirror in Mandyís locker shows Castiel standing behind her with his hand in his pocket

Castiel looked very pale and sickly*

*Mandy closes the locker*

Castiel: I need to talk to you, now.

*Mandy instantly slaps Castiel with tremendous force*

Mandy: Have you gone completely insane?!

Castiel: I-I havenít. Have you? You just struck me!

*Castiel clenches his fist in defense*

*The anger in her eyes slowly started to dissipate when she saw that something was up with Castiel

Still slightly filled with anger Mandy starts walking away when Castiel suddenly grabs hold of her arm*

*She notices heís shaking tremendously*

Castiel: MandyÖ

*Mandy quickly slips from his grasp, dropping her books in the process*

Mandy: Donít touch me!

*They both get down to pick up the books*

Castiel: Just listen to me...

Mandy: No, donít. JustÖ donít.

*Mandy snatches her book from Castiel. She gets up and starts walking*

Castiel: ...

*Mandy stops. She has her head down and tears rolling down her cheeks*

*Castiel gently puts his hand on Mandyís shoulder*

Castiel: Iím so sorry for pushing you.

*Mandy clenches her books hard*

Mandy: What happened to you, Cass? I never saw you like thatÖ so angry. It was like you werenít even human.

Castiel: Mandy, you know me. Iím fine...

*Mandy turned to face Castiel without making eye contact*


Castielaggravated) Why are you crying?

Mandy: Itís-Itís nothing. I accept your apologyÖ Just...Just promise me you wonít do anything like that again?

*As they stood there, Mandy opened her eyes and saw Castiel broken pale face struggling to smile*

*When they finished Mandy lies her face on his shoulder.*

Castiel: I wonít...

Mandy(Whisper): Castiel.

Castiel(Whispers): yea

Mandy: Castiel...

*Castiel sees Mandyís face like a burnt corpse*

Mandy: Castiel...Cass...Cass hello?

*Mandy is vigorously shaking him*

*Castiel snaps back into it and jumps back into a locker due to the shock*

Castiel: W-what? Whatís happening?

Mandy: I asked if you were feeling ok?

Castiel: *Cough* Iím fine.

Mandy: I can help walk you to the nurse if you want?

*Mandy notices Castiel is struggling to stand*

Castiel: N-no, Iíll walk there myself.



Action: What Thomas has been up to

*Thomas was looking out of his window while writing in a journal*

Thomas(Narration): Recently, I was introduced this girl named Ramona Shaw. She is a bit off her rockers and I heard she was treated with some strange experimental serums. After this Ramona mutatedÖ She was full of emotion. I looked into her a some more and found a link with her and the investigation.

*Thomas goes to take a seat at his desk and continues writing*

Thomas(Narration): Perhaps further examination is needed in regards to Ramonaís case. Even though she may be an individual scarred by the events at Roswell Walker, Ramona may very well be the key to my closure. Until I can arrange another session with her, Iíll need to look into separate matters. One being the motive for the events at Roswell Walker, and the other questioning those involved.

Chapter 1

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Chapter 2

Location: REMM Enterprise

Action: Private Meeting

*The board of REMM Enterprise is gathered around a large table*

*Sakai is sitting at the far end with his hands folded and his head down. He takes a deep breath and slowly gets out of his chair*

Sakai: Gentlemen. I have gathered you all here to establish and reform our previous mistakes. This company has survived its many problems, but improvement is necessary.

*Sakai pushes a button at the side of the table which opens the wall behind him revealing a screen with the Lucifer Project on it*

Sakai: The Lucifer Project.

*The board began to talk to one another*

Random Board Member: Such ambition

Random Board Member 2: Weíll lose the company!

Random Board Member: This hasnít worked before and it never shall

Sakai: I understand you all have doubts.

Board Member 1: You know damn well we wonít back this. Not after what happened with your little lab rat.

Board Member 2: I second that! We barely recovered our losses then. What measures would you have in play this time?

Sakai: Gentlemen, please. What happened years ago could never have been avoided.

Board Member 1: Oh yes, of course. And Iím certain the incident at the all girls school could not have been avoided, hmm? The police have begun heading an investigation.

Sakai: Well testing the new serum needed live subjects to sample our data. We believed those casualties were necessary risks. NoÖ more like collateral damage.

Board Member 1: That too! The damages themselves proved your little serum to be far more dangerous.

Sakai: I admit, the outcome was a bit more than anticipated. However, successful nonetheless. Gentlemen you may rest easy knowing your investment has yielded favorable results. Achieving the transition stage and placing a new, more adequate process. Exactly what weíve needed all along. To fend off these pests. Theyíve infiltrated our society with their narrow minded views and limited grasp of the concept of opportunity. Rejecting our way of life. Constant disarray.

*Sakaiís assistant leaves the room*

The world has only become more corrupt in the arrival of these monsters. If we do not act, they will pounce, exposing our weakness, and destroy us all. They must be dealt with great prejudice and unrelenting force. Have we not forgotten those who have suffered? Those who have been slaughtered.

Board Member 3: Those bastards took my son. My only sonÖ murdered. Yet they still roam free acting innocent among us. I will push for this project to be active once more. Though we must have assurance that the events that took place in that facility will not occur.

*The board all agreed*

Sakai: You want assurance?

*Sakai held pushed another button on the side of the table. *

*A cylinder containing a single vial arose from inside the table.*

*Sakai took out the vial and held it up for the board to see*

Sakai: The final solution. Itís ready. All i needÖ is your confirmation.

*The room fell silent before a board member raised his hand*

Board Member 1: I vote yes.

Board Member 3: Yes.

*Each one of the board member each said yes one after the other*

Board Member 2: I vote-

*Sakaiís comm goes off*

Comm Link: Sir, we have a situation. You are needed immediatelyÖ

Sakai: Gentlemen, we will must discuss this at a later time. For now write down your votes here.

*Sakai hands them a piece of paper from a draw in the table. He begins to leave while adjusting his tie*

Sakai (Via Comm): Bring my car around.

Location: Abandoned REMM Facility

Action: Looking into situation

*Sakai exits his car and has his assistant, already at the site, follow him*

Sakai: What are we looking at?

Assistant: Sir it would be best to explain it inside. Follow me.

*Sakai follows his assistant to the ruins of what was once a room*

Assistant: Sir, itís-

Sakai: I know.

*He looks around the room noticing all the slash marks and debris*

Sakai: Shit.


Location: Trinityís house

Action: Castiel has returned home from school and is feeling unwell

*Castiel struggles to get the keys and open the door*

*He is surprised to see that no one is there*

*Castiel:Whereís Trinity?

*Castiel dumps his bag on his sofa then sits down.*

*he checks his phone and sees that Trinity has left him a comment saying that : one of your friends was asking if she could help you, while I work an extra shift. Apparently you were not feeling well at school and she got worried about you *Wink emoticon* Sheíll keep an eye on you till Iím back



*Castiel takes of his phone and puts it back into his pocket*

*he hears footsteps coming down from upstairs*

Mandy: Hey Cass...How ya feeling?

Castiel: Terrible.*coughs*

*Mandy sits really close to him*

*Castiel gets a little surprised

She puts her hand on the top of his forehead to check his temperature*

*Castiel fidgets and blushes*

Mandy: You're burning up

*Mandy quickly retracts her hand when the temperature become too overwhelming *

Mandy: I think we should call someone.

*Castiel remember that the police donít trust them after coming in contact with Ramona*

*Castiel stops Mandy from getting out her phone*

Castiel: Itís just a fever. Itíll end a-after a few days.I just need some rest

*Castiel tries to stand up but Mandy is easily able to sit him back down*

*Castiel slightly groans in pain*

*he tries to get up again*

*Mandy sits him back down again*

Castiel: Mandy please stop

Mandy: WhatÖ.

*Mandy stares at the ground when both her fists clenched*
*Castiel looks confused*

*Mandy looks straight at Castiel crying slightly*

Mandy: What is going on with you?! Why donít you want my help?!

Castiel: Ma-

Mandy: I donít want any excuses . So please just tell me: Whatís going on with you?!

*Castiel tries to stand up again*

Mandy: You're not leaving ti-

*Castiel loses his balance*

*mandy yelps*

*falls on her*

*He attempts to get up again when falls again*

*Castielís nose starts bleeding and his heart racing at an unbelievable pace*

Mandy: Cass! Cass stay with me!

*Castiel starts to black out*


Location: Organisationís current lair

Action: Ramona is revealed to be there

*Ramona shudders in pain. Drenched in sweat she finally unclenches*

Xayvion: Letís try this again, shall we?

*Xayvion reaches out and touches Ramonaís head*

*Ramona is in a dream state that the people in the organisation have put on her*

*Have her re live any contact or conversation till they find a memory of her conversing with Trinity*

*They stop the dream state

Ramona is exhausted and unconscious*

Mercury: Did you get the information needed?

Xayvion: Not all, But Itís a start though. Sheís been resisting less than usual.

Mercury: Tell me...Can she still go on?

Xayvion: No.The mental strain on her will soon take a turn for the worst if we are to continue.

Xayvion: What if we use less extreme means?

Mercury: It would take an absolutely ludicrous amount of time. There is just too much interference. It was quite difficult gathering the little information that we do have.

Xayvion: Time is no longer relevant. You will get that information.

Mercury: Affirmative, I expect nothing less.

*They enter a dream state Ramona has put under. The setting is the memory she had at Roswell Walker*

*She finds it hard to concentrate with the looming headaches*

Teacher: Ramona do you need to see the nurse? Class doesnít start till 5 minutes?

Ramona: No itís ok, Iím fine.

*Her shoulder starts getting itchy. She starts scratching into her veins making them pulse. The arm she used to lean on the table starts smoking. Lifting it reveals that part of the table is scorched*

*Students begin to notice*

Teacher: Whatís going on?

Ramona: IÖ I canítÖ holdÖ it.

Teacher: What do-... oh my god. Everyone out!

*Ramonaís hands are on fire*

*Nova hands Ramona her sweater*

Nova: Here you go-

*Students try to run*

*Ramona stares at Nova*

*Nova stares at the fire that begins to engulf all of Ramona*

Ramona: I-IímÖ sorry.

*With a sudden flash, Ramona slowly opens her eyes and finds herself flame free.*

*The classroom is empty except for Xayvion and Mercury*

Ramona: Whatís going on?

Mercury: Nothing. Youíre safe now.

Ramona: What happened to the fire?

Xayvion: There was no fire. Right,Mercury?

Mercury: Indeed. There was not a single flame.

Xayvion: Ramona, weíve come here to ask you a few questions we would like you to answer. Can you do that?

Ramona: Why?!

Xayvion: Just answer the questions.

Ramona: (dubiously) Ok..

Mercury: After School you interacted with your peers... Who were they by any chance?

Ramona: My friends? They wereÖ

*Ramona yelps in pain*

Ramona: After schoolÖ After theÖ fire!

Mercury: No fire occurred.

Xayvion: Youíre here with us. Your school is intact. You are safe.

Ramona: IímÖ IímÖ on fire.

Mercury: This isnít working.

Xayvion: Hold on. Weíre still in control.

*Ramona looks at her hands*

Xayvion: Ramona.

*Ramona closes her eyes*

Xayvion: You were cold. They brought you your sweater. The class resumed as normal. School was over shortly after. We then asked you to answer a few questions for us. Do you remember?

*Xayvion looked at Mercury*

Mercury: Do you remember, Ramona?

Ramona: I...I do.

Xayvion: If youíre not feeling well, Ramona, we can call your friend Trinity to come for you.

Ramona: T-Trinity?

Mercury: Yes, Trinity. You've been acquainted with her for quite an extensive amount of time. Do you remember conversing with her?

Ramona: Yeah sheÖ weÖ talked.

Mercury: Can youÖ remember that?

*Ramona clenched again*

Chapter 2

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 3

Location: St. Peter Hospital

Action: Questioning

*Thomas was finishing reading a receptionistís mind with his hand placed on her head*

Thomas: You never saw me.

*Thomas removed his hand from the receptionist*

*He walked over to the elevator and pushed the call button*

*íJessica Madison, room 314í*

*The elevator doors opened and Thomas walked in. He pushed the button to the third floor*

*Thomas used the link he had from a security guard and made the guard shut off the elevator security camera*

*The cameraís recording light turned off*

*The elevator doors opened in the third floor. Thomas got out and walked over to room 314*

*He walked in and found a woman sitting next to unconscious, burned Jessica Madison. The woman got up confused*

Woman: Who are you?

Thomas: Iím Doctor Zimmers

Woman: Okay. Can you tell me if my daughter will be okay?

Thomas: Iíll get to her in a moment. Are you feeling well?

*Thomas went to the woman and touched her forehead*

Woman: Well iím a bit stressed out and tired and-

*The woman stood blank*

Thomas: Iím gonna need you to wait outside and start counting to yourself. Once youíve counted for ten minutes you can come back in.

*Thomas removed his hand*

*The woman walked out and closed the door behind her*

*Thomas walked over to Jessica. He took a deep breath and touched Jessicaís head*

*Thomas entered a dream state within Jessicaís mind. This took place within a room filled with students lined up for an injection they would receive*

*Thomas saw Jessica waiting in line as she stared at the needle one of the nurses was carrying. She looked frightened. Thomas also found Ramona stepping up to receive her injection at that moment. He walked over to Ramona and saw the serum injected into her arm*

*The vials the serum was from didnít have labels on them, but numbers*

*Thomas saw Ramona get up and leave with a friend. He then saw the nurse and noticed she wasnít wearing a name tag*

*The nurse picked up a clipboard and checked off Ramonaís name from a list titled Distribution, and had the names under a section called Subjects*


*It was then Jessicaís turn to get the injection. She sat on a stool and pulled up her sleeve as she closed her eyes shut. She bit her other hand hard*

Nurse: Are you scared?

Jessica:No, I just hate needles.

Nurse: Itís alright. Youíll barely feel a thing.

*The nurse finished the injection. She then turned over to an assistant and whispered in his ear*

Nurse: This one wonít be needing the adrenaline. Mark her down.

*The assistant complied and the nurse rolled Jessicaís sleeve down*

Jessica: Was that it?

Nurse: Youíll probably have another one soon. So just remember, okay?

*Jessica got up and walked away scared*

*She passes Ramona talking with her friend whilst walking to the bathroom*

*Thomas follows her and finds her looking at her arm in the mirror*

Jessica: It wonít hurt. It wonít hurt. It wonít hurt.

*Jessica pulls down her sleeve and takes a deep breath.

*Her veins stop pulsing and simmer down back to normal*

She walks out of the bathroom and starts walking down the side of the English building near the Math building*

*While walking Jessica notices a van zoom into the campus. The door opens and men wearing REMM jackets are within awaiting the nurse who runs towards the van*

*Jessica walks to them to get a better view but then notices a room at the Math building having students exit in a hurry*

*In an instant, a massive explosion launches Jessica back. She makes impact with the English building wall, her body burning a bit*

*Thomas looked out to where the van was and saw the nurse stop a stopwatch. The van door closed and the van zoomed off*

*Thomas got out of the dream state. He took a deep breath as he removed his hand from Jessicaís head*

Thomas: REMM.


Location: Adrian's house

Action: Watching security tape

*Adrian is watching the security tape on replay while taking notes on each individual aspect*

* pauses it when he sees something strange about a part of the video*

*he notices what seems to be Arthur's face*

*he enlarges it to make sure

It checks out to be Arthur*

*Adrian: Why did he kill the others but take him? Is there something he had.*

*Adrian takes down the note*

*Adrianís phone starts to ring

He answers it*

Adrian: Hello? Who is this?


Adrian: How did you get my private number?

*Static gets even louder*

Caller: A*Static*dre*Static*en

Caller: *Static*elp*Static*me

Adrian: Arthur?

Caller: *Static*

Adrian: Arthur this is Adrian speaking are you ok?

Caller: *Static stops*

*Adrian and the caller go silent for a brief moment*

Adrian: He-

Caller: *loud 200 hz hum

*call cuts*


Location: Ramonaís mind

Action: Continuing from last chapter

Ramona: But this isnít right.

*Ramona touches her head*

Mercury: Ramona, you were there. I believe you are aware of what happened

Ramona: I do. I knowÖ I know... I caused it.

Xayvion: We have a proposition. From the evidence we have gatheredÖ You didnít cause the incident.

Ramona: ButÖ this doesnít make sense. I was in class andÖ

*Room starts to shake*

Xayvion: relax. Take a deep breath.

*Ramona listened and took a deep breath*

Xayvion: We can help you. Just try to remember back. Before you entered class.

*Ramona closed her eyes*

Ramona: I wasÖ sitting down. There was a needle.

Mercury:Continue. Who was there?

Ramona: Other kidsÖ the nurse.

Mercury: Anyone else?

*Ramona clenched*

Ramona: There wasÖ he wasÖ

Mercury: Who was there?

Ramona: ItísÖ

Xayvion: Thomas. Thomas Chichun. He altered your mind. An anomaly in your subconscious was developed. He caused the explosion.

Ramona: How?

Mercury: Ramona, you said you were not in control? Is it true that you experienced spontaneous combustion?

Xayvion: Thomas Chichun can not be trusted. Not after what he did at your school. What he did to your friend.

*Ramona widened her eyes*

Ramona: Nova!

Mercury:Thomas corrupted you.

Ramona: But after I left-

Xayvion: He manipulated your mind. EssentiallyÖ he framed you. Therefore, we are going to locate Thomas.

Ramona: What are you going to do?

*Xayvion looks her straight in the eye*

Xayvion: After Thomas is located you will execute him.

Ramona: What? I canít. Itís against everything I know.

Mercury: Thomas manipulated you mentally causing you to murder your friend. He was the primary cause of your friend's death.

Xayvion: You would be giving justice to those who lost their lives that day. Find retribution, Ramona. Eliminate Thomas Chichun.

*Ramona closed her eyes again and put her head down*

Xayvion: Nova would have wanted you to find vengeance. Do this for her. The blood is already on your hands.

*Ramona opened her eyes and saw her hands were on fire*

Ramona: No. No please! I didnít mean toÖ I wasÖ

Xayvion: Whoís to blame?

*The fire engulfed Ramonaís entire body*

*The next moment all her classmates were in the room along with Nova holding Ramonaís sweater*

Nova: RamonaÖ why?

Ramona: Nova. ItÖ wasnít me.

Xayvion: Were you the guilty one? Did you kill your best friend?

Ramona: No IÖ

Xayvion: Thatís why you canít accept the truth. You were guilty from the start.

Ramona: No-

Xayvion: You deserve to burn.

*The fire intensifies. Ramona begins spewing flames*

Ramona: No!

*Ramona suddenly sees Thomas standing in front of her*

Ramona: He-he did this!

Ramona: Itís all your fault!

Ramona: Youíre why sheís dead.

Ramona: You deserve to burn.

Xayvion: Itís your friendÖ or him.

*Ramona gets angry. She gets out of her chair and throws a huge blast of flames towards Thomas*

*Ramona wakes up from her dream state. Sheís laying on a medical bed looking up at two men that look familiar*

Xayvion: You are dismissed.

*The men begin to leave*

*Ramona gets up*

Ramona: WaitÖ have we met?

*The men look at each other then back at Ramona*

Xayvion: In your dreams.

*The men left and Ramona was confused*

*Ramona sat on the side of the bed and lifted her hand*

*She slowly opened her fist*

*A sudden flame was lit on her palm*

*Ramona clenched her hand in a fist again*

Ramona: He deserves to burn.

Chapter 3

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 4

Location: Old REMM Cell Facility

Action: Investigation

*Thomas is on the floor bleeding heavily. He is clenching his wound with one hand as he attempts to stop the bleeding*

Ghost(Mental): Losing.

*íBlood? State of mind? The fight? What am I losing if not that?í*

*The pain of Thomasís wound gets sharper.*

Ghost(Mental): Me.

*We go back to the beginning where Thomas has walked up to the old REMM Facility*

*Thomas gets near the front door. Thereís an access panel near the door, but it seems to be unresponsive when Thomas touches it. He instead decides to push open the door*

*The door creaks as itís pushed open*

*A silent alarm has been triggered But Thomas is not aware of it*

*Thomas walks in slowly, observing everything*

*íWhat am I looking for?í*

*Thomas walks down the room until he reaches a door for the stairs. He makes his way down the stairs casually and without fear*

*Once reaching the third sublevel, Thomas goes into a room with an old computer*

*Thomas took the chair and threw across the room. He quickly turned on the computer and began starting it up with codes and commands*

*The computer screen showed the words: Security Breach. Shutdown Imminent*

*Thomas quickly move to override the shutdown sequence. He then took out his journal while connecting a usb drive in the computer. He wrote*

*There seems to be nothing on it on their servers.*

*Thomas heard something outside the room*

*íI must continue my searchí*

*He removed the usb. Thomas erased every piece of data from the computer. As he left the computer crashed and shut itself off*

*Before Thomas could exit the door locked. Instantly his head was slammed against it. After a moment of recovery, Thomas attempt to quickly touch his attackerís head*

*Seto using his Telekinesis and holds Thomasís hand in place, just inches from his head*

Seto: Hello...

*Seto kicks Thomas back on the door and starts unloading powerful strikes to Thomasís body*

*Thomas spits blood. He tries to punch Seto but just ends up getting the wind knocked out of him when receiving a knee to the gut*

*Seto gets a hold of Thomas to throw him to the other side of the room, but before letting go, teleports him to the opposite direction towards the door*

*Thomas tried to breath before his head was slammed once again onto the door*

*Seto used his telekinesis to flip over Thomas and pin him up against the door*

Seto: Now letís see what I won.

*Seto reached into Thomasís pocket and took the usb.

*Suddenly pressure was pushed against Thomas and the door. With a sudden telekinetic push, Thomas was launched through the door and made impact with a wall in the hall outside*

*Seto walked out and showed Thomas the usb before crushing it in his hands*

*Seto walks away*

*Thomas is on the floor bleeding heavily. He is clenching his wound with one hand as he attempts to stop the bleeding*

Ghost(Mental): Losing.

*íBlood? State of mind? The fight? What am I losing if not that?í*

*The pain of Thomasís wound gets sharper.*

Ghost(Mental): Me.

*Thomas slowly removed his hand from his wound and placed it on his head. He closed his eyes*

*Thomas opens his eyes and sees his sister lying next to him*

Sister: Hi

*Thomas stays still emotionless*

*Sister sits beside him*

Sister: You know whatís going to happen...right?

Thomas: ...Yeah

Sister: You are aware of what needs to be done?

*Thomas sheds a tear*

Thomas: Yes.

Sister: I know you donít want to.

*Thomas closes his eyes*

*Sister stands up*

*She puts her hand on his forehead*

*She turns into a dark shadowy figure and enters Thomas through his mouth*

*Thomas lies here emotionless for a brief second then opens his eyes*

*They are blackshot eyes*


Location: Abandoned Warehouse or Junk yard

Action: Training

*Establishing shot of an old Junk yard*

*Ramona is using the scrap metal and junk to train her powers on*

Till she obliterates almost everything*

*Voice in her head: Itís all his fault, he did this, You're too weak.,*

*Drops on the ground with her hands covering her ears*

*Voices intensify*

*Eliminate ThomasÖ Kill ThomasÖDestroy Thomas! *

Ramona: Aaah!

*Ramona blows up similar to how she did in the school*

*Her fire changes to blue*


Location: Thomasís current house

Action: Answering Psychic Distress Call

*Castiel rubs his head due to the headache left over from earlier. He turns in his bed and looks at his nightstand*

*On the nightstand there is a mug of chicken soup and a note that says ďGet better, MandyĒ*

*Castiel closes his eyes to sleep. He immediately wakes up when he hears voices in his head*

Thomas(Mental): Cass. Get to my apartment. Find my research.


*Castiel got out of bed. He almost lost his balance due to the dizziness. He eventually got a hold of himself and made his way downstairs. He looked out the window and saw it was raining*

Castiel: Come on.

*Castiel grabbed his jacket and went out the door and into the pouring rain. Castiel put his hood on and began running over to Thomasís apartment. His head gets dizzy and he starts to lose his balance again before adjusting. Suddenly a bird flies directly to his face and he falls to the floor. Castiel notices there was no bird, but he held his head in pain. He got up and continued to Thomasís apartment*

*When reaching the crosswalk, Castiel pushes the crossing button and waits*

*He closes his eyes in exhaustion*

*Suddenly thunder cracks in the sky scaring Castiel to open his eyes*

*He awakes in a white facility. He sees people running from him, screaming. Then an assault unit runs in from the corner and aim their guns at him*

*Another crack of thunder woke up Castiel at the crosswalk. He saw the light to walk was on and crossed*

*Castiel made it to Thomasís building and went inside. After climbing a few stairs, he got to Thomasís apartment which seemed to be forced open*

*Castiel entered the apartment and found it ransacked. Books were torn, documents were destroyed, and everything was turned over*

*Castiel takes out his phone and quick dials Thomasís phone*

Thomas (Phone Message): Hey

Castiel: Thomas!

Thomas (Phone Message): Not here right now. Leave a message and Iíll call you back.


Castiel: Thomas, Iím at your place. Someone was already here. Searched everywhere. Call me back as soon as you get this.

Chapter 4

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 5

Location: Streets

Action: Wandering

*Thomas clenched his stomach in pain. He walked down the streets occasionally bumping into people*

*The people stared at Thomas with fear. One man tries to help Thomas*

Stranger: Hey buddy, are you okay?

*Thomas touches the man on the forehead making him stand in place*

*Thomas continued down the sidewalk with his blood dripping on the pavement*

*The apartment was near*

*Thomas struggled to climb the steps to his building. He stumbled inside still spilling blood*

*At the top of the stairs, Thomas quickly took out his keys and went to open the door. Thomas fumbled with the keys and attempted to place the key in its hole but continuously missed*

*Castiel suddenly opened the door on the other side*

Castiel: Thomas, what happened?

*Thomas just walked passed Castiel and went inside. He checked his phone messages as he made his way to the couch*

*The panel was not responding*

Castiel: Seriously, what happened?

*Castiel saw the wound Thomas had. He went to the kitchen and dug in the drawers to see if there was any bandages*

Castiel: Someoneís after you, Thomas.

*Castiel found the bandages and turned around to find Thomas standing there with an emotionless face*

*Thomas looked around. He noticed the mess all over his apartment*

Thomas: Do you know what time it is?

Castiel: UhÖ Four, I think. I donít know.

*Thomas scratched his head. He took the bandages from Castiel*

Thomas: Thanks. I need to you to leave.

Castiel: What? Why do I need to leave?

Thomas: CassÖ I really need to be alone right now.

*Castiel looked at Thomas, trying to find some hint of what Thomas was up to. He found nothing. Castiel walked to the door and left*

*As soon as the door closed, Thomas sighed in fatigue. He went back to the couch. As he walked there, his legs began to fail. Thomas collapsed on the couch*

*The room began to blur in Thomasís eyes. He blinked then saw his sister on her knees examining Thomasís head*

*Thomasís sister put her hand on his forehead*

*Thomas lost consciousness*


Location: Thomasís Dream

Action: Dreaming

*Thomas opens his eyes to the sound of sizzling. He gets up slowly off the couch, noticing the apartment is cleaned and fixed*

*Thomas went towards a sound in the kitchen. He looked around the corner and saw a young woman preparing breakfast. She looked at Thomas*

Itsuka: Good morning. I made bacon and eggs. Just the way mom did them.

*Thomas slowly walks to take a seat at the counter*

Itsuka: Did you work all night again?

Thomas: No...

*Itsuka laughed*

Itsuka: Youíre so bad at lying.

*Itsuka put a plate of eggs, bacon, with a side of toast in front of Thomas*

Itsuka: Now eat up big brother.

*Itsuka had a plate for herself. She ate in front of Thomas*

*Thomas slowly ate a piece of bacon*

Itsuka: So how was last night?

*Thomas thought for a moment*

Thomas: I canít remember.

Itsuka: Well I went with my friends out to this restaurant a few blocks from our old school. The one(s) that we saw after school.

Thomas: Yeah. I remember.

Itsuka: Anyways, they had to go to wake up early the next day. But when they left me there, I met the most amazing guy.

*Thomas clenched his fist*

*Itsuka noticed this and gently touched his hand*

Itsuka: I know.

Itsuka: Iím not going anywhere.

*Thomas kept his head down*

Itsuka: Besides, whatís gonna happen when I have someone like you looking after me?

*Thomas looked up and smiled*

*Itsuka smiled back. She got wiped her mouth with a napkin*

Itsuka: Well Iím gonna go change. Wash the dishes for me?

*Thomas chuckled*

Thomas: Yeah.

*Itsuka walked over to her room*

*Thomas took another quick bite of the bacon and took the plates. He carried them to the sink.


Location: Thomasís House

Action: Awake

*Thomas slowly regains consciousness and tries to stand up*

*He loses his balance for a while then manages to rest his weight on a wall*

*He noticed that most of his injures were gone and that his room was clean again and that heíd taken a shower *

*He goes to check his phone but remembered that it broke*

*he went to go wash his face in the bathroom*

*he stares at the mirror and talks to himself*

Thomas: What did you do?

Thomas: yes but

Thomas: Yes

Thomas: Yes

*Thomas eyes go all black again for a brief second before returning back to normal*

*Thomas goes back to the blank expression*

Location: Middle of the city

Action: Mercury is walking into a Cafe

*Shows Mercury walking down the street and into a cafe*

*Zooms into a shot of Thomas watching him from a distance*

Thomas: So that him?

Thomas: Yea I can...

Thomas: I know...

*Thomas vaults over a ledge*

*Lands on the ground and does a safety roll*

*Jumps down a set of stairs then runs to the cafe*

*He enters the cafe*

*He sees Mercury sitting on the left of the room*

Thomas: Iíll have what heís having.

*Thomas points at Mercury

Counter Lady: Sure.

*Thomas sits next to Mercury*

*Mercury gives Thomas a menacing look*

Thomas: Hi

Itsuka: Hi

*Ghostly figure is next to him on the seat*

*Thomas and the ghostly figure are talking at the same time*

Thomas: Remember me

Itsuka: Remember me

Chapter 5

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 6

-(altered) backstory explained

Location: Theme Park

Action: Backstory

*Shows a opening shot of the Theme Park*

*A worker is carrying a new batch of tokens to be replaced he passes Thomasís sister while heís there*

*The worker gives her an ominous stare*

*Itsuki stands near one of the entrances waiting for Thomas to arrive*

*She starts getting worried and checks her phone*

*She was about to Text Thomas when*

Thomas: Boo!

Itsuki: Aaah!

*She dropped her phone due to the fright*

Thomas: Hahaha.

Itsuki: You moron.

*She picked up her phone then attempted to push Thomas*

Thomas: You didnít piss yourself did you?

Itsuki: Shut up! What took you so long anyway?

Thomas: Had to make a quick stop at Cassís place. Letís go.

*They walk up and get their tickets*

*The worker from the beginning hands them out their tickets*


*A little montage of them going on a few rides*

*Whilst on a ride they have a conversation*

Itsuki: Than-

*water splashes on her face

Thomas: Ha, what was that?

Itsuki: I said trying to say thanks for taking me here.

Thomas: No problem, I need a break from studies anyway.

Itsuki: But what are we going to do when Dad finds out?

Thomas: Iíll just make up an excuse.

Itsuki: Heíll know that you're lying

Thomas: True, but hey itís worth a try


*Thomas is having a turn playing lazer tag when he notices that something is wrong*

*he stops playing and puts his hand on his head*

Itsuki: Tommy whatís wrong?

Thomas: Nothing itís just a headache. Just continue playing, Iíll be back in a bit

*Thomas leaves to the bathroom*

*he washes his face with water and looks at himself in the mirror*

*he noticed that his eyes have gone completely red*

*he gets another wave of headaches this time worse than the last*

Thomas: Argh!

*a guy walks past staring at Thomas*

Thomas: H-heyÖ Do you hear that buzzing?

Stranger: NoÖ are you ok?

*Suddenly the buzzing started to stop*

Thomas: Itís- Itís gone. The buzzing itís gone.

Stranger: YepÖ mhm.

*Stranger proceeds to walking into the dorm*

*Thomas steps out to see that his sister has one a lot of prizes*

Thomas: Whoa.

Thomas: You won all that

Itsuki: fair and square

*Itsukiís face looked worried*

Thomas: Whatís wrong?

Itsuki: Itís nothing

How much time do we have left?

*Itsuki is trying hard not to look at the blood that is dripping from Thomasís ears but he notices*

*Thomas touched his ear and looked at his finger, he quickly them took his sleeve and wiped most of the blood off*

*He then quickly checked his watch*

Thomas: 12 minutes

Itsuki: We need to get going before dad finds out

*Thomas did not respond rather he was standing there motionless*

Itsuki: Thomas.Thomas you there?Hello?

Thomas(serious tone): Wait out at the back Iíll be there soon

Itsuki: But-

*Thomas rushes to the far left side of the theme park*

Itsuki: Thomas wait!


*shows a shot of one of the abandon zones of the theme park*

*there was a guy confronting a female near one of the walls*

Lady: Stop!

Man: Keep quiet

*the man tried to hold her in place while she resisted*

*she mistakenly scratched him on the cheek*

*he stared at her with great anger*


*he raised his right hand up getting ready to hit her when thomasís hand wrapped around his neck*

Man: UghÖget- off ...me!

*the man pushed Thomas near a trailer*

*hitting his back hard, he keep on the ground bleeding*

*He continues to lay punches on Thomas*

Man: I'll deal with you later.

*the man switched his gaze back to the lady*

Lady: No!

*he kept walking close to her*

*Thomas's eyes started to glow blue*


*the man suddenly paused, his body was twitching*

*the lady looked confused*

*Thomas stood up and looked at the man*

*the man complied and walked out*

Thomas: You good?

*the lady noded and ran away*

*Thomas fell on his knees, due to the loud buzzing returning again*

*he put his hand on his ears and tried to walk it off*

*BOOM! There was a loud bang, people were screaming and running away*


*Thomas ran out to see what happened he then stopped in shock when he saw the blast was from the back entrance of the theme parkĒ

*Thomas ran even faster*

Thomas: No. No. No

*he for tossed and tumbled everywhere due to the large crowd of people*

Thomas: No way!

*he arrived at the location devastated

He saw her lifeless body covered with blood*

*Thomas slowly walks towards her*

*then tries to hold her up*

*then shakes her*

Thomas: Wake up! Wake up!

*a couple minutes have passed and the police have arrived*

*an officer takes pity on him and tries to comfort him*

Officer: Iím- Iím sorry but she's gone

*Thomas ignores him*

Officer: Youíve been here for hours you should probably-

Thomas: S-sheís just sleeping, Iíll leave when she wakes up

*Officer talks in his head Thomas can here him: Poor kid heís still in denial*

Itsuki: *cough* *cough*

Thomas: Youíre awake!

Itsuki: hÖ.hÖÖ

*Thomas starts bursting with tears*

Thomas: What is it?

Itsuki: h-him

*Itsuki struggles to raise a finger but manages too*

*Thomas stares at the direction and sees a man walking back in the distance*

*Itsukiís eyes close shut*

*Thomas looks at him with anger then quickly rushes towards him*

*He is then caught by his dad*

Thomas: Let me go Let me go!

Thomas: My sister needs me!

Thomas: Itsuki!

*The man stares at Thomas briefly*


Location: Back at the cafe

Action: Itsuki has encountered Mercury

Mercury: Ö

Thomas: You killed my sister.

*Mercury continues to eat*

*Thomas starts to loose his cool*

*Slams his hand on the table*

Thomas: Well?!

*Mercury sips his tea while holding his index finger out as a sign to show Thomas to wait*

Mercury: Yes. I did.

Will you please leave you are quite the nuisance?

*Thomas was about to lash But didnít notice that Xayvion was behind him*

Thomas: You-

*Xayvion Touched Thomasís head and he froze*

*Mercury plies up his plates*

Mercury: You're late

Xayvion: My apologies sir. I was setting up final preparations for the plan

Mercury: Itís fine

Xayvion: What should we do about him?

Mercury: We'll need to acquire a viable distraction.

He seems like heíll suit the job

*Mercury takes a good look at Thomas*

*They walk outside*

Mercury: Xayvion

Xayvion: Yes sir

Mercury: How was he able to pinpoint my location?

Xayvion: Thatís not possible...unless

*Xayvion looks back at the cafe with a surprised face*

Xayvion: should we-

Mercury: No, there are much more important issues to concern ourselves with. We'll deal with her later.


As they walk back a person was following them

Chapter 6

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 7

Location: Trinityís house

Action: Arrived

*Trinity is at the house*

*She is looking around for Castiel*

Trinity: Cass! Cass. Where are you?

*Trinity pulls her cellphone out of her pocket to call Castiel, but her phone wonít turn on*

*She packs her things and gets ready to go outside looking for him*


Location: Thomasís Car

Action: Driving

*Thomas is driving with Castiel. They are both somewhat clueless about the situation.*

Castiel: Thomas, whatíd you need me for this *instantly, suddenly*?

Thomas: I called you because I need to meet up withÖ A friend near the peer.

Castiel: Alright? Who is this friend?

Thomas: Iíll inform you on the details when we arive there but till then Iím going to need you to trust me. And yes I know you didnít believe what I said.

*Castiel(mono): You donít have to be a complete ass about it*

*Thomas(mono): You are aware I can still hear you right?*

Castiel: Sigh

Thomas: Also just in case anything becomes chaoticÖ I set up a proxy at a nearby diner.

Castiel: Chaotic?!

*Thomas ignores Castiel and keeps driving*

Castiel: So where is this proxy?

Thomas: Right by the peer.

Castiel takes a quick glance at the rear view mirror and sees a young girl at the backseat*

*He turns to checks but doesnít see anyone*

*Castiel and Thomas are nearing their location. Thomas parks the car by a nearby sidewalk. They exit and Thomas is looking around for the proxy. They spot the proxy.*

*Castiel stares around the peer whilst following Thomas*

*Thomas spots the Proxy*

Thomas: Whereíd you last see him?

Proxy: I couldnít catch a full glimpse of him. But this is where I last saw him before he disappeared

Thomas: He might be close then.

Thomas: You go look for him that way, report to me if you see him

Proxy: Yes sir

Thomas: Castiel, you and I will check the other side

*They spend some time looking around*

Castiel: Mind explaining what this is all about now?

Thomas: Mercury

*Castiel stares confused*

Thomas: Heís the guy weíre looking for

Castiel: Why?

Thomas: because he killed my sister

*Shows images of the worker on the theme park, the person near his sister's death, and Mercury at the cafe diner*

Castiel: Oh, Iím..

Thomas: Donít sweat it. Itís fine.

Castiel: When did this happen?

Thomas: About a couple years ago

Castiel: Shouldnít you have reported this to the cops?

Thomas: I did, They dropped the investigation after a year or so

Castiel: I donít even think Mercury or anybody is actually here.

Thomas: Well Castiel-

*Castiel pauses, and touches his forehead *

*Thomas stops and turns back*

Castiel: Tsk...rrrgh

Thomas: Whatís wrong?

*Castiel uses his free hand to shift his weight on the nearest wall*

Castiel: Itís-Itís fine, It normally goes away after a few minutes

*Castiel(mono): Damn it why now

Thomas: Well you stay here and recuperate Iíll look on ahead

*Castiel looks up at Thomas walking forward, he catches the glimpse of the girl again*

*he blinks then she disappears*

*Castiel makes an attempt to walk again after a while, but collapses on the floor*

*He starts coughing up blood*

*He turns to face the other way on the ground so he could breath easier but sees one of his parents burning corpses*

Castiel: ahh

*he sits up fast due to the freight*

*He slowly backs up to the wall till he bumps into another corpse this time holding his face*

*Shrivels up to a ball, closes his eyes and covers his ears with his hands*

Castiel(mono): Stop it,(10x)

*what looks Seto tries to grab castiel from behind*

*Castiel struggles to get away*

Castiel(Crying and angry): Stop, S-top, Get away from me!

Get Away!

*Castiel realises that it was a hallucination and that it was rather Thomas grabbing him*

Thomas: Cass! Cass! Itís me

Itís alright itís me.

*Castiel Still hasnít noticed and is struggling*

*Thomas(mono): Heís gotten more worse than I thought.

*Thomas(mono): Maybe if IÖ

*Thoms reaches out to Castielís forehead hoping to calm him down*

Itsuki: Donít

He gave you a warning, remember

*Thomas remembers the time where he tried looking into Castiel's head*

Itsuki: Heíll calm down soon enough, Right now I suggest we focus on the mission at hand

Thomas: I canít just leave him like this, heís in pain-

Itsuki: I thought you wanted to save me?-

Castiel: Who is she?!

*Thomas stares at Castiel surprised/shocked*

Thomas(Stuttering): oh y-you're feeling better now-

Castiel: answer me!

*Thomas stares at Itsuki*

*Thomas(mono): How is he able to see you?

*Itsuki shrugs her shoulders*

*Castiel pins Thomas to the wall with anger*

Castiel(angry & upset): Donít!...

Donít ignore me!

Who is she?!

Thomas: Look youíre upset, I get it-

*Castiel punches a few inches away from Thomasís head just barely missing him*

*His hand went straight through the wall like it was cardboard*

*Thomas stares at it with a surprised and shocked face*

*Castiel also reacted the same but then continued*

Castiel: D-donít lie to me! The one youíve been talking to!

Y-you were going to abandon me werenít you?

Thomas: no-

Castiel: You were thinking it!, S-She suggested it didnít she?

*Thomas stares emotionlessly*

Castiel: Are you really even Thomas?

*Footsteps can be heard in the distance*

*Castiel is distracted*

*Castiel gets another headache*

Castiel: arrgh

*Thomas takes advantage of this and pushes Castiel off him*

Thomas: That must be the proxy

*Thomas was about to walk up to him but freezes*

*Thomas(mono): Shit*

*from the other side of the corridor a burnt corpse is thrown to Castiel and Thomas*

*They both stare at the other side of the corridor in horror*


Location: Old Abandoned Pier

Action: Trap

*Ramona appears*

Chapter 7

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 8

Location: Near Trinityís house

Action: Attacked

*Trinity locks the door*

*She quickly runs out on to the street *

*She tries calling Castiel again, but this time her phone short circuited and all the lights and lampposts went out*

*Trinity(mono): Whatís going on?*

*She slowly walks about, she mistakenly hits a rubbish bin*

*She stands back up and slowly turns*

*She sees Mercury*

*Trinity ignores him and continues to go find Castiel*

*Xayvion shows up in front of her and blocks her path*

Trinity: Look, I donít have time for this.

*She tries budging him off but he grabs her hand*

Trinity: Whatís your problem!

*Xayvions eyes started glowing*

*Trinity is scared by this and slowly backs up*

Mercury: Are you aware of our identities? And the reason that we are here, Trinity?

Trinity: Ö

Xayvion: I think you do

Trinity: Stay away from me-

*Mercury blast Trinity away with energy*

*She hits almost at the other side of the street*

Mercury: Be quiet.

*Xayvion starts to walk back but Mercury stops him*

Mercury: Wait, she is still conscious.


Location: Peer

Action: Burned

Castiel: Whatís she doing here?Did you call her too?

*Thomas is just standing there in shock*

*Castiel turns to face Thomas*

Castiel: Thomas?

*Thomas looks behind Castiel*

Thomas: Get Down!

*Thomas grabs castiel and moves him to the other side*

*There was a huge fire blast that barely missed them*

*As soon as it dissipated they ran away*

*They find a hiding spot*

*the bit where Mercury said they needed a distraction*

*The bit where they were aware of the proxy following them*

Thomas: He planned this from the beginning.

*Thomas smacks the table near them in anger*

Castiel: I think we should focus on getting the hell out of here.

*Castiel shows Thomas the burn wound*

*Thomas thinks for a bit*

Thomas: Can you still run?

Castiel: Y-yea-

we need to get out of here

Thomas: You need to get out of here, Iím staying

Castiel: What are you going on about sheíll kill you!-

Thomas: Sheís after me! Not you.

Castiel: What did you do?


*Ramonaís footsteps*


Castiel: Why do you need to stay?

Thomas: ...

*Thomas stands up*

Thomas: oh and Castiel

Castiel: What?

Thomas: The girl youíve been seeing is my sister

*Castiel looks very surprised*

Castiel: soÖ.sheís not dead then?

*Thomas remembers when he was next to his dying sister*

*The police was dragging Thomas away*

*His sisterís ghost type figure emerged from her dead corpse*

Thomas: Let me go!(x4)

Thomas: My sister needs me!

*Ghost Itsuki: Thomas?*

Thomas: Itsuki!

*The flashback cuts*

Thomas: In a way...yes

Her power was something rather unique. Itís almost like sheís become a part of me

Iím sorry I didnít tell you this till now.

Thomas: but anyway Good luck

Castiel: Iím pretty sure youíll need it more than me

Thomas: *small laugh*

*Thomas and Castiel both go out the small building through the exit*


*Thomas is outside the peer*

Thomas(yelling): Ramona Iím here come and get me!

*Thomas stops to look around*

Thomas(yelling): Come out Ramona!

*Thomas(mono): whatís going on she should have heard me about now*

*Thomas checks on Castiel, he has almost made it out*

*Castiel trips*

*He gets up and continues running while holding his wound*

*Thomas watches closely*

*Thomas(mono): come on just a bit more*

*Thomas faces the other way then continues to shout out for Ramona*

*Castiel is almost there*

*He stops when he sees his mother standing there right out in the open*

*Thomas stares at him*

*Thomas(mono): what is he doing?*

*he tries walking up to her*

Castiel: M...mom?

*A sharp burst of fire hits in front of him just barely missing him*

*Thomas turns back *shocked *scared*

*Thomas mono*:why is she going for Cass*

Thomas: Cass get out there!

*Thomas starts running to Castiel*

*Slow mo) Castiel turns behind him and sees Trinity getting her hand ready

Thomas is racing to Castiel

Castiel is looking frightened

*It was too late Castiel got directly hit*

Chapter 8

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 9

Location: Back when Castiel and Thomas were hiding at the peer

Action: Communication

Castiel: What do you think might have gotten her all fired up?

Thomas: Probably Mercuryís handywork, She has the mindset that I caused the blast at her school.

*Thomas looks down and rather worried*

Thomas: I never should Have brought you here in the first place-

Castiel: You didnít want to go into this alone... didnít you.

*Thomas stays silent*

I can kind of understand.

*Castiel uses his right hand to wipe the blood of his nose while the other holds the wound*

Castiel: If anyone should apologize itís me,I...It was wrong of me have lashed out at you back then.

I was just overcome with these dark feelings and thoughts I couldnít control myself.

Itsuki(Talking through Thomasís body): Do these strange feelings occur when you get the headaches?

*Castiel jumps back with fright *

Castiel: T-Thomas is that you?

Itsuki: Iím his sister

Castiel: Can Thomas hear us?

Itsuki: No he canít.

you were able to sense me from time to time

And why is that?

Itsuki: I donít sense any power coming from you?

*Itsuki tilts her neck*

*Her eyes widen*

Itsuki: I was right on asking you to come here-

Castiel: I donít understand, you suggested to Thomas that he should call me-

*Itsuki pushes Castiel and holds him down to the ground*

*A dark mist emerges from her mouth and entries Castielís*

*It seems to be hurting Castiel as he is jerking around and screaming*

*Itsuki stops*

Itsuki: enjoy the gift

*Castiel is unconscious on the ground his veins turn black briefly*

*Castiel wakes up quickly*

Castiel: aaah!

*heavy panting*

Castiel: W-what happened

Thomas: You were out for a few seconds looks like that wound is a bit more serious than I anticipated we need to go now. Do you remember anything at all?

Castiel: I-IÖ

*Thomas looks concerned*

Castiel: no, nothing at all. Lets...Lets just get out of here

Thomas: You're going Iím staying


--A 6 minutes before the recent event--

Location: Outside the peer

Action:*Thomas is outside the peer*

Thomas(yelling): Ramona Iím here come and get me!

*Thomas stops to look around*

Thomas(yelling): Come out Ramona!

*Thomas(mono): whatís going on she should have heard me about now*

Itsuki: Thatís because sheís not after you

Thomas: What

Itsuki: Sheís under the mindset that youíve blown up her school and killed her classmates

Sheíll go for Castiel first to get even with you.

Thomas: How are you able to look through her mind?

Itsuki: Canít you?

Thomas: No..Somethingís been interfering with it since that day she left

Itsuki: Thatíll be Mercury he doesnít want you interfering

Heís probably also aware of my return as well. He might have figured it out when I was able to pinpoint his location, Sadly for him he didnít have enough time to make a countermeasure for me.

I donít have my Physical body anymore so I canít put her to sleep or anything but I can buy us some time.

Thomas: I hope this works


--present time--

*Castiel is now nothing but a burnt corpse*

*Thomas drops down to the ground*

*He looks at Castiel's remains in horror*

*Ramona slowly walks towards Thomasís direction*

*Then randomly stops*

*She gives Thomas a brief smile then turns the other way*

*She blasts in a different direction*

*This time it hits the real Castiel*

*Thomas gives a really surprised look*

*The illusion starts to dissipate*

Itsuki: Well that didnít go as planned

Thomas(Yelling): How did you figure it out!

Ramona: You werenít concentrating at me when I lit up fake Castiel Your focus was rather on something else.

I anticipated youíll try something similar to what you did back with bombers, The only thing that was left to do is wait for you to slip up or act out of place.

I admit this kind of sounds like a stretch but I had a feeling you would try something

And I guess your acting was kind of bad as well.

*Thomas(mono): Sheís different from last time I saw her, something is different about her*

*Ramona is walking up to Thomas*


Location: Near Trinity lives

Action: Emerged

*A shot zooms into the rubble caused by Trinityís body impacting a old building*

*a hand emerges from it and a glowing eye*

Chapter 9

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 10

Location: Near where Trinity lives

Action: Waiting

*Mercury and Xayvion wait patiently for Trinity to appear out of the rubble*

*The rubble starts moving*

Mercury: Be prepared

*Xayvion steps back a bit*

*Trinity emerges dramatically unscaved*

*She walks a few feet then looks around sort of confused like*

*She then quickly fixes her gaze on Mercury*

Trinity: What do you want?

Mercury: Information and I am positive that you are able to provide it.

*Trinity ignores him and starts to walk off*

Trinity: Iím not interested

*Mercury shoots out another blast*

*Trinity gives Mercury a menacing stare and without a second notice dashed right towards him within seconds*

*She managed to land a hit, the wind pressure was going out of control*

Mercury: tssk!

*Xayvion was blown away quite a distance due to the pressure*

*Mercury was also flung a huge distance but it was more controlled, he managed to block the direct hit but he wasnít losing any momentum in turn making him lose his balance*

*He uses his energy beam to keep him stable*

*He manages to slow down*

*People near the area start either locking their doors or getting to cover*

*Mercury starts running away*

*Trinity follows him*

*Mercury gets enough momentum then uses his powers to take off in the air*

*Trinity jumps up a few metres catching up to him*

*She then grabs his foot then flings him back down to the ground*

*Mercury directly impacted the ground*

*Trinity lands aggressively causing the road to landed on to shatter*

*She gives Mercury a strange look*

*Trinity slowly walks up to him*

Trinity: Where do you think you're going?

Trinity(mono): Heís not even trying...I wonder what heís planning

*Mercury struggles to stand up*

Trinity: Stay down

*Mercury dashes towards her*

*Trinity elbows him before he could make it a few feet*

*Small shockwave*

*Trinity looks at Mercury slightly surprised*

*Trinity tilts her head slightly*

Trinity: huh

Your bones should be powder now...unless

*The Illusion begins to dissipate*

*Trinity turns 90į and faces the top a building, and sees the real Mercury and Xayvion*

*they are both unharmed*

*Trinity remembers back when Mercury said ďget readyĒ

Then remembers Xayvion moving back, she pieces together how they planned it in her head*

Trinity: clever

But how are you going to get your information now?

Mercury: I assume that you have discovered that eliminating you was not a sequence in our plan.

Although, to ensure that you are no longer an issue we have prepared a countermeasure.

*The grounds starts shaking with heavy footsteps*

*out emerges a big muscular guy*

Trinity: Interesting

Location: Peer

Action: Stalling

*Ramona shoots fire at Thomas multiple times*

*She misses a few of them due to Thomasís reflexes and parkour skills*

*she was able to manage to get one on Thomasís leg*

Thomas: Arrh!

*He lost his balance and fell to the ground*

*He looks around shook up trying to find Ramona in his field of view*

*Thomas(mono): Shit(3x)

Not now.*

*Thomas starts crawling*

Thomas: heal already!

*Thomas attempts to try and stand up again but falls*

Thomas: I-I canít...die, n-not now

*he got blasted from behind*

Thomas: aaaaaaaargh!

*Thomas continues crawling*

I-I- n..neeed tsss aave I-Itssuki I-I need to I-

*Ramona sees Nova in him*
Ramona: Sh-Shut up!

Thomas: need tssssu-avenge s-ssister

*Ramona sees glimpses of Novaís corpse as she looks down on Thomas*

*She rubs her eyes*

Ramona: Y-you donít get to play the victim after what youíve done!

*Voices in Ramonaís head: K-Kill him(5x) Destroy him(5x) Is it my fault?

*She gets another snippet*

*She digs her hand into her head and starts scratching*

*memories of Nova start pouring back*

*She steps backwards while still digger her fingers into her head but this time shaking*

Ramona: sh-sh-sh shut up!

Shut up! (5x)

*Ramona throws fire blast after fire blast repeatedly at Thomas*

Thomas: c-c-c-asti-el IÖ.Iím s..ory

Chapter 10

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 11

Location: Pier

Action: neutralizing

Itsuki: Itís only a matter of time before you die

I think weíll both benefit if I take control.

Thomas: Violence wonít amount to anything. I can get through to her and show her she was set up I just need an opening-

Itsuki(Passive aggressive): I donít think you're getting the point you're going to die any second now! Itís only a matter of time till your vital organs get scorched and your heart shuts down.

Itsuki: I can only heal you so much with the amount of control youíve give me.

Thomas: Ö

Itsuki: You donít feel the very least vengeful?

I mean she flat out murdered your friend Castiel

Thomas: Keep in mind the real enemy is Mercury, Itís because of him we are all in this predicament.

Itsuki: All this is for nothing then...you wonít get your revenge because you're going to die!

*Thomas eyes widen*

Thomas(crying): NO!

There'sÖ.Thereís always another way

Itsuki: This is good bye then

Thomas: WAIT!...

*Itsuki stops*

Itsuki: You're ready to do whatís necessary now?

Thomas: S-sort of...I have a plan but Iíll need a little boost

*Itsuki digs her fingers into Thomasís head*

Itsuki: You have 60 seconds

*His eyes glow black briefly*

*Thomas dashes into the middle of the peer*

*He side stepped and vaulted while dodging Ramonaís attacks*

*he getís hit a few times*

*She starts uncontrollably laughing whilst crying*

Thomas: Come on just a bit more

Just a bit more

Almost there.

Ramona: Why wonít you just die already!

*She letís out a huge blast Partially hitting Thomas*

*She gives a sinister smile for her achievement*

*Till she notices something off*

*Thomas disguised himself to look like Nova but Ramona is too overwhelmed with memories to see past it*

*Ramona runs towards Thomas as he falls in the water*

Ramona: oh...oh no

Iíll save you this time! Just hang on!

*She jumps down into the water*

*She swims around trying to find what she thinks is Nova*

*She finds herí and goes into try and pull her out of the water*

*Thomas made sure to act dead so sheíll hurry*

*As soon as she was at hugging distance Thomas pranced at her trying to get his hands in her head to make her fall unconscious*

*But he couldnít make it in time, She did a underwater blast fatally injuring Thomas*

*Thomas got pushed underneath the pier support beans*

*and Ramona slowly sinks to the ground*

*Thomas stares down at her saddened*

*Thomas was floating there motionlessly*

Itsuki: finally

*Thomasís wounds start healing rapidly till he is fully healed*

*His eyes opened completely black shot again but this time they stayed that way*

*He swam back up to the surface and started laughing*

Itsuki:...How unfortunate

*A shot of Castiel partially healed is shown*

Chapter 11

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Chapter 12

Location: City

Action: fight

(Action chapter)

Location: City

Action: loosing

*Trinity has lost the battle*

*She is being restrained by Rone(Muscular guy)*

*She doesnít seem to be resisting*

*Mercury jumps down and walks up to them*

Mercury: Your abilities amounted to less than I anticipated.

Trinity: Ö

*She has a small smirk on her face*

*Mercury still glares at Trinity while he turns to face Rone*

Mercury: Escort her to the safe house, immediately.

*Rone nods*

*then leaves*

Xayvion: What should we do about the witnesses of the event

*Mercury stays silent*

Xayvion: Maybe I shou-

Mercury: Do not waste your time. The police surely will not believe the majority of things that they have witnessed.

Xayvion: Maybe, But we canít keep doing things like this...Soon or later the media will catch on and the police wonít able to keep this hidden world silent.

Mercury: It would be miniscule in comparison to what could happen if we didn't obtain this information. Let's hope my hypothesis isnít incorrect for humanity's sake.

Xayvion: Youíre starting to sound a lot like father

Location: Dream

Action: Awakening

*Castiel seems to be unconscious in a dream state*

*Someone tries waking Castiel multiple times*

Unknown: Castiel..Castiel...Castiel

*Cass slowly wakes up confused*

*His facial expression quickly changed to surprised when he got a good glimpse of the person*

Castiel: Mother?

If any of you are interested in knowing a little bit about me I'm 15 years old, I haven't have any experience in writing stories before hand so this is my first attempt at a story. I'm also looking for a co-writer who could help advice me and help with my series.

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I stopped reading (castles high school - line 8 the sentence from Mandy made no sense to me and is confusing in the context. Why are there *at either end of the majority of the lines?*

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Many of us are likely to be unfamiliar with the conventions (accepted way of doing things) for a Manga Script/Comic script. I can gather that the lines marked (*) are action lines and dialogue is self-explanatory. On the whole, the dialogue seems to be well-done and realistic. Understand that reading the full script is a lot for the reader to take on. Most of us post short little blurbs or segments from longer pieces of work. This way readers can get a feel of the writing and offer feedback without having to read the entire story. What I see appears imaginative and well-constructed. If you haven't already checked on the proper format, you may wish to do so. Best of luck!
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