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Problem with waffly bond baddie summarised ending

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Old 01-27-2010, 03:22 PM
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Default Problem with waffly bond baddie summarised ending

Ok, I have this story. It has a v complex plot, a few character twists and some unexpected events. Perhaps not so unexpected but surprising. Ive certainly more than done enough on the foreshadowing front. No coincidences, no groaning end.

However, I have an eventuality. Yes, its the old mind bender, time travel. My story isn't set on some sad cheesy made up world. It's set in present day England where my MC discovers something strange about him and his person. The discovery takes him on a journey into the unknown, yadder, yadder. I like my plot. But I have this niggling. I sense that my story isn't wrapping itself up all that well. Sure, I have the calamity at the end resolved. The MC has undergone all manner of strife and survived but it's the motive of my antagonist that's complex. Even at the end, my MC is still largely unsure as to why he was dragged into it all in the first place - such is the complexity of my antogonists motive.

ultimately my antagonist wants to make a change to the past. He's using a skill he has nutured within my MC to unwittingly do it. He does this by abducting his father and threatening to kill him if he doesn't. Good motive. However, my MC attempts to change things but quickly learns that he's actually changed nothing, that they happened anyway, but not how he initially saw them.*It's all v confusing.*

Ok, so to my problem. My MC is a 15 yr old boy and I've crafted this v knowledgable character to swoop in and explain what the antagonist was trying to do and why. My MC sort of knows but not definitively. Hence the chap at the end. I'm waffling now, but am I wrong to have this chap do some Bond Baddie like summary of motive and expected outcome at the end of my story? And before you crack your knuckles in readyness of the answer that's already embroiling within your head, I know that I should have foreshadowed enough for the motive to be obvious. And actually, it probably is to the reader. It's the way I've written the story that perhaps appears to hide it from my MC. In any case I've crashed on with the wrap at the end. This character has now prattled on at length about paradoxes, not bring able to change the past as the motive for change is defined by actions taken in the future. It's rather complex, interesting (I think) but hmmm, I'm not so sure.

Is this the wrong approach. I've always ended swiftly, however this time i'm not.

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Old 01-27-2010, 04:18 PM
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Ok, I'm relatively new to this writing malarky so maybe I'm missing something, but does your MC have to understand the antagonists motives? Isn't it enough that the reader understands?

I know it seems neater to have all the loose ends tied up but that's not how life works. Leaving your MC with only a vague idea of the antagonists plan seems to me to be somehow more realistic and satisfying.

That's just my opinion and I hope it helps.
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Old 01-27-2010, 11:19 PM
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I agree with the above. Leave him confused.

Introducing a character just to give an explanation is likely to be unsatisfactory to the reader at best, probably bloody annoying.
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I personally always hate when a character goes into "info-dump" mode in a book, going on for page after page explaining what he or she has been doing the entire book to undermine the whole plot you've just invested your time in reading already.

I hate it when a character who's been in the book all along starts to do it, so I can imagine it'd be that much worse if an entirely new character swoops in and explains every last bit of what's happening.

I would say explain what you need to in order for the story to move along. If the bad guy's motive for doing something is integral to the plot, have someone explain it (not a brand-new character, though, use someone or something you've already set up earlier). If it's just explaining to explain, cut it and move on.
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