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Word Vault Autumn Contest (WBQ32)

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Default Word Vault Autumn Contest (WBQ32)

I present to you the current season Word Vault contest, as seen in the Writer’s Beat Quarterly Issue 31. Enjoy the challenge.



Members are allowed one entry in the Word Vault Flash Fiction Contest. You are required to use at least one of the words from the Word Vault, (duplicated for your convenience below). Entries should be submitted as posts to this thread. The competition is open to all members of Writer’s Beat, including staff.

Members are requested to refrain from commenting on entries in this posting thread. Please use the Word Vault Flash Fiction: WBQ32 - Comment thread instead. That thread will remain open throughout the posting period and afterwards, and members are encouraged to let entrants know what they thought of their entries.

Word Limits:

250 words maximum


Once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be altered. Any work that is edited after it has been entered will be disqualified. If you feel you need to make a small alteration (a misplaced comma, a spelling error), contact a member of staff. If we feel your request is reasonable, we will make the correction on your behalf.

Close Date:

30th of Setember 2011, 12 midnight GMT


After the closing date, we (the Staff) will select a winner to be published in the next issue of Writer’s Beat Quarterly, assuming permission is given when we contact the winner.

Accouple (v): To join together or form a couple.
From the French accoupler, from the Old French acopler

Example: A leaky tent was bad enough, but leaky tent and torn sleeping bag accoupled made for a wet and miserable night!

Felicity (n): 1) Happiness or the source thereof. 2) A Female given name.
From the Latin felicitās (Luck).

Redolent (adj): 1) Aromatic sweet scent or fragrance, reminiscent of said scent.
2) Smelling of a particular item.
From the Latin redolentem (Smells of)

Remoulade (n): A mayonnaise-based condiment.

Surreptitious (adj): Stealthy or covert movement.

Example: The burglar watched in amazement as he spotted his sister surreptitiously entering the house of his intended victim. ‘So who is babysitting my son now?’ he asked himself.

Tepidarium (n): A room warmed with an underfloor heating system found in Roman bath houses.

Example: The senate representative retired to the tepidarium after the bath to discuss the plan with the fourth legions general.

Bloodthirsty (adj): Eager to take part in or witness violence and bloodshed.

Example: He began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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Default WBQ32 - Escape - 250 words


Each surreptitious step around the tepidarium warmed Livilla’s bare feet. Yet frost-rime thickened on the walls and the air grew redolent with wet polar bear. Brutus’s bloodthirsty presence. Come to her call. Her hand shook around the clay jar. Having become woman, if she returned home, by noon tomorrow, that hand would be encrusted with jewels, accoupled to Crispin’s sadism. The child inside her wept.

Brutus’s moonlit man-form glowed beneath the oculus, each hair of his pelt cold white flame. Heart thumping, Livilla stopped five paces distant. She let her furs fall. He flicked a claw. Wind hurled the furs out the doorway. Her skin drew tight. Such insanity - the gods better be right. She began smearing remoulade from the jar, scented with lemon thyme, over her breasts, stomach and thighs. He snuffled. Her skin tingled. He would eat her or free her. Depending on whether she pleased him. His eyes followed her every move, a connoisseur prolonging his felicity. As she covered the last inch of flesh, her inner child screamed.

His gentleness almost stopped her heart as he lowered her to the floor. His tongue went to work, freezing even her soul. After he licked her eyes, she stared out through ice. She watched the moon fill the opening above. A shining sliver remained, when last he reached her sex. She shattered - and rose. Now pure elemental, Livilla watched her body melt and fade until even the damp outline vanished. Only the empty jar remained.
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Default All Out

My visit to the dentist, thinking of my open mouth and having no control on what David, I always call him David, my dentist will be doing.

‘Hello Felicity, ready?

The way he drawls my name makes me go weak at the knees. I love it when he calls me Felicity. ‘Call me Felicity,’ I’d asked, him, he being one hell of a man, tall dark, and definitely handsome.

‘David, are you sure?

‘Yes, all your teeth Felicity, I did warn you,’ he says silencing me with a stern look.

I lay still as he does all that he has to do.

* * *

I feel dreadful; tears ache behind my eyes as I stand by the window. The moon sits low in the sky and the misty night beckons – come outit calls.

I knew it would be difficult with no teeth . . . very difficult, but I have to try.

It’s Friday night. I decide to roam. I slink, my movements designed to be surreptitious, I become a mere shadow against the overgrown damp walls in the alleyway that runs behind Melloway’s Store.

He is asleep, the tramp, redolent with his back against the overflowing bins. It doesn’t take me long, bloodthirsty I sink my gums into his white-fleshy neck - blood oozes. Warm, sweet, red blood, ah . . . all the sweeter for the waiting. With . . . or without teeth – it’s a vampire’s world.
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Default WBQ32 - Surreptitious

I finally booked a flight to California. I knew I had $500 left in my Belgian bank – just enough to pay my rent and take the rest with me. Two days before my departure, I went to the bank to withdraw my funds and close the account. When I told the teller my intentions, she informed me I didn’t have any money left in the bank – that I in fact owed the bank $500. I told her this wasn’t possible as a savings account can’t run in the negative. It took 45 minutes, but they eventually explained what happened.

I had tried to save money on currency exchange fees, and to leave out all the boring accounting details, my idea didn’t work and the bank had surreptitiously created a second account for me which ran into the negative when I transferred $500 to the United States.

So when I told the bank I was closing my account, they immediately took the $500 I had and paid off the negative account. This left me with nothing. Now I couldn’t pay my rent or even buy my train ticket to Paris to return to the U.S. I had been broke before, but not like this.

When I returned to the dormitory, I received a card from Carolyn. In it, I found $40. This was enough for my one-way train ticket from Ličge to Paris. I wrote an American check for the remaining rent. They’d have to figure out how to cash it.
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A Surreptitious Walk Through the Tepidarium
by, Dale Day
Hans Steigersurreptitiously moved through the heavy mist of the tepidarium, a redolent hint of sweating bodies in his nostrils. His goal was just ahead, the grossly obese body of Jorge Feldmeir, the bloodthirsty leader of a gang involved in the enslavement of young girls from around the world. Felicity filled him as he envisioned the knife in his hand buried up to the hilt between Feldmeir's third and fourth rib, piercing and stilling his evil heart. He cared nothing about the two thugs guarding Feldmeir, willing to give up his life to wreak revenge upon the swine responsible for the horrible life his little sister had been forced to live. Pangs filled him as he remembered the fragile, mutilated body lying on the slab in the morgue. And then, a strange thought came to him, the memory of a beautiful knackwuerst am broechen, smothered in Remoulade. He forced the memory away and moved closer until he made out the group sitting in the hot tub. Without slowing, Hans reached the edge and dove in, the gleaming steel of the blade leading the way. The feel of the knife sliding between Feldmeir's ribs filled Hans with a calm happiness and his lips curled in a satisfied smile as the rain of bullets descended upon him. The pig will die and my little Marta will be avenged.
The End

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The history of the California missions

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Life in the military and general ramblings
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Men did not often stroll comfortably through our arrogant halls; they cowered through them, cringing almost subconsciously away from the figures of State, as if their bloodthirsty legacies bode ill hundreds of years after their deaths. I had found that after a few weeks, you began to disassociate these stony faces from any kind of breathing history; they were dead, like their victims, and you could think of them objectively. In the end, surrounded by the redolent mix of dry-cleaned suit, expensive cedar table and power, you started to respect them.

I think that was when I knew I'd begun to lose my sense of self. I would walk past the familiar eighteen feet; barefoot for the early settlers our nation erroneously laid claim to, then cloth-soled, and finally jack-booted, and I would be happy. After a few months, Felicity from HR said I was really settling in well, and that was the final straw. In my head, the eighteen feet and Felicity's worn smile mingled, accoupling to create something terrible - something I didn't want to be a part of. So I took action. Moving through the hefty red-brown desks that made up what my red-cheeked ex-Oxbridge colleagues called the Tepidarium (after the summer fug that settled there), I found my target and slipped into the meeting room. When I left for the toilet, they didn't notice me slipping the bomb surreptitiously under their heavy oak desk.

Eight minutes, forty-two seconds left.
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I couldn't help but think it was strange; the way such a seemingly simple ceremony instilled such fear in me. Objectively, I knew it was ridiculous. After all, I'd asked her (and of my own free will) and I knew this was what I wanted. So why did those two words worry me so? Pale, and with shaking hands, I left the room.

In the end, the ceremony was nearly perfect. Everybody told me it was beautiful and that the fact my hands were nearly shaking too much to put her ring on didn't detract too much. My favourite comment was made by my aunt:
"It's always a wonderful thing to watch: to see a couple accoupled."
That is not dead which can eternal lie
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