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The Deepening

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The Deepening

Welcome to The Deepening's submissions area

If this is the first time you have submitted to The Deepening, please be sure to read our contract, our submissions guidelines, the submissions FAQ, and about story formatting and file type accepted.

Why? Because we want you to have the best possible chance of acceptance by our editors.

Oh...and there will be a graded quiz, too. wink animation

After reading our contract, our submissions guidelines, the submissions FAQ, and about story formatting and file type accepted, you will need to register yourself with this site's server here: REGISTER ...which will then give you a link to the submissions area where you can upload your submission after you login to the pop-up window using the user name and password you gave the server when you registered.

OTHER DETAILS you might want to know about submitting to The Deepening and our submissions interface:

1) Whether you are submitting to us for the first time or you are a heralded The Deepening author, you will need to remember or store for reference your user name and password...or you can ask the server to send you that information by entering the email address you registered with.

2) Every submission to be uploaded to our submissions interface requires you to enter anew your email and password, plus your author name, story genre, choice of editor, story title before you upload a file. That's so you can track where your submission is in the editor's review process.

3) Once your story is accepted, you will be asked to sign our contract. Please do NOT submit a story to us unless you have every intention of accepting the contract. Failure to do so will get you on our editors' bad side since they wasted their time reading and sending an acceptance to you, along with all the other various things that happen to a new submission once it has been initially accepted for publication on The Deepening.

4) Once you have signed the contract, BE READY, because you will immediately be given the opportunity to submit your author's bio and author's statement as well as a picture or image representation of yourself (Yes, an avatar is fine.) You will also be given the opportunity to upload promotional materials for any fiction book you have published or are doing pre-publication promotion for...which is one of the perks of being accepted by The Deepening -- free promotion of your fiction books.

5) Once your story has completed the post-acceptance editorial process and has been rendered as a web-readu galley-proof, you will be requested to approve that galley-proof. Check the galley-proof for any errors or changes you might wish to be made, then fill in the appropriate places on the acceptance or changes needed form provided you.

That's all there is to it.

Oh, and, by the way, EDITORS AND ZINE OWNERS: Anyone who runs an online or print magazine needs this submission management system. It was built by someone called Keith over on http://www.smeerp.com. Do go check it out. You'll be glad you did.

D. L. Keur, owner, The Deepening ISSN 1559-7733

How long do I have to wait to hear about my submission?

Currently, allow us thirty days.

My story was rejected by you. Will you tell me why?

You will have received one of three form rejection responses, unless the editor you’ve submitted work to has had an extra few minutes to make it a little more personal. Yes, most responses we send out are form responses, and we apologise for that, but we haven’t the free time to individually craft a response to all authors. Sorry.

My initial submission was accepted by you but now you’re rejecting my other stories, why?

Because they are not as well-written or as suited to our site as the one we accepted? We only accept what we consider to be the highest quality fiction. Try another market because editor’s tastes are vastly different. Just because one editor or set of editors rejects a story doesn’t mean another won’t think your story excellent and publishable.

I was asked to rewrite my piece, but then got rejected, why?

Because we feel that you didn’t rewrite it in the way in which we wanted you to. We will always list criteria for acceptence of rewritten material as clearly as possible. You may have read our response and rewritten too quickly before absorbing our comments. Therefore, if you are asked to rewrite, please take your time (up to two weeks, we feel, is fair). Don’t send us the piece back after only a few hours.

At what point would it be appropriate to send in a new submission?

Unless we tell you not to submit work to us (rare, but not unheard of) then please feel free to submit again after your work has been accepted/rejected by us. Just remember, if your work has been rejected, we really only want to see your best stories.

For short stories, do you have a word range? What would you say a minimum and maximum would be? I read that you say there’s a 5000 word maximum. I just want to know how much I should write.

For initial submissions, we ask for you to keep within the flash — 5k range. After a writer/author is accepted by The Deepening, we’ll ask them to submit other works — these may be longer. Indeed, we are looking at serialising novels in the future. But please, do not send novel-length material UNLESS WE REQUEST IT.

Your guidelines say no multiple submissions, but your royalty explanation talks about how authors with more than one story earn more money monthly. So if we can only send one, how’s that work out? Do you accept only one AT A TIME?

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS MEANS: You can submit your story to us and to someone or several someone elses at the same time.

MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS MEANS: submitting several stories to the same market at the same time.

We allow simultaneous submissions. (You can submit to us and to some other market simultaneously.) We do not accept multiple submissions. Wait till you receive an answer from us, yes or no, on a story before submitting another story to us. Therefore only submit to us one story at a time, waiting to receive our answer on whether that story suits our needs or needs to be shopped elsewhere because, perhaps, we are filled on that particular type or genre of story.

If a story is accepted by us, we will request an author’s bio and set up a dialogue with that author. So, if there are other stories the author has that he/she thinks will interest us, then we will ask said author to submit those too.




No Hard Copy Submissions.

We do not accept hard copy submissions. At all. Save a branch. Save a whole tree. We don’t care if it IS recycled paper, it still took the life of a tree sometime, somewhere. It is our opinion that the ONLY time your work should be printed on paper is for SPECIAL EDITION hard copy novels and anthologies, the price reflecting the fact that that book took the life of a tree. Magazines (the paper/pulp variety)? Forget it unless it is the odd “Collector’s Edition,” again priced accordingly, and there are very few magazines worthy of that honor and prestige.

Why Submit To The Deepening?

Why, indeed. A number of reasons: First, ask yourself what happens inside you when you read a great piece of short fiction. Do you want more from that author? Do you scour the web, Amazon, the library, and print magazines etc., searching for more? Do you get frustrated if you cannot find additional prose from that elusive writer who has tugged at you, connected with, and inspired you - yes? Me too. Indeed, everyone who works at The Deepening feels this way. So our Editor-in-Chief, in his infinite wisdom, came up with an idea to help both authors and readers connect, whatever genre they write or read.

Your Story/ies for Inclusion in The Deepening.

…Can be reprints or previously unpublished material. It only has to be your best. Submit one story in the first instance. If we feel your work to be of the quality we are looking for, then we may ask you to submit more. We will showcase free stories for readers on the front pages of TheDeepening.com, one or two from each genre. This will give readers a 'taste' of the excellent work available on the subscription side.

Please familiarise yourself with the person who edits the genre you write. Take note of what they want.

Electronic submissions only. Send us your best work please, formatted to a high standard. We consider The Deepening a professional, web-based publication, so will not endeavour to read anything less in prose.

Fiction can be of any genre listed. Story length is up to five thousand words for the showcase story. (While we love to read long stories, we feel that stories longer than five-thousand words might be a little too much for a reader until you have grabbed your audience.)

Absolutely no porn in any guise. Erotica is not porn, of course, but you will notice there isn’t a section for it. Sorry. Stories of any other genre that include sex scenes are allowed, as long as sex is not the basis for the story through and through.

Do not submit fiction written for paedophiliac enjoyment. Indeed, authors who submit any work of this type to The Deepening will be reported to the authorities. You have been warned.


This site is devoted to excellent fiction — what we consider to be excellent fiction. Our tastes run from stories with mass market appeal to the bleeding edge of "different" and experimental.

Our goal is to offer select authors a chance to showcase themselves and their talent while making some money for themselves. Authors will also receive near-instant feedback from their readers, as subscribers will be able to rate the quality of the fiction presented here.

Author Benefits:

Right now, The Deepening pays royalties to authors.

Royalties, you say?

Yes, royalties for short stories. Strange concept? Maybe, maybe not. Let us explain.

Please bear this is mind before you read on, though, The Deepening will publish only the very best in writing. So those of you who have already had stories published may find this a valuable reprint market, while those of you who have not had your stories published will find this an exciting way to get work out there and be paid for it too. Our only rule is that the stories are nothing but your best - that they reach, perhaps even exceed, our high standards.

This is how it works: Right now, every month all the new subscription monies for the site are put into a kitty, fifty percent going back into TheDeepening.com to run the site and pay for advertising, etc. The remaining fifty percent will be divided out, not between the number of authors represented on the site, but divided out by the number of stories.

Example: Let’s say each story earns $20 in any given month. Author A, who has one story on The Deepening, will receive $20. Author B, who has two stories, will receive $40. Author C, who has five stories up will receive $100… And so on. Authors will be paid by The Deepening as soon as their personal kitty reaches, or exceeds, $50.

We believe this is a true writer's/reader's co-operative, where the funding for overheads (site development, management, etc) are paid for by all; the benefits are enjoyed by all. It will be in the author’s best interest to promote The Deepening, and The Deepening’s best interests to only take the very best fiction offered thereby promoting its very excellent authors to the readership. One of the reasons that electronic publishing is not all it can be is that, very often, bad fiction is showcased alongside good, therefore the reader is put off by the enormous amount of trash they have to wade through in order to get at the good stuff. Here at The Deepening, our editors will ensure that the stories offered are quality, time after time after time, guaranteeing reader an easy path to the excellence in fiction that is out there - an excellence unfortunately surrounded by mire at the moment.

And that’s not all. The Deepening will offer you free advertising space for one novel too, with links through to your preferred sales platform, be it Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Lulu, or… You get the picture.

Payment in the Future

Once we have a reasonable subscriber-base that allows us to do so, we will be paying authors at pro rates (.05 cents a word (US)). After the story "earns out" it's "advance," it then goes on to receive "royalties" by the same formula above. When will this happen? As soon as is financially possible.

Okaaay, I’m interested. Where’s the small/fine-print?

Here, in a font big enough to read:

You give TheDeepening.com exclusive web-based e-rights to publish your stories for the life-time of the website, or until any other interested party agrees to buy those rights.

Please see the rights section below.

Sample Contract

...So, you see, we won’t be making any money without you.

What does “exclusive” mean?

It means that we’d like to be the only ones on the World Wide Web/Internet displaying the stories we accept from you. So yes, you will have to pull your story/ies from other site’s pages, archives, etc. Again, remember, the fiction we choose to accept and promote here will be tightly controlled. We require exclusive web-based e-rights for the life of this website as noted in these rules and guidelines.

What's in the future?

We'd like to buy your stories from you before publication. This is part of the reason that 50% of the subscription monies are being put back into TheDeepening.com. We want to be able to pay you all up front. But for now, we feel we have devised a very fair system for all, both readers and writers, and for owners and managers of TheDeepening.com.

We are very excited about this. We hope you are too.

What we accept: any fiction genre EXCEPT porn, pedophilia, and erotica.

Action/Adventure: Usually a heroic romp of some kind.

Crime & Detective: In which the criminal tells his/her story, or the detective/investigator.

Crossover: In which many different genres converge.

Fantasy: In which magic is a reality.

Graphic Shorts/Comics: Action stories that are illustrated.

Historical: In which the story told has a historical setting.

Horror: In which reader feels an emotive uncomfortableness derived from either supernatural, monster-like beings, or the darkness of humanity.

Literary Fiction: In which the writing, or story told, is rich and distinctive from commercial fiction.

Mainstream: Connects with many. Usually involves interesting, yet quite normal characters.

Mystery: In which there is usually a puzzle to be solved.

Paranormal, Supernatural, Psychic, Spiritual: Stories of spiritual encounter -hauntings/demons - psychic powers, supernatural phenomena, etc.

Romance: In which love plays a major role between characters.

Science Fiction: In which reader meets the future. A plethora of maybe's, human, alien, or otherwise.

Slipstream: In which all that is normal within the story, would be very out of place within reality.

Thrillers (non-horror): Cushion-hugging, fast paced and tense. Usually with supremely bad antagonists.

Western: Historical or modern-day stories of cowboys and cowgirls in the wild, untamed US West or the urbanized, modern US West.

Young Adult & Childrens: For babies up to late teens. These stories can be almost any genre.

Reprints are okay. Simultaneous submissions okay. Please, no multiple submissions.

What’s not okay? Bad writing, bad stories…drivel.

How it works: At this time, we plan to allow visitors to read selected stories free. Those stories will be chosen by the editors for their excellence. If a reader wishes to read more, they may pay a modest subscription fee to the site.

Novels, both hard copy and e-copy, are sold separately BY THE AUTHORS, their publishers, or by whatever link system the author chooses (Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles, etc.).


The author gives TheDeepening.com the exclusive web-based electronic right to display all accepted works of fiction on the World Wide Web, or Internet, for the lifetime of TheDeepening.com, or until such time another company/body/person makes an agreed offer to buy out these rights.

Sample Contract

What are exclusive web-based e-rights?

It’s simple. Owners and managers of The Deepening are given the exclusive right to display your story/ies, all, or in part, for a indefinite amount of time on the Internet. This right also covers archiving. These are electonic web (World Wide Web/Internet) media rights only, so you have the option of selling your story to a print magazine or any other medium other than a web-based medium. You just can't allow that story to be displayed on any other website.

What Perpetual and exclusive web-based e-rights does NOT cover:

The right to data-base your work and sell it over and over again in any way not agreed by you.

The right to copy your work onto cd, or any other electronic media, for distribution.

Publication in a print magazine, journal or the like.


Skyrider, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Crime, Detective, Western, Mainstream, & Paranormal submissions editor

Her royal Sky-ness, who is not aristocratic, or regal, or GRUMPY. Does she live in a state of perpetual illusion, or did she never get over a previous life-experience where she was, in fact, royalty? The answer is both. And it is for that reason she is more than accepting of your fantasmic musings or your explorations of the paranormal, the otherworldy, the spiritual and the psychic. She ‘as the bit o the touch, Sky ‘as.

Toss your shank over your besom and fly over to see what other genres she will SkrY here.

Kaff, Historical, Mainstream, Romance, YA, Childrens, & Fantasy submissions editor

Here, dear writer, you’ll find a safe haven. I’m not grumpy at all.

Unless I’m presented with sub-par writing, of course.

Give me your uber stories, your flights of fancy, let me ride along as you trip the light fantastic. I am a child at heart; make me believe there is another world in your closet, where clouds talk and birds have a nine-to-five. Pull me into your mind and make me laugh, cry and want to dance. Just make it good, please?

I’m waiting!

Womblin, Horror, Slipstream, Thriller, Action-Adventure, Science Fiction submissions editor

I’m not quite as grumpy as our dear Editor-in-Chief. There are, you see, a great many things I like. I like authors who read submission guidelines and follow them. I like good English usage. I like stories that pull me from this world into another…and keep me there. I like good pacing. I like being surprised.

Please, impress upon me my likes and keep our Editor-in-Chief’s dislikes to yourself.

Meet me in depth, here.

zentao, Mainstream, Crossover, Experimental, Humor, Paranormal, Literary, and Science-Fiction submissions editor

Yeah, I’m the Editor-in-Chief. I’m also The Curmudgeon, though not THAT much of a curmudgeon. But I am the one you and the other submissions editors have to convince to accept you as a represented author here or send you packing. Am I that tough? Find out HERE.


You will be submitting your story as a TEXT (.txt) file.

If you are a writer who has no idea how to show italics, bold, and other types of text jiggery-pokery in a text format, then it's time to learn.

Use two hyphens to denote an em-dash -- like that. Use underlines to denote italicized text like _this_. Use asterisks to denote bold text like *this*. Make sure you double space between paragraphs, and use double spacing and a [[4 SPACE SKIP]] between sections that are not separated by traditional section break triple asterisks.

Do NOT upload Word, Works, Open Office, Word Perfect, Lotus, or any other word processing program files, as the result on our end will be undecipherable. Undecipherable submissions will be deleted.

--The Editors.


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