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How can this type of villain be fooled in order to be caught?

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Old 11-20-2015, 10:40 PM
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Default How can this type of villain be fooled in order to be caught?

For my story, I almost have the whole plot mapped out, accept for a few specifics here and there. But there is one thing I don't have it all, and that is how the villain is captured by the police. That is, the method they use.

The story is about a gang of serial rapist/killer type villains and the reason why they are that way, is that they were social and educational misfits while growing up, being bullied and persecuted for being 'inferior'. They becomes lonely, especially yearning for the opposite sex as they get older, and this turns them into what they are, and they target women that are the type to reject them because of it.

But how does the police lure a villain like that into a trap, especially since they do not know who they are at this point.

They would have to go the media, or something and come up with some plan to smoke them out, or get them to reveal themselves. But what plan could that be? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. It's not that I want others to write the story for me, and I got most of it figured out, it's just I am at a total loss when it comes to the actual method of flushing them out. Thanks again.

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