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Default Liberation

Myron had just soaped up and was enjoying the rush of hot water spraying over his body. He had prepared a very nice meal for Wendy and him, done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. It was his turn which happened every other day and he was pleased at how it had all went. Being from England, he was still adjusting to how things were done in the U.S. but it seemed to be going well.

As a grad student pursuing a PHD in English Lit., he felt the need to understand his new culture and to fit in. His marriage to Wendy who was matriculating for her Masters in Sociology had been both a whirlwind romance and meeting of minds. There had never been conflict over female and male roles. It just never came up. If Wendy indicated that she felt something in their union was unfair, he simply agreed to change whatever it was. That strategy had worked just fine for them and their circle of friends – mostly college associates - thought of them as an idea couple.

Myron was feeling quite content and all was right in his world when the shower curtain was yanked open and a pail of icy water was pitched in his face. As he threw himself against the shower wall recoiling from the shock of the water, he heard Wendy yelling.

“You rotten bastard men, its all your fault you’ve kept us down for years and we’ve had it.”

As she marched out of the room, Myron pulled the curtain closed and let the water warm him up. His heart was pounding and his head was spinning. Where the bloody hell did that come from? He wondered. He tried to think of anything he had done and just came up blank. He had not known Wendy to behave like that in the two years they had been married. It had literally been a love fest. Even with the paperwork to get his citizenship and everything else, it had all been smooth sailing. He knew he must get to the bottom of this quickly.

He dried off after the shower and while dressing prepared for…, he didn’t know what. Myron continued to try to understand Wendy’s behavior but realized he needed more information.

As he entered the living room, he saw Wendy sitting on the couch staring off into space with the same angry expression on her face that he had seen in the shower.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing!” Wendy snapped.

“You threw a bucket of cold water on me while I was showering and nothing is wrong?”

“Well, if you must know, I was reading a book on the new Women’s Liberation Movement and It made me so mad at men I had to do something. Throwing the water on you was it.” Wendy explained through clenched teeth.

“Why were you mad at me?” asked Myron.

“Well, you’re a man and you were here.” Wendy said her face softening slightly.

“So you are mad at me because I am a man – For no other reason?

“It made sense to me at the time.” said Wendy flushing a little.

At this point Wendy went into detail about how the book had outlined all of the things men had done to women or allowed to be done for the extent of recorded history and how now the time had come to fix those wrongs. That was what this new movement of the 60’s was about.

“I understand those things and I agree that they need to be corrected for the relationship between men and women to be the way it should be. But I still fail to see why I got the cold water thrown on me.”

“The Movement is not specific about different groups of men. It just takes about men, in general. All men are part of the problem.” stated Wendy.

“So no matter what I do because I am a man I am guilty because of what my gender has done in the past?” asked Myron.

Wendy nodded a little uncertainly

“Well, This movement sounds like something I can’t embrace. Not because I don’t want do but because it won’t let me. .I don’t dispute that men have done many of the things that you have stated. But a future different then the wrong past has to start with changes on both sexes parts. If the Movement alginates the male people that agree with the changes to be made then it will have made itself useless to the women that support it. It seems to me that this movement needs to think how it must proceed. I know many men who like us have an equal partnership with their mates. They and their kind need to be partners in the liberation. Pointing fingers is only good to get someone’s attention. It is not a good long term strategy.
But regardless of all that – do you have any problems with how I am as a husband?”

“Well, nothing that comes to mind right now.” said Wendy.

“Please if you think of some let me know. “said Myron. “You can always dump a pail of water on me later if I don’t listen.”

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