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Isolde Silvhil

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Default Isolde Silvhil

Background information:
The novel I am writing is a dark fantasy of ghouls, demons, and ill omens. A land that is turning sick and darkness is the only thing that exist in this world. There is a family on the outskirts of the woods and close to the village of Sorcerers. Once revered source of magic, is now shunned. Those who are Sorcerers are known as the Afflicted. When young the children are taken to a tower on Iron Point Bay, this tower is named The Tower of Lost. And the children that inhabit it are the Children of Lost. These Children are either taught how to control their magic, but live the rest of their lives in the Tower and the island village only made for their use. Or they become a Monk of Sorrow. See the Church and Kingdom still accept Sorcerers. Sorcerers whom are mind wiped to be completely emotionless and only exist to serve their duties of magic.
The family Silvhil are a family of sorcerers. Absol the father figure had been a sorcerer long before The Tower had been built as well as his wife, Mithandru. Both their children, the eldest Chendra whom is in her early teens, and Isolde whom is ten during the prologue are also sorcerers. Absol was once a great warrior, he used his magic to help the war against Ignis. There was a distinct difference between wizardry magic and sorcerer. Ignis was a destructive sorcerer who used the magic of the Ancients Warlocks, and would have burned the world if not for Absol and his men to drive him back. It is the only reason why Absol and Mithandru were given pardon to keep their children instead of locking them away.
Ignis had never been caught, only injured and weakened. His dark minions have finally been able to heal him. He wants to start another Black Cloak war. But first he pays a visit to Absol to exact revenge on his brother. The family house is burned down, Chendra and Isolde are separated. Isolde ends up with Ignis. Chendra was taken in the road by a Sorrow couple and a few paladins.
The story tells the tale of both siblings and their involvement in the Black Cloak war when they are older. Chendra in the main story is in her early twenties and Isolde is in his early teens.

Background of Isolde:

Isolde was always a different kind of boy. His magic stemmed from somewhere different. There is something called the Shift. The Shift is an inner dimension between magic and the human realm. The Shift is the lifelink of magic and it is why magic exist in our world. It is also the reason why demons and abominations can invade our world and even sometimes our dreams. The reason why The Tower of Lost was created was due to the fear of another child being born close to The Shift. Absol and Ignis were both brothers, but only Ignis had the ability to physically shift between the dimension of the Shift and the Human realm. It was Ignis who started the Black Cloak war, and it was due to Ignis's betrayal to the kingdom that the Tower was built.

Absol has always feared for his youngest son. Being so close to the demon world and so close to the Shift could easily influence the young boys mind with corruptive power. Or so Absol always feared, after watching his younger brother Ignis change into something demonic.

Isolde is described as deathly innocent. Resourceful and intelligent, he was always a passionate young boy who could see beyond what others could see. He always had an eye for things that were not there, for example being able to see the souls leaving their bodies for good. Isolde is naive and tends to be rather innocent, he is shy and anxious and only wants to prove his good.

When their family home is burned, Isolde and Chendra are separated and Ignis takes in Isolde. Ignis his uncle to Isolde doesn't seem as evil as his father had always told the stories. For he cares and nurtures the boy. The Goblins and Winged minions are his dutifully protectors even as he grows older.

If one thing Ignis has taught Isolde how to control his abilities of death and black magic better than what Absol had ever been able to.

Isolde is currently not allowed to be directly involved in the Black Cloak War. But he does do recon missions and does sneak around feeding information to Ignis of the other side.

The human mind is ripe with the fruits of insanity. And there are those in this world who harness the power to harvest these fruits. Truly making them master to us all.
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How do the magic of Isolde work? I mean is it evil and likely to corrupt him?

What are his clues about his missing sister?

Shall Isolde eventually go down the dark path due to his ability to see souls leaving the bodies of their victims and his dark upbringing under Ignis?

And what is a deathly innocent? Either you take lives or not.
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Hi Isolde! Thank you for sharing your back story. Let me ask you a couple of questions.

Why is the sky blue?
How would you define 'magic'?
What do you think of other people?
What do you think other people think of you?
If someone caught you in a sack and hung you from a tree, what would you do?
Get your philosophy from a bumper sticker
- GD
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