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The Halloween Ghost Challenge; Perspective

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Default The Halloween Ghost Challenge; Perspective

"Don't look at them, don't think of them they they will go away Gerenzia."

"I know that Mother, but we hear stories; and the histories are clear about why they were here, with all their primate uncles and such but not why they are still here!"

"Ah, well dear, that matter is still open for debate. We watched from afar while they designed new ways to destroy their planet, then we watched them come to some common sense, only to continue to gas themselves to death in a sealed tomb of their own design. Only then did we come in and clean it up, they obviously weren't up to it."

"I know that Mother, but why can we still sometimes see earthlings milling about, walking through things and crying or yelling without sound?"

"Oh, that, well, they still had many old archetype connections to their world. Some called it Religion. Maybe one got it semi-right. Maybe they don't like what they see. It would be interesting to know which was the right of their religions, be sure to ask your teacher!"


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