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Great Western Publishing dog stories

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Great Western Publishing dog stories


We’re doing a series of books about animals. The first book is about dogs. So right now, we’re looking only for dog stories.

We want stories that:

Make us feel good about our canine family.
Make us feel good about ourselves.
Make us feel good about being human and sharing our lives with our canine companions.
In other words, stories that uplift and inspire us.

Please read, and be sure you understand, the following guidelines before you start writing your story. It will make the writing much easier for you.


Most of you reading this probably know me. But for those who might not, I’d suggest you visit some of the other pages on this website.


We’ll pay you $10.00 (US dollars) if your story fits our guidelines, as outlined here, and if we accept it. When we get enough stories for a book, I'll start reviewing them. I'll notify everyone whose stories we've accepted, and we'll pay the $10 upon acceptance (not upon publication, which could be much later).

I cannot give you the exact timing here -- I expect it will take at least several months from now (May 3, 2006) before we get enough stories. At that time, I'll start the review process and begin making payments to those whose stories we've accepted.

As I said, this is going to be a series of books. Therefore, it’s also possible we will use your story in a later book instead of this first one.

Upon publication, we’ll send a free copy of the book to everyone whose stories we've accepted. This first book will start out as an e-book. But I expect we’ll also make it a print book later.

We are asking you for non-exclusive rights to your story. That means you are free to post, publish, or sell your story anywhere else you want.

Also, please send us a short biography of yourself, maximum 75 words. You may include your services, products, email and website addresses, phone numbers -- whatever you want to promote yourself and your business.

We're not including photographs in this first book. However, we may in later books.

For the stories, our word count range is 500 minimum up to 2,000 maximum. Please stay within those limits. We want enough detail to tell your whole story. The more detailed and personal, the better.

We want other dog lovers to connect with you and your dog on an emotional level. An easy way to achieve this is to pretend you’re telling your story to a close friend or loved one.

This first book will feature stories of dogs who’ve demonstrated unusual abilities, talents, and qualities. Ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things.

Dogs play many roles in our lives: companions, teachers, healers, comedians, playmates, protectors, guides, and more. They love us unconditionally, and they see and accept us just as we are.

We all know our own dogs can be alternately quirky, funny, protective, loving, and sometimes a downright pain!

For example, my son John’s Miniature Schnauzer, Wiley, used to sulk when John left the house. And he’d sulk for several hours after he returned, pretending he didn’t even notice his beloved companion was back home.

Dogs always read our minds, and they are nurturers. They are so tuned in to people, it still amazes me, even after all these years of living with dogs. My own Miniature Schnauzer, Schnapsi, could read me like a book. The moment I started feeling a bit down or upset, he’d come running over and jump in my lap. And, of course, that always brightened me up instantly.

Dogs often sense danger before humans do. There are many stories of dogs saving their human companions’ lives. Perhaps you have such a story.

So we’re looking for stories of courage, sacrifice, humor, healing, loyalty, love, spirituality, and even death and life after death. I have a personal story of a beloved family dog returning after he died. But I’ll leave that for the book.

Your story should cover the range of human emotions, using vivid images that engage all five of our senses. The stories should help us appreciate even more the beauty and love of the dogs in our lives.

The story should have a logical progression, starting with an attention-getting beginning. Then moving easily through the story to an uplifting, inspiring ending. The story should provoke laughter, tears, sadness, joy -- the whole range of our human emotions.

The story should clearly show your great love and passion for your dog, and your dog’s for you.

Anyway, as a dog lover, I think you know what we’re looking for.

No story is off-limits if it’s personal, true, and believable. Most of all, the story should come from your heart. We want this book to inspire and uplift others, especially other dog and animal lovers.

And we want you to be inspired when you read your own words -- that’s how powerful we want these stories to be.

If you’re still not clear about what we want, take a look at some of the short stories in the popular book, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE DOG LOVER’S SOUL.

That’s what we want.

Stories about politics, religion, or other controversial issues regarding animals.
Any kind of "preachy" animal stories.
Personal memories or recollections our readers will not easily relate to.

Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
Poor writing.
Too religious or political in nature, or inappropriate sexual content.
Material that is libelous or hateful, or otherwise inappropriate for our readers.
Your story requires me to edit it for any of the above reasons. In other words, please have your manuscript proofread before you send it -- and don't do the proofing yourself.



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