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Prompt #44- The Year 3015 - The Lesson

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Default Prompt #44- The Year 3015 - The Lesson

The old man paused to catch his breath at the edge of the field. A mild stitch had begun to burn his side and while he was glad to make the journey from the village to the teaching stone, he was equally glad this would be the last group of children that he would tell the stories to. Nearing eighty-five summers, he had fulfilled his duties as elder to pass on the history of the land and was looking forward to his impending journey to Longs Eye Land. He would construct his hermit's shelter on the sandy banks and enjoy his final days swimming, fishing and recording his findings in the night sky. It was his reward and his rite.

But here and now, there were eight or nine children waiting for him to arrive and begin their lessons. The day-orb was shining brilliantly in the morning sky as a light breeze stirred his robe and teased his long white beard. Birds sang their morning tunes as he resumed his plodding shuffle toward his charges.

When he was no further than a hundred steps, one of the children, a curly haired youth of around eight summers looked up from where the group were gathered and pointed. They were ready to hear the stories of N'ork and the technologies. They had heard about the technologies in part from some of the older kids, but not enough to satisfy their appetites. The technologies seemed like a fairy tale and in a way, they were. Captured lightening directed through homes and streets to make false light. Boxes that recreated music and others still that showed moving pictures to the onlookers. Metal boxes that carried people around the land and incredible speeds, even some that traveled through the air like a great vulture with its riders in its belly. All hardly believable, yet the children would listen to the teacher and believe what he told them because it was his duty to pass this information down through the generations. Each child hoped in their heart that he would be the one chosen to apprentice the lessons and grow to be a teacher one day.

As he arrived at the great stones the children had assembled near, he surveyed their faces and satisfied to see the eagerness to learn in each of their faces addressed them.

"I am Solomon the provider of lessons. Most of you know me from the village. I watched your births and your growing days. I have fed some of you as well as laid hand to your back side when you acted out. I come to you today to tell you of the stories."

He paused allowing the last part to sink in. The children squirmed in anticipation.

"Do you promise to hear what I say and to learn of the history of that which destroyed the men that were and laid preparation to the life we have today?"

As one, they enthusiastically answered "Yes!"

"And do you promise to take what you learn and guard your hearts, minds and souls against the desire to gravitate toward the creation of the objects and services that destroyed the men that were?"


"Then let us begin"


***to be continued***

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