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Stories Where Legends are Born part 5

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Default Stories Where Legends are Born part 5

Book #5
Elemental Grounds

(Has one wondered what keeps a triangle together? It is its angels off course. As well if one should break, the triangle would not be complete. Imagine if one angle was broken off.)
Triangle Broken
There is nowhere like this place on Earth. That is why because this special place does not exist on Earth. This place is a realm named Land of Ellipsis. Nevertheless, the land splits into three pieces of land separated by ground, water, & sky. That piece of the realm known as the Ellipsis Black Narrow, which means Land of Shadow Tightened & none shall enter. This realm is between the realm of Earth & a darkness realm with no name however, none shall venture in either. In Ellipsis, there is the most beautiful of creatures ever known to any creatures called, Goddesses.

A Goddess weal the power of a single element & with this element the Goddess means to protect that element. An element, which is also a very important part to keep the Earth & all realms of Earth in, balanced. The three triangles represent one piece of land. The first land is sky, the second is ocean, & the third is ground. The land put together in between each other is what connects the lands; however, no being can survive in between of the lands. If for some reason the lands were to separate the in between lands would split. Then there would be six lands & that would be catastrophic for everyone. However, in realms every land goes by odd numbers not even that is the law of the realms nevertheless, when one realm suffers so do all.

A meeting of the Goddesses council is going on right now to discuss an important matter. The Goddesses were discussing the major dangers that were happen right now. The reality was that Ellipsis was out of control & they did not know why. Until during the meeting, a Goddess of Ocean named Orpheus approaches. She says, “I am tired of helping the less fortunate then my self,” she continues “with all of this power why do I not control this place & its very realms,” “I know exactly how to do it too & I will so long ladies.”
Triangle of the Ground

Grasher a ground Goddess was one day practicing her elemental star power. A star power, when a Goddess can launch a shooting star right from their fingertips & off course, their star power is only of their element. When she was practicing she was not alone she was with a group of her friends however, she was the youngest there. Blink of an eye, a title wave passes right through the ground Goddesses. Grasher was lucky enough to fall underneath a tree branch that did save her. Since Grasher was a young one, she was able to hang on to the branch during the title wave & not flushed away.

When Grasher woke, she was heavily breathing. Then she looked toward the wet dirt while she was standing up, she saw something was glowing. That something was a piece of broken class triangle & the color was brown too. As well, it also had the elemental ground symbol on the class. She stuffed the triangle piece in her pocket, took a deep breath, & fell to the ground again. Next, she had wakened in the eyes of the Goddesses council.

She asked, “What am I doing here & where am here? A head member of the Goddesses council named Lilly a Goddess of Sky. Lilly answered Grasher’s question, “You are in my resting room,” she continues, “you are in my house; house of Lilly Sky.” Lily continues to say, “You were brought here because you were attacked by an ocean Goddess named Orpheus.” “Orpheus wants to bring the world & its realms to her power by using the legendary Prophecy Triangle of the Goddesses.” Lily says & continues to says, “I also personally believe that you are the only one that survived Orpheus’s attacked & you have the piece of the triangle that she stole too, young lady.”

Grasher is sitting down in a chair during another meeting of the Goddess’ council. Lily addresses Grasher to the council. Grasher says, “I do not I have the piece of the triangle.” When actually Grasher did but could not remember that she had picked it up. Since after all, she has knocked out unconscious after she picked up the triangle. The Princess Goddess of the Sky - Amberlin said, “I believe she does not have the piece of the triangle. Amberlin wants to help Grasher find the triangle. Lily does not believe Grasher however, Lily allows Amberlin to go with Grasher to help find the Prophecy Triangle of the Goddesses. Lily gives Amberlin & Grasher a map & tells them to, “Start in the Sky lands that is where we last saw Orpheus & seek a Goddess named Ferny she may help you too.” “Help with what?” ask Grasher but then Lily goes silent & disappears.

Triangle of the Ocean
Orpheus raises three demons like red monsters to hunt down the three triangles in each of the lands. Orpheus so far does not know about Amberlin & Grasher who are not far behind her. The demon lurking in the sky land is sneaking behind Amberlin & Grasher. Although demons are very dumb they are very good hunters for what ever they are hunting & will get the job done no matter what it takes. The demon sneaks up behind Amberlin & pushes her down to the ground, “Run...” yells Amberlin to Grasher. Grasher looks back at Amberlin & starts to run fast.

Amberlin turns over grabs her sword & sticks it in the demons belly but it has no effect. The demon growls because that stabbing angers him. He growls & sticks his claws out to claw at Amberlins body to kill her. Amberlin get s out of the way. However, not for long the demon grabs her right leg with its right claws. Amberlin then screams loudly because the demons claws hurt. Amberlin sees her sword in front of he she must have dropped it earlier. She reaches her sword, grabs it, & swings it towards the demons eyes to blind it. Amberlin then gets loose of the demons grip she gets up however, walking limply but walks as fast as she can. The demon is not far behind her but also walking sloppy because he cannot see tying to keep up with Amberlin.

Grasher is running very fast & heavily breathing, keep looking backwards too in the clouds. Grashers knocked down again because she has knocked down from walking into another Goddess. “Hello my name is Finn from the ocean & who are you young lady?” asked the Goddess while she helps Grasher back up “I am Grasher from the ground & you are?” said Grasher. “Finn remember, I suppose you knocking into me you got your head bopped pretty hard then.” Finn said. “Since you were running from that demon I suppose that you were looking for this?” said Finn.

Finn then holds up the ocean piece of the triangle. Grasher assumes then that Finn must be Orpheus but she does not want to jump into any conclusions. Grasher thinks that she must stick with Finn because she has what she was looking for & see if she is who she thinks she is then go back for Amberlin. Since Grasher cannot remember, much of what happened during the title wave she did not get a good look at Orpheus so she did not know what she looked liked. Grasher herd a loud crawl & she looked behind he it was the demon that attacked Amberlin. Finn ducked Grasher & Finn then used a title shield power to protect them both.

Grasher could tell that Finn was an advanced Goddess so she might be right that Finn could be Orpheus. The demon used a claw then a head butt attack but the title shield protected Grasher & Finn & knocked out the demon. The demon nevertheless, sat right back up & attacked again. This time it jumped high to knock, unguard Finn, which led to bring down Finns shield. The demon bounced on Finns head that knocked Finn down. Then Grasher screamed but Finn gave Grasher her sword. The demon went to attack Grasher. Then Grasher cut a claw of the demon then the demon growled too. Finn stood up again grabbed her sword from a motionless Grasher & sliced of the right arm of the demon.

Amberlin fell to the floor of the cloud because she fainted to do the pain in her leg. When she waken, she saw light glowing hard in her face. She has then lifted into the air. Hands then placed on Amberlins leg where the pain is & the pains healed. The light disappears & a Goddess appears she says her name “I am Ferny from the sky I welcome you to my home.” Amberlin says, “Thank you, I am Amberlin.” Amberlin ask Ferny; please take her to her friend named Grasher from ground. “Ok.” says Ferny.

The demon goes to attack Finn with a double jump kick. Then Finn uses her whirlpool power too dodge the attack. From behind Finn chops off the demons head with her sword that brake in half. Before the demon falls, it claws Finn right in the stomach causing her to faint. Then Grasher sees a light behind her & then Amberlin & Ferny appear. Grasher is so excited to Amberlin a live & well. Amberlin explains to Grasher that this is Ferny from sky & a healer too. Grasher ask Ferny to heal her friend Finn because Finn saved Grashers life. Amberlin agrees with Grasher then Ferny saves Finn while there is still time.

Triangle of the Sky
Grasher, Amberlin. & Finn thank Ferny for healing Finn. Finn agrees to join Grasher & Amberlins journey to find the last piece of the Prophecy Triangle of the Goddesses. Ferny says, “I am not just a healer I am a seer too you know?” She said that she knows that Finn has the ocean piece & that Grasher has the ground piece. Amberlin & Finn look shocked that Grasher has the ground piece when Grasher said that she did not have it. Then Ferny made Grasher remember what happened during the title wave. Grasher now knows who Orpheus is & knows where to find her in the Ellipsis Black Narrow. Ferny gives them gold pendants that allow them to enter Ellipsis Black Narrow.

Grasher, Amberlin, & Finn have found Orpheus in Ellipsis Black Narrow. Orpheus has her two demons protecting her. She orders the demons to attack them. Amberlin & Finn say that they will take care of the demons & that Grasher should look for the sky piece. Grasher agrees. The demons attack both Amberlin & Finn then Amberlin & Finn combine their most powerfully of air & water attacks to destroy the demons. Orpheus says, “Looking for this?” then she holds up the sky piece. Grasher puts her hands on the sky piece & tries to take it away. Grasher remembers what Ferny told her that you must combine all three pieces of the Prophecy Triangle of the Goddesses to bring balance back to Ellipsis. Finn gives Grasher the ocean piece then Grasher takes out the ground piece. While the sky piece is, still in Orpeus’ hand Grasher connects all three pieces the sky, ground, & ocean pieces together. It turns out that Orpheus told Grasher that the sky piece was a fake & that it will bring dome to your entire world.
Triangle Complete…
(What if the piece of an angle was not the right angle would the triangle ever be put back together?”


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